I am in English class again, thought Adrian, sitting right behind him. Why doesn't he talk to me other than the casual hello when I take my seat? She felt snubbed, ignored, rejected. He happened to be the guy she had had a crush on since she had moved to Chicago and she couldn't stop thinking about him. Adrian sat their everyday flipping her long blonde hair out of her eyes and hoping he would turn around to ask her a question or even just make a witty comment so she could bat her big blue eyes and laugh. But he didn't. If he had a witty comment or question he would state them to the entire class.

Adrian had just moved to Chicago. In the middle of her Junior year. It wasn't how she planned it. She didn't have any friends yet because too many of the girls were jealous of her. She was sad at first but then she decided that maybe she was better off like that. She could decide many things more clearly and wasn't expected to do anything as no one knew her well enough to predict her behavior. Then she met a friend, Alyson. She understood Adrian. She was a great advisor. She had shoulder length blonde white blond hair, very fair skin, and blue eyes. Even her eyelashes were pale! She was always there when Adrian needed her.

Adrian was a pretty girl but she didn't think so. She had curly blonde hair that came down like a cascade down her back and stopped at the middle. She had big expressive blue eyes the color of the summer sky that were framed by thick dark lashes. Her very girly looks were complimented by her boyish name, giving her an appealing athletic look. She was artsy and creative and loved to draw. She ran track and played soccer. All the guys would follow her around but she only had eyes for one, the only one who didn't.

His name is Anders. He was the only one she didn't have wrapped around her finger. He had brown hair and startlingly grey eyes that seemed like they could see right through you. His brown hair touched the top of his ears and eyebrows, complementing the structure of his face. He had a long nose and a solid jaw, slightly squared. He had a strong look about him and he never gave up on anything he did. He was the high school superman.

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