Gently, Sasori wriggled out of the hug.

"How did you...?" Sasori was at a loss for words, unable to grasp his resurrection.

"I want to take revenge on those who did this to us!" Deidara motioned toward Kakuzu and Hidan, who just then looked over. "Danna, I couldn't live with the fact that you all were defeated without a chance to reflect on your lives. I want to show those who mercilessly attacked us how it feels. Will you help us, un?" A pitiful, begging look took over Deidara's eyes - a look Sasori knew well. And couldn't say no to.

"Fine, fine, but get off me. I need to collect some of my puppets from the ruins." Sasori pushed Deidara aside and began scanning the wreckage for repairable puppets. He felt a strong hand on his shoulder.

"Puppet boy, you may have it easy now, but when we're through with this, you're fucking mine." Hidan tossed Sasori a decent - looking puppet and walked off to the far side of the crater.

"Bastard. Has no respect for pain. I outta rip that bitch's soul right out of his fucking chest." Hidan sliced his palm on the tip of his scythe before ritualistically pouring the crimson droplets upon the necklace strung around his neck. "Jashin-sama, I will have a more substantial sacrifice for you soon. Please accept this for now."

The day was coming to an end, and they were leaving the massive crater. Kakuzu felt his heart flutter, and knew he had only so much time left.

"Deidara, we need to stop at a town soon - I'm on my last heart, and it's barely managing as it is." He felt his heart stop for a moment yet again, waiting for a reply.

"There's a small town with an onsen about a kilometer up ahead - you think you can make it, un?" Deidara put his hand endearingly on Kakuzu's arm; a motherly gesture, before they continued on.

Lights were emitted from the houses as they neared the small village. Deidara stopped them.

"We all need to disguise ourselves a little in order to prevent any unnecessary battles." He scanned his eyes across the three men before him. He handed Sasori a spare shirt of his; to cover most of his puppet joints. Deidara tossed Kakuzu a ninja mask he had taken off a sleeping shinobi nights before. He also let down his hair and handed the band to Kakuzu, to put up his overgrown, dark hair. Deidara took a few weary steps toward Hidan, who was standing in a stance that was showing his pissed off mood rather clearly.

"The fuck you think you're doing-" Deidara quickly ruffled Hidan's hair out of its original, slicked-back position. His hair now hung messily; causing him to look far more attractive, Deidara thought, but wouldn't dare say.

"See, there - we look a lot less threatening now, I think. And when we get inside, we can buy some more inconspicuous clothing." Deidara ignored the displeased humph of Kakuzu.

They rented a room at the onsen and purchased new clothes with the money Deidara had been stealing over the months. Sasori sat alone, mending his puppets, for everyone else had left. Kakuzu left to harvest a few hearts, Hidan was searching for a sacrifice, and Deidara was collecting information on the whereabouts of Itachi.

Sasori didn't mind being alone, though. He enjoyed the silence, in fact, he cherished it. He always had. It allowed him to think freely, and he reminisced about his near death and Granny Chiyo.

"Old hag, if you only had understood." He sighed so deeply, it loosened a screw in his side. He quickly tightened it back up.

As Sasori completed the repairs on his last puppet, he heard the entrance slide open; slide closed. Footsteps followed. He looked up to see Hidan, who seemed exhausted. Hidan slid to the floor across from Sasori's workplace and leaned against the wall.

(There's going to be weird, shounen-ai fluff going on here - really, you should skip it. I'm just feeling fluffy today. Look for more bold letters, and that'll be where you can skip to if you choose to overlook this part.)

"Was your sacrifice successful?" Sasori halfheartedly asked as he cleaned up the remainder of his mess. He went to sit next to the yawning Jashinist.

"Hmm? Oh, yeah... it went fine." Hidan yawned again, and Sasori noticed a glimmering spot of blood on his cheekbone.

"Honestly, Hidan, how are we supposed to remain in the background if you walk around with blood on your face?" Sasori licked his thumb and gently rubbed the scarlet liquid from Hidan's face. He looked to see Hidan's purple eyes showing a baffled look. Startled, Sasori realized his face was far too close to Hidan's - he backed up a foot.

"Look, I'm sorry that you don't agree with the way I fight, but I really wish it wouldn't affect our relationship - I want us to become friends, Hidan." Sasori was looking away, twirling a stray piece of thread that had detached itself from the hem of his shirt. He waited a while for a reply, and assumed, after a few minutes, Hidan had just fallen asleep. He looked over at him.

Sasori was shocked to see Hidan's eyes were inquisitively upon him.

"You want to be... friends?" Sasori expected Hidan to follow this with a laugh, but he still just stared. Sasori shifted uncomfortably. Hidan's dishevelled hair fell around his face in a way that would cause even the straightest man to bend; even slightly.

Dammit, he's a man, Sasori thought, and shook himself.

"Of course, I want to be friends, Hidan! I think we've hated each other for too long, without a good reason." He connected his chestnut eyes with Hidan's.

"I'll try it, but if it doesn't work, it doesn't work." Hidan stretched, and parted his lips in an even bigger yawn.

"Really?" Sasori had unconsciously moved forward again, his face inches from Hidan's. He saw Hidan's eyes shift uncomfortably to the left, and a pale, almost nonexistent blush stretched across his rough features.

Human bodies are so complex; giving away every slight emotion effortlessly.

Sasori moved his face even closer to Hidan's, and he felt the warmth radiating from the man's pale skin. He pressed his cold lips against the corner of Hidan's mouth; surprising him. Sasori tasted a metallic flavor as he lifted his mouth away.

Shock covered Hidan's face as Sasori rose to his feet.

"You had a little more blood there."

(Trollolol. End of fluff. For now. But I warned you - I am very much in a fluffay mood.)

Sasori walked to his section of the room, and fell asleep on the futon.