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Alexis opened her eyes to gaze into her dark mess-filled room. She turned her teal eyes towards her curtained window and could see small rays of light trying to squeeze their way through into the dark. She could tell it was day—probably near noon, she had been sleeping for a while, and so with a groan Alexis sat up and rubbed her head, her hair a mess.

"Ugh, why do I feel so groggy?" she asked her self, slumping over and sluggishly getting herself out of bed towards the bathroom right next to her room.

She did her business, took a shower, brushed her teeth, fixed her hair, etc. There she stared at herself in the mirror, the circles around her eyes were very visible—due to the lack of sleep she had been getting lately. Those sleepless nights thinking about that day when her life seemed to have changed for the worst, those thoughts had always invaded her mind and thanks to her injury her mom insisted she stay out of school for a week or two but of course the homework was shipped to her and that was a pain—catching up with school.

With a heavy sigh Alexis rubbed her droopy eyes, what brought her back into reality was the sound of electronical beeping—she had almost forgotten about her little friend. She opened the bathroom door to see the little robot standing in front of her with a tray in his hands full with breakfast—cereal of course, since Alexis wouldn't dare let him near mom's stove for some good eggs and corned-beef hash.

"Hey Sureshock," Alexis said with a lightened smile. "Glad to see you."

He beeped happily and came to set the tray down in Alexis' room, upon her desk. Alexis thanked him before digging in to her cereal, though she had to admit—would it hurt for a cooked breakfast? Mom had been at her aunt Martha's for a week now and each day was the same—Sureshock coming in to bring her a bowl of cereal and milk. With a arm still in a cast it wasn't too easy to cook so Alexis had to deal with cold meals only the robot could make.

'Are you feeling any better Elixsa?' he asked, coming to sit down on her bed as she finished her breakfast.

"Why do you keep calling me that?" Alexis asked, turning her head towards the orange Minicon who was testily patting Alexis' soft bed, wondering what substance it was made out of and why it was so—bouncy. "And please stop bouncing on my bed."

'My apologies,' he beeped with an incline of his dark head.

Even though it was still a little odd to Alexis she didn't mind at all that she could understand their language. It was good to communicate with him, that way it made it easier to have a conversation with the other.

"Well?" Alexis asked, chewing on the bunches and oats. "Do I look like someone you've seen before and is that why you're mistaking me for someone else?"

'Do you wish me to call you Alexis?' the 'bot asked, his bright yellow eyes almost comparing to that of a puppy's.

"I'd like that actually," Alexis said with a nod. "It's really confusing—you calling me by a different name. Who was this Elixsa anyways?"

'She was a Transformer,' Sureshock said.

"You mean, one of those giant robots?" Alexis asked.

'That is correct,' he nodded slowly.

"Was she a good guy or a bad guy?" Alexis asked, narrowing her eyes in suspicion.

'She was neither really,' Sureshock admitted with a few beeps and roll of his shoulder rotators. 'But she was very kind to my people. She helped us in our time of need and so, for that, we owe her our very lives.'

"Well that's nice and all but what exactly happened to her?" Alexis asked, finishing up on her cereal.

'She extinguished,' he beeped lowly, casting his optics down.

"You mean she died?" Alexis asked, her tone softer seeing how she really was someone special to these mini-bots.

'Yes,' he said with a soft nod. 'But it seems Primus has blessed her with more than one life.'

"Really?" Alexis asked optimistically. "So you're saying she's still out there somewhere and you can find her?"

'I suppose,' Sureshock said with a small shrug and cock of his head, the look in his optics told Alexis he was smiling fondly and it looked as if that smile was directed towards her.

"So . . . are you Minicons going to try and find her . . . now that you're awake?" Alexis asked, the mood seeming a bit awkward with how her Minicon smiled at her.

'There is no need,' he said, resuming that strange smile.

"Uh-huh . . ." Alexis bit the side of her lip trying to think of a way out of this odd predicament. "Well," with a sigh she took her tray up. "I'm gonna go put these in the sink."

Alexis walked down the hall and placed her dirty dishes into the sink, rinsed them out, and then placed them into the dishwasher. She looked over towards the fridge where her mother had stuck the note to a magnet saying she was going to be gone for about a week at her sister's, Alexis' aunt Martha. She then looked at the other note beside it, the one from her father saying he was going to be out of town for a month—and then the one next to it—her brother's college schedule of when he'll be coming home on off days—hhh, an empty household it seemed—all but Alexis.

"Uh-hu . . . why couldn't I have had more siblings?" Alexis moped, bowing her head knowing that if she did, she wouldn't be as lonely in this house.

She turned her head towards the living room and all the family portraits that hung around the area. Many were of her and her brother when they were little, playing around, laughing, being siblings. The others were filled with portraits through the years that her mother and father insisted they get every year to keep the memories. Their family of four could seem quite small compared to others . . .

Sure Rad was an only child, but Carlos had quite a few other siblings, a few older and many younger. He always had the craziest of stories to tell about his large family and Alexis sometimes wished her family was as large as his—it would be much more fun with all those siblings. That way you'd never feel lonely around the house—like she was feeling right now.

'Alexis . . . is something wrong?' Sureshock came in seeing Alexis like this.

"Hm? Oh, no, I'm fine," Alexis lied, looking away from the 'bot feeling as if his eyes were too knowing.

"You're statistics show you are not 'fine',' Sureshock said with a small nod.

"What? You can scan my emotions? !" Alexis asked with a disbelieving blink.

'In a way,' He said, clasping his hands together. 'My scanners are able to read your pulse, heart rhythm, flow of blood, even your brain activity.'

"Well then, I guess there's no lying to you," Alexis let out a small chuckle. "I'm just lonely alright . . . unbearably so for some reason."

As Alexis whispered that last part out Sureshock picked up other readings from the human female. She was telling the truth this time, but he could see even without his scanners that her 'mood' was terrible. She was lonely, but he wondered if it was a loneliness that could be helped—or one that couldn't.

"Hey Sureshock, can I ask you something?" Alexis asked the Minicon, turning back to him.

The 'bot picked his head up and placed all attention on the fleshling.

'Yes, what is it Alexis?' He asked, willing to listen to anything she had to ask.

"You've been alive for a long time right?" Alexis asked. "Just how long?"

'For many a millennia,' He answered, throwing Alexis into dizziness.

"That long huh?" she said, shaking off her dizziness. "This war you spoke about before—how long has it been going on?"

'Ever since my kind appeared,' Sureshock said with a small roll of his shoulder rotators.

"So it's a struggle for power," Alexis assumed.

'For the Deceptions, yes, but for the Autobots it is a struggle to free us from bondage,' Sureshock nodded. 'Though my people and I agree war is never a way to solve any problem.'

"I see," Alexis nodded. "And . . . do you know who all where there fighting? The time you and the others were awakened?"

'The leader of the Decepticons was there—Megatron, and so was the leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime,' Sureshock answered with a nod, remembering all the faces he saw there—and all the familiar ones at that. 'Optimus Prime's Chief Medical Officer was with him, Red Alert, and Optimus' young apprentice, Hot Shot—I actually remember him back on Cybertron . . . he was very friendly to our kind, always smiling . . . anyways among Megatron's mechs, that I remember seeing where his faithful footmech, Demolisher, and his Second-in-command, Starscream.'

"Starscream," Alexis whispered the name that seemed to flow so fluently off her lips.

'Is there anything else you wish to know?' Sureshock questioned.

"Eh, nope, I'm good. Thanks for the info Sureshock," Alexis turned and smiled sweetly at him, albeit it was forced.

At that she trotted off, speaking to herself about how she needs to get out and see what her friends were up to. Sureshock only watched the girl wondering if she was really okay. Sure he was no expert in human life, but Alexis wasn't too far from a Transformer than she thought.

"How d'you like your new mode Starscream?" Cyclonus came up to him, just about rubbing his extra parts in the red 'bots face.

"It's fine," Starscream spoke up, holding up one of his arms and looking at the extra layer of armor he seemed to have gained by just scanning an alt mode from one of earth's vehicles.

"Aww, why the sour face?" Cyclonus giggled, jabbing his elbow at the jet. "I mean sure our modes are more bulky, but just think about the extra power we get by scanning knew alt modes!"

Starscream only ignored the idiot—by getting up and walking over to the other side of the room, the darker side. There he sat amongst the rubble and kept to himself. Cyclonus only looked on at him and shrugged.

"What's his problem?" Cyclonus shrugged and walked off to perhaps bug someone else.

Demolisher walked in the room and was soon targeted to be the new victim of Cyclonus' annoying. Demolisher tried to shrug him off, but the chopper wouldn't let up.

"Why don't you bug Starscream, Cyclonus!" Demolisher growled, trying to push him away.

"I tried!" Cyclonus explained. "But he's decided to be moody again today."

Demolisher turned to look over the room and find Starscream sitting alone in the darkness. He sighed inwardly wishing the 'bot would just lighten up already. He remembered what he used to be like . . . before she extinguished. Sure he fights a lot better now, more fierce and violent, but still—at least his moods were lighter back then

We used to be able to laugh together, and joke around—back then, Demolisher thought to himself remembering the 'old' Starscream.

Back then he and Starscream had actually been on good terms, good friends as well. Starscream was good friends with mostly every Decepticon back then . . . even Megatron. It was rather hard to tell what happened about everything, but all that everyone knew was that Starscream had lost his sparkmate. Simple as that.

Since then Starscream had slipped more and more towards darker attitudes and meaner demeanors. More and more many a Decepticon began to hate him and soon enough fights broke out and 'bots were offlined—by Starscream. It was terrible to see his once friend slipping away into nothing more than a shell of a 'bot, but Demolisher couldn't do anything about it. Starscream was shut off to the world and every Transformer.

"He's such an aft sometimes," Cylconus complained, crossing his arms and slouching forward.

"Cyclonus," Demolisher groaned, wishing he'd stop complaining about Starscream's moods.

"You're right," Cyclonus nodded. "He's an aft ALL the time."

"He wasn't always, remember," Demolisher wished Cyclonus didn't have to see Starscream for what he was now, but what he used to be.

"Yeah, but that's just a distant memory Demolisher," Cyclonus looked at the green-opticed 'bot. "That Starscream isn't coming back, plus! At least Megs isn't complaining about his fighting styles anymore—he's a ruthless killer . . . just what Megatron wanted."

At that Cyclonus marched off, in high moods, out of the room. Demolisher sighed, but did nothing. He looked at Starscream once more before shaking his head and heading off as well.

Starscream was glad the two fools were gone. All they ever did was bicker, bicker, and bicker. It was more than he could take. It took all his might not to slice them both to pieces. They had been asking it for ages.

Everyone has.

Many a new Decepticon would ask when Starscream became so angry with the world, but every time that question was asked the older Decepticons who had known the 'bot longer would explain it was on that day . . . the day his sparkmate offlined.

No one spoke to him about it, especially those who knew better. All knew that once bonded you were bound forever to that mate—even in death you would never let them go, so there was nothing but a life of bitterness and sorrow.

The life Starscream was now currently living.

"Fraggers," Starscream mumbled to himself, he hated everyone always bringing up that—knowing they'd never understand . . . how could they? When they have never been bonded period.

Lifting his black metallic hand slowly he placed it over his chassis. His citrine optics glancing down at where his hand rested. He could feel the small soft pulses come slowly out of his chassis to flutter across his cold hand. It was his spark—ever it pulsed the more slowly. It had been this way ever since Elixsa extinguished.

That day had been the worst day in his life. The day she offlined was a day he could never forget, no matter how many times he wished he could. It had been some weeks after the battle for the Minicons; how every one of the Minicons escaped from the Decepticons was still a great mystery, but all in all . . . it was a loss for both sides, though the Autobots seemed a little more at peace because of their escape.

Since that day the Minicons had escaped she had been missing. Coming home from that long crazed battle and finding his home empty was shocking the most. She was usually always there to greet him home with a gentle loving kiss and care for his wounds that the Decepticon medical officers had purposely forgot. In the whole war that was one of the things he liked—coming home to his happy sparkmate.

But still, the shock of finding her gone put him in a panic. For days he had searched for her fearing something had happened to her, after all she was no Decepticon, nor Autobot even though she seemed to lean more towards the Autobot beliefs. A 'bot like that, where he lived, could end up in all sorts of trouble.

Still, those days weren't enough for him. Battle soon called him again, cutting off his search for his sparkmate. Desperate to find her though he'd easily chop down the Autobots he fought against in order to finish the battle. His choice in fighting easily caught Megatron's optics and soon he was awarded for his valor, though it meant nothing to Starscream.

It was not but two weeks after her disappearance when he felt the worst pain any Transformer could ever feel. There had yet to be a battle that day, but he knew one was soon to come. Right before they received any word of the Autobot's movement he felt it . . . it was like a cold clawed hand took hold of a piece of his spark and ripped it right out, wires detaching, circuits popping, metal bending back and opening into a place where the ripped piece of spark left his body.

That is what it felt like.

He even still can hear that horrid cry of his that somehow erupted from his vocal projectors. It was a horrible scream mixed with raw pain, and sorrow. A wave of emotions flooded him all at once, crashing in to one another, brawling with one another, but if Starscream had anything to say about all the emotions he felt at once in that moment—he'd have to say that loneliness was the highest ranking among them all. It was a horrible, horrible emotion to feel and something he never thought he'd experience.

He was blind to all else, and deaf as well. He could feel hands upon him as his body fell down to the ground. That was the hardest thing he ever went through in his known life. That hurt, that horrid feel. He had been told what it was but never before had he thought he'd ever feel it . . . he never thought it would come to this.

Even though he was deaf to all he could still hear himself screaming out his sparkmate's name. It was a horrible sound, when he cried out her name, that fact he had gotten from his comrades around him as this happened to him.

Of course it wasn't long before the news reached Megatron's audio receptors. As a matter of fact it was by his command that Starscream was forced to enter the oncoming battle that day. The other warriors did believe it wasn't a good idea to place Starscream on the battlefield in such an emotional state as such, but orders were orders.

That day Starscream had offlined the most Autobots in a battle he ever had in any other battle. The sorrow driving him made him plunge his sword into any kind of metal it took for him to be at peace. He thought that the offlinings would put him at peace, but nothing seemed to help so he kept offlining and offlining. The body count was too high to remember, but the sorrow he did and ever he cried out for something to help him ease this pain.

But nothing did.

Once again Starscream was congratulated on his valor, but there was no valor, nothing that drove him to win that battle. Nothing but mindlessness and emptiness. The drive to be rid of those feelings is what drove him mad and had killed so many mechs.

It wasn't until some spark-retching months later when he came to terms that his sparkmate was no more. That she was gone and would never be coming back. That she had left him to live out whatever life he had left in misery. The most horrid thing any Transformer could go through.

Starscream clenched his hand into a cringing fist. The metal groaning at the intensity of the pressure. He bore his teeth and scrapped them hard against the other. He didn't know what had come over him really, but suddenly he was angry—angry at Primus, or whatever god had caused him to see his beloved once again when he had already been living in enough pain as it was!

"Frag it!" he spat, biting at his bottom lip now, so hard he could hear the metal crumbling beneath the pressure of his teeth. "Frag it all to the pit! ! !"

At that Starscream picked up a piece of rubble and quickly tossed it to the other side of the room. The piece had actually crashed into the wall quite hard, causing part of the already collapsed roof to cave in more on that standing wall. Starscream was fuming though; he didn't care if he brought this whole piece of junk ship down!

"Who the frag was that fleshling? !" Starscream grumbled to himself, the anger resonating on that human he had tried to grab, but only found himself grabbing his deceased sparkmate. "She must have pulled some kind of trick on me! But how? How could she have known about Elixsa? ! ?"

With an angry huff Starscream marched out of the room towards the portal room. He was going to find out one way or another. Once arriving there though he stopped, seeing all his comrades ready to go. He blinked once before turning to Megatron who just stared at him.

"You've decided to come Starscream?" Megatron asked.

"Huh, didn't think you were in the mood to come, hee, ha, ha!" Cyclonus chuckled.

"Hurry up and get over here then," Megatron motioned him to come with a nod of his head. "This time, we're going to get some Minicons."

"Yes sir," Starscream all but mumbled as he cast his optics in shadow and entered to portal gate with the others.

"I'm all in it, but what about Carlos?" Rad asked, turning to his friend.

"I'm all in!" Carlos chirped, placing his kneepads on followed by his helmet.

"You sure though Alexis?" Rad asked, placing his helmet on. "Taking the 'bots out after they were almost attacked—isn't that kind of dangerous?"

"That was a while ago," Alexis waved it off. "Plus, I think they've been wanting to stretch their legs just as much as us. I know you two haven't been to school in a while just like me—traumatized I heard."

"Were not!" Carlos complained.

Alexis giggled before she hopped on Sureshock, the others following in suit. They clung to their Minicons the best they could before Rad raised his arm and cheered—

"Alright! Let's show these 'bots just how awesome this planet is!"

"Yeah! !" Alexis and Carlos cheered after him as Rad led the way and they followed.

It was a beautiful day outside, not too hot, with a nice set of breezes blowing across the desert land. Ah, with the sun on their backs, and wind blowing through their hair it was heaven to the teens. It was true what Alexis said—all three of them hadn't been out in a while since that fight had happened so it was a pleasantry for them all to be riding out and about right now.

"Wooow! I've really missed the outdoors!" Carlos squealed, closing his eyes and feeling the nice cool wind brush against his tanned skin.

"I know right!" Alexis giggled alongside him as they all closed their eyes but for a second to feel to nice air on their faces, letting their Minicons take them wherever they wished.

Though neither had even noticed the electronic eyes on them, watching them from far off.

"I've located them Megatron sir!" Cyclonus saluted, turning to his commander as he waited for a report from his mechs.

"Good, do they have the Minicons with them?" Megatron asked, getting up from the boulder he had been sitting on and walking over towards the chopper.

"Uh, yes, they do," Cyclonus said, turning back to make sure the children were with the Minicons.

"Excellent," Megatron patted the 'bot on the back for a job well done. "Alright men—we're going to make up for lost time and gain three new Minicons."

"Right!" Demolisher and Cyclonus cheered, Starscream staying silent and ever watching the three humans and the Minicons, his optics solely on the female of the group.

"Alright, I'll go after them first, wait for my signal," Megatron said, transforming and then heading off.

"Yes sir!" Demolisher and Cyclonus saluted.

The two quickly noticed their comrade not even paying attention to their leader and so got onto him about that.

"Hey!" Demolisher spoke up. "Starscream have some respect for lord Megatron!"

"Yeah!" complained Cyclonus right behind Demolisher. "At least a salute would be nice!"

"You're annoying," was Starscream's only response as he kept his gaze upon the children, completely ignoring even a glance at his comrades.

"Hmph! How rude!" Cyclonus complained, placing his fists on his hips.

"Hey guys!" Alexis called out to the others before her. "We should do this more often!"

"I agree!" Rad nodded, looking over at Carlos who just threw his arms in the air.

"Oh yeah!" he agreed.

That cheer was cut short once the ground beneath them began to shake. All quieted quickly, looking at the ground wondering if it was an earthquake. They looked at each other before noticing the look on Rad's face and he glanced behind them.

"AAHH! ! LOOK! !" He gasped, pointing behind him with wide eyes.

Alexis and Carlos glanced behind them and instantly noticed the large purple tank behind them. Both screamed out in fright knowing deep down inside it was one of those giant robots again.

"AAHHH! ! !" they cried, edging their Minicons to speed forward.

The Minicons happily obliged, but something seemed to be stopping their paths. In the blink of an eye other military crafts surrounded them. All of them glancing around at the circle they were caught up in and finding no way out.

"WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? !" Carlos gasped, pulling at his hair.

Alexis dunked down lower in her Minicon. She grasped the handlebars tightly, glancing from one Transformer to the other.

"Are these—? !" she gasped.

'Decepticons!' Sureshock spoke out.

Alexis gasped at the sudden rush of strong air that blew at her. She almost tumbled off her Minicon if he hadn't kept his steering. She looked over to her side to find a large red and white jet zooming rather low right next to her.

Starscream! Her heart cried.

Even though they had yet to transform she knew who this one was. She could feel it somehow. As if on reflex her hand reached up towards her pendant and clasped it tightly—she was NOT losing it this time.

Starscream, The Decepticon heard his name called as if it was somewhere in his mainframe, the voice sounding just like . . .

Starscream glanced at the human girl he was flying next to. It was almost as if she had called him, with the voice of his sparkmate. He didn't know why or how this was happening to him but it was and it was infuriating that someone use his extinguished sparkmate to throw him off concentration!

He scanned the female up and down and noticed the look in her eyes—it was that of fear, but also . . . familiarity!

Enough! He spoke to himself. I will get to the bottom of this!

Before Starscream could even do a thing he heard the maniacal laughter of his leader cut off and the sound of a large crash was heard. He looked behind him to see that Optimus Prime himself had rammed nose first right into Megatron.

The Autobots were here!