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A lone figure made its way past the stars and planets and systems. One would think it was lost . . . was it? Or was it going to a destination? Or was it fleeing from a homeland of some sort? No one knew, no one but the lone figure.

The shape of it was very slender, thin if you wished to use the word. It seemed to just be flying past the stars on an unknown voyage. Its color was dim due to the lack of light in the space it flew, but still you could make out the white coloring accompanied by slender violet and gold. Hints of red poked out of its sides but it strangely looked worn—the colors almost fading into shades.

There was something else that seemed to shape the figure—or at least that is what was lead to believe. Slight sparks emitted off the being, something that made its joints and rotators groan in ache. Something was wrong and even the stars and planets could tell.

As the figure slowly made its way down whatever path was lain out before it something happened to change its direction. Something internal shifted and malfunctioned. A light explosion to its left caused the figure to turn drastically, making a hard right. The speed it went seemed to pick up for a moment as the figure struggled to maintain the injury—but nothing seemed to help.

With a silent gasp the figure plummeted down. Down towards the unknown and perhaps . . . death.

A strange force took a hold of the being and forced it down, down, and down towards a planet. The figure spun out of control knowing if it didn't level itself it could very well crash into thousands of pieces upon the hard rock below. With both wings being successfully pulled out its plummet soon turned into a fast glide down towards the ground below.

It hit—and it hit hard. Rocks and soil spewed up as the figure planted itself in nose first praying that it'd stop before it reached the vegetation of a forest and the trees tore it apart. Luckily so much dirt shot up before it that it immediately came to a halt before even an inch of steel met the twisted trees of the forest. So there it lay—unmoving and unresponsive to anything.

Not much time passed before the figure began to shake, the whole skeletal structure shook violently as joints scraped against rotators. It began to bend what it could and shift what was possible and soon the figure's form changed into something very familiar to the planet.

With a limb stretching out five joints spread and grasped the dirt it lay in as if trying to pull itself somewhere else. It did not move though and the other limb known as an arm seemed unresponsive. The oval shaped head lifted and faint teal optics peered at its surroundings.

The being opened its mouth and let out a pained groan. It's steel teeth grit together feeling its whole body tremble from the impact of the landing—and previous wounds. Burying its pained face in the soil for a moment once again it tried to move.

Perhaps a foot it was able to move, perhaps an inch, but whatever it was it didn't get far. The being knew it was useless and in no shape to move and so with one last struggle it flipped itself onto its back and gazed up at the dark sky. Even though its optics were thought to hold no emotion, still—sadness was seen.

The slim hand that seemed to work lifted and came up to its breast. It tried to clamp its palm shut, but it was useless—she had not the energon left for that. Yes 'she' was a being from a faraway planet—still baffled she wondered how she had come to such a far away place.

She was a rare species known as a Cybertronian, a Transformer as one would call them. A Femme of her race, the weaker. She knew her form was not meant to go through such damage as such—she was not created to take them, no—Mechs were stronger and more fit to take on injuries. She knew they could get up and walk from this, but not her—she was not meant for it.

With a silent gasp she narrowed her teal optics in sadness. She looked up at the night sky and all the stars that shone out. They all seemed to speak to her and tell her of the one she had left behind.

Oh her spark ached just thinking about him. She knew it was wrong to leave his side, but was it wrong when you were forced to? Still she should have stayed no matter what—that was her role in life . . . to stay by the side of her Spark-Mate, her Bonded.

Forgive me my love, Her spark cried out wishing he could hear her, but knowing it was far too useless to think of such a thing.

She felt herself bite her bottom lip in frustration. How could things have gotten so out of hand this has happened? She didn't know where to start to look for the error, but now that she was so far away from home and her Bonded she felt sick—deathly sick.

She could feel the last of her energon reserves depleting. She was almost out, and these injuries were turning out to be the offlining of her. Oh how careless of her for letting herself get into such a state. What would her Bonded think?

Just the thought of him made her die a little more. She wondered who else would be by his side and nurse his injuries when he returned from a hard day of fighting the enemy, or who else would get him to smile when he wished to frown, or who else would get him to laugh when he wished to weep? No . . . she knew this was something that could never be shared by anyone else ever again—having a Bonded . . . a Spark-Mate was a once in a lifetime thing for a Transformer and could never be shared by another . . . she was going to leave him . . . all alone . . . with no one.

"Oh Starscream . . ." she cried towards the heavens in a silent whimper, her vocal processors were beginning to fail her. "I'm so sorry."

Oh it hurt so much now. She felt the ache of her spark—his spark. Even though she be so far from her beloved she could feel his sorrow . . . his longing for her. She wept knowing how selfish she was for leaving him alone . . . how selfish it was to offline and leave her Spark-Mate behind when you swore to always be by their side. How Selfish it was to know they will never bond to anyone else and forever long what is no longer there.

"Primus!" she cried out with all her being. "Primus help me! I don't want to leave him alone . . . I'm not supposed to and yet You give me no other option!"

Her very being was shattering with sadness and sorrow. She didn't want to offline and join the Well Of The Allsparks; in truth she was still far too young and leaving behind a Spark-Mate was an awful thing to do—it'd forever eat at your spark until the day they join you which could been soon—or never.

"Primus please!" she cried out to her god and savior—no matter how far away she knew she was from Him she knew he could hear her prayer—her plea. "I don't want him to suffer without me! Please Primus save me from joining the Well Of The Allsparks, save my bonded from eternal agony! I beg of You . . . please!"

She broke a little more with each passing nanosecond and no answer. Her spark was falling apart knowing what was going to become of her Spark-Mate and what a bitter life he was going to have without her . . . because she had left him alone in the world.

"If it be, Primus," she whispered out, knowing her life was coming to a close soon—very soon. "Please break our bond, break it so that he may love another and not forever live his life in sorrow and bitterness. Please Lord, I don't want him to live like that—he doesn't deserve it."

A Bond is not meant to be broken child, came a voice through her very spark and she knew who it was—the Creator Himself.

"Primus!" she gasped it out like a whisper of some sort—He had heard her.

A bond between Spark-Mates are meant to represent my undying love for you, it cannot be broken . . . even in death.

"But we are not meant to live our lives in regret or bitterness either," she protested.

That is true my child. You are all meant to live forever in happiness and if it is meant to be—with a Spark-Mate.

"Then please, please my Creator, save my Spark-Mate from such a life and grant him forever happiness," she begged. "I do not have much time before I pass away so please hear my earnest prayer and save him—keep him happy."

I can only save him through your offlining.

"What?!" she gasped, finding enough strength to let her optics widen only a little. "But that will only make him bitter towards the world! He'll know I have passed away with the bond we will always share and he'll forever long for me . . . and I shan't be there to appease his longing."

No, you won't. But I have heard your prayer and shall save your Spark-Mate from such a bitter life, but in order to do so you shall have to die.

"Then . . . you shall find him another to love?" she asked.

No, I will not let your spark come to the Well Of Allsparks. Nay you are forbidden to enter for I shall set your spark abroad and let it wander this planet—this world. As one of the beings inhabiting this planet you shall be reborn and wait for your beloved.

"How long must I Lord?" she asked, some hope filling up in the back of her processor.

An eternity.

The Femme felt her spark almost stop flaring at this. Did her Creator wish to torture her spark and soul? Did her Creator wish to torture her beloved as well?

You must remember to wait for if you forget you shall not get a second chance.

"An eternity is such a long time," she spoke up again. "If I should forget . . . could I ever remember again?"


"How?" she asked.

He will help you remember, but remember—you must also help him remember you.

"I see," she said glancing down at her broken body before she let her fading optics turn upwards towards the stars once more. "Very well . . . do what you must . . . Primus."

She gasped silently as she saw a star fall upon her. At first it was swift but as it closened towards her it slowed to all but a halt.

I give you this pendant my child. This gives you a promise that you will be with him again, but do not lose it—it will be the only bond you shall have to him for these species here on this planet do not and cannot share such an intimate bond like our kind. Keep it close and remember.

It was strange to see her once offlined hand begin to reach up on its own accord. The small light fell in her metal palm and there, as the light faded, shown a small pendant—a beautiful green crystal-like jewel embedded in an entanglement of gold.

The Femme smiled at it, this was her promise that she'd be reunited with her Bonded once more. He would have to wait and so would she but someday . . . someday they'd return to each other.

Knowing that, the light in her optics faded and soon her coloring turned to that of shadows. Her limp body fell back into the crater she had created, unmoving. Still though, a smile kept her lip plates in place and a hand tightly grasping her promise.

The night was long and the stars and moon watched as the body of the unknown object dispersed into nothing but small specks of light. They all came together to form a soft orb that floated gently—still clinging to its promise. Soon it slowly moved over all the earth and in its day it had passed the world over 500 times.

Even in its slow place it had memorized every inch of the once strange planet. Now it called the place home and still—it softly tread over it. Encircling it more and more waiting—for what? It had forgotten ages ago but it knew it still had to wait.

Soon it began to grow weary of its tread and endless journey. It wished to rest somewhere but it knew no place would be good enough for it to rest, no—it still wasn't home. Home to it seemed so distant, so vast and untouchable and wondered if its possible home even existed anymore.

It had an eternity to think of everything, and nothing, and still—somehow thoughts slipped away, memories vanished into nothing but dreams and hopes—hopes seemed forgotten and soon it forgot on what it was waiting for or why. It had long since been where those memories were left behind around the world. It had long since been where it seemed at peace—even with this 'promise' it held it had forgotten altogether of 'what' promise it held.

Yes time came for it to rest and so it did. It came to rest on a specie of the planet, a human female. As it rested inside of her something strange happened—it soon fell into a deep sleep, a deep sleep where it felt as if it was being born again—perhaps it was—perhaps it wasn't. But it could feel new life rising into it, a strange, but exciting life.

It could feel something form around it, something that felt so familiar to it—like a distant memory. Fingers, toes, ears—a body, it was a body. It was a oh-so-familiar and pleasant feeling and all it could do was wait—wait to be born . . . again.

16 Years Later , , ,

"Alexis, Alexis wake up!" came a familiar voice towards her ear. "Alexis you're going to be late!"

Teal eyes snapped open at that word. She got up and quickly pushed the covers off her lithe body. She looked at her alarm clock and mentally cursed reminding herself she had to get it fixed.

"Mooom!" she whined as she rushed to get dressed. "Why didn't you tell me earlier?!"

"You were out cold, how was I supposed to wake you up in a state like that?" Her mother's voice came down the hall and in the kitchen, some ways from her room.

"Ugh!" she groaned as she quickly flattened her short brunette hair and went to look at herself in the mirror.

She scanned herself over for a second and dubbed herself worthy of leaving her house. With a nod she picked up her backpack and left her room. Her mess of a room remained as it was with its owner and only occupant gone, but it wasn't long before she returned.

"Crap!!" Alexis cried as she rushed back in, dropping her pack on the floor and getting down on all fours, looking for something.

"What is it now sweetie?" came her mother's voice, wondering why her daughter wasn't trying to catch the bus as it left.

"I lost my Promise!!" she groaned out as she shoved her covers all on her bed to look under her bed.

"Your pendant?" her mother asked. "Have you dried looking on your dresser?"

"That's what I'm doing!!" she groaned as she racked all the useless junk off her dresser in the rapid search for her most precious possession. "Come on, come on, where is it?!"

"Alexis why don't you look for it when you get back home?" Her mother asked as she came in her room to find her daughter trashing it even more in search for it.

"I can't!" Alexis nearly shouted as she turned back to her mother. "I HAVE to have it! I've always had it and worn it and I'm not going to stop now!"

"Suit yourself," Her mother said with a shrug as she left her be. "I guess I'll just have to drive you to school again today."

"AHA!!" Alexis' thrilled voice came as she pulled the pendent, that had somehow fell under her dresser, out and in her hands.

With a big grin she placed it around her neck and after seeing it safely fastened around her slender neck she got up and snatched her backpack again. She darted outside where her mother was waiting in the car for her.

"Ready?" she asked her daughter as she watched her jump in the passenger seat.

"Uh-huh!" Alexis said with a happy grin and nod.

"You found it huh?" her mother noted the pendent around her neck and then shook her head with a sigh as she left the driveway. "Hhh, I swear—you and that pendant of yours."

"Heeey, don't be like that mom," she said defensively holding her pendant closer to her breast. "It's my Promise."

"Yeah, what promise?" her mother chuckled as she took a right down to the school road. "You've been calling that old thing that ever since you could talk. It's a strange name to name a necklace you know."

"I know," Alexis said with a shrug. "But it just came to me, and I like it. My Promise."

At that she stared affectionately at the pendent and ran her pale finger over the green gem encased in it. She's had this thing ever since she could remember, and it was the only item she never really grew out of. All her other childish toys and clothes she grew out of, but not this—and she swore she had this more than any such toys or clothes anyways.

"Well, we're here," Her mother said as she shifted the car into park and waited for her daughter to leave.

"Thanks mom!" she said as she quickly got out.

"Ah, ah, where are you going young lady?" her mother asked as she raised a brow and waited for her daughter to return.

"Oh, sorry," Alexis said as she quickly got back in and leaned towards her mother to give her a peck on the neck. "Bye."

"Hm, hm, by sweetheart," Her mother said as she waved her daughter off, watching as she entered just in time for the bell to ring.

And so her mother returned home while Alexis darted into her first class, leaving one second to spare.

"Hoo, man that was close!" she sighed out in relief as she slumped in her chair.

"Sheesh, again Alexis?" came one of her friends who sat beside her. "This makes it the, what, tenth time you almost missed class?"

"Shut up Rad," she groaned as she folded her arms on her desk and laid her chin in them, letting her pendant lay before her to stare at.

"Rad's right Alexis," another friend who sat beside her said. "You're going to get detention one of these days."

"Oh shush Carlos!" she said turning towards her Hispanic friend. "I just lost something and had to look for it before I left."

"What, this?" Rad asked as he poked the pendant with his index finger, Alexis glaring at him defensively. "You lost it again?"

"Hey, it fell under my dresser okay," Alexis stated. "I can't stop gravity."

"No, but you can clean up your room girl," Carlos said as he laughed.

"Silence you three!" the teacher pointed, instantly shutting them up.

And so after class the three met each other as they changed books for the other class they had scheduled.

"So Alexis," Rad started. "Me and Carlos found this cave and we were wondering if you'd like to come with us to check it out."

"No, why would I?" she asked, as she grabbed her needed books.

"Awww come on," Carlos begged. "It won't be the same without you Alexis and you know it."

"For the last time NO!" she said. "I've got tons of homework I need to get done, and plus I've grown out of that stage in life. I'm not a tomboyish girl anymore."

"Yeah, I can tell," Rad said with a defeated sigh. "Oh well, I guess it's just you and me Carlos."

"Yeah, guess you're right man," Carlos said with a sad sigh. "Sure you don't want to come Alexis? We'll make it nice and short for you if you want."

"No!" Alexis said as she pulled her backpack on her shoulder. "Why don't you ask Billy, or Fred? I'm sure they'll love to."

"Awww, but those guys are weird," Carlos complained.

"I could say the same thing about you two but I still hang around you," she said looking at the two who looked insulted.

"Heeey, take it easy there Alexis," Rad said, holding his hands up defensively. "Plus why do you need to do your homework? You're a whiz as it is in school, I'm sure you can get it done in no time. So come on, come with us."

"Well—I am a genius," she let out a giggle. "But no, nice try. Dad's coming home today and we're supposed to be visiting Adam at college."

"You're brother huh?" Rad said slumping his shoulders. "Well—can't get around that. Oh well, we'll just have to tell you of all the adventures we had when you get back."

"Tch, suuuure," Alexis chided as she walked off into her next class knowing the only adventure those guys will have is stubbing their toes against a rock in the dark—hmph, some adventure.

School went on like normal for Alexis. She practically fell asleep in history after lunch, but that was okay she seemed to know a fair amount of the subject and so really had no need to take notes—strangely. Once her mom came and picked her up they drove home and she sat in her room listening to music as she finished her homework, which was done in no time—just like her friends had predicted.

"Haaaa, they were right," Alexis said with a nod as she pulled out her earphones and looked at her complete and mostly correct homework.

With a satisfied nod she got up off her bed and went to head into the living room and ask her parents when they were going to be visiting her brother at college, but something stopped her. In mid hallway she stopped and grasped the wall.

"What the heck?!" Alexis gasped feeling the ground and whole house shake.

"Alexis!" her parents called to her as she made her way into the living room and was soon tossed to the couch. "Alexis stay there!"

"Mom, dad, what was that?!" she gasped feeling the last of the tremors cease.

"It felt like an earthquake," her mother noted as she looked around the house to make sure nothing was amiss.

"It did, but it wasn't a normal earthquake," her dad said as he narrowed his eyes.

He then got a call on his cell. He picked it up and spoke for a only a moment before he informed his wife and daughter he was being called back to work because of that strange happening. Both mother and daughter were slightly upset by not being able to go see Adam in college, but they figured it was best to stay inside for now.

Alexis was then struck with the image of her friends in the mountains.

"Gasp! Rad, Carlos! They were going to explore a cave in the mountains today!" she gasped as she covered her mouth knowing if they had they could possibly be buried alive right now.

Alexis quickly got up and put on her shoes. She took her iPhone with her just in case she needed to call for help if she found them. As she darted outside her mother noticed this.

"Alexis, wait, where are you going?" she asked as she watched her daughter dash outside.

"I need to see if Rad and Carlos are okay!" she said as she slammed the door shut behind her.

Outside she took her scooter and made her way towards the mountains praying they still be alive. Whatever that strange earthquake was though it wasn't anything as she watched three lights spew up from the mountains. She gasped and gawked at the strange happening and wondered just what on earth was going on.

"W-What the heck was . . . ?!" Alexis couldn't even speak as she watch the strange lights vanish and disappear into space.

She looked back at the mountains still in shock at what just happened. She shook it off knowing she was on a mission and that mission was to see her friends' safety through . . . if they were still safe. Alexis didn't know why but she felt that those lights could mean trouble—for what? She had no clue as she made her way into the mountains to, perhaps, unravel this mystery.

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