Then out of nowhere, like a flash of silver, came the superhero the town needed. He was dressed all in silver with a black eagle on his chest.

" Wh
who are you," stammered the drunken man, who was slumped against the alley wall.

"I am the Silver Eagle," said the hero. Adrian let the bottle crash to the grimy ground. It shattered and the man with the blade charged at her. The Silver Eagle swooped in and punched the furious stranger in the jaw. Adrian ducked as another man came at her and while she was down swung her leg around to take the man's legs out from under him. One man charged at The Silver Eagle and the man was swept up into the sky and deposited on the top of a building four blocks away. The hero turned around and streaked back to the alley and pulled Adrian into his arms. The "boss just looked up with confusion then down at his shattered liquor bottle. He plopped down on the ground and fell asleep. As the ground became more distant, Adrian's tired mind gave in to the fear, exhaustion, and confusion and the world went black.

"Wha…. What happened" Adrian mumbled. She realized she was still in the air. The Silver Eagle was holding her, flying without wings. She loved the sensation of flying. The wind was whipping through her curls.

"Those men won't bother you again." the Silver Eagle said.

"Thank you," murmured Adrian. She looked up. His eyes were a startling grey.

"It is my duty," he replied, and added after a pause, "and my pleasure."

"Oh," she replied, "Who are you when you aren't the Silver Eagle?"

"That I cannot tell you at the moment." he replied.

"Do I know you?" she questioned, "can you tell me that at least?"

"You might." he replied mysteriously and maddeningly. What does that mean? Is that even an answer? Adrian puzzled over this then asked.

"How old are you?" She waited for an answer.

"About your age." he answered hesitantly.

"Are you in high school?" she asked intrigued.

"I am." He replied.

"The same high school I am in?" she said inquisitively.

"Yes." he replied "But no more questions, please. I can't help but answer." Why does he not want anymore revealed? Why did he reveal this much?

"Will you ever tell me who you are?" she asked hopefully.

"Maybe if the time comes." he replied simply. What time will that be? Will I even ever see him again? She only voiced her first question.

"When will that time be?" she questioned.

"Maybe never, maybe tomorrow." Again his response frustrated her. Then she had a thought.

"Well, then I will give you reason to see me again." She leaned up and kissed him on the cheek. He blushed and so did she but the night was to dark for either of them to see. She then realized that they had alighted on the balcony of her room and she stood up.

"Goodbye for now." she said then departed through the curtains of her window. As he departed, she came out to watch him fly away. She sighed to herself and thought, I will find out who he is. I am determined to.