Pokemon Triple Turbulence

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Well, I was reading and enjoying the kickassery that is Nuzlocke quite a lot, and considering how much of Pokemon Platinum and Pokemon Emerald I was playing... I figured of trying to do a story with only Gen 3 and Gen 4 Pokemon, including Zoroark and Zoroa. Yes, I want purely Gen 3 and 4 Pokemon only this time. So yeah, I'm gonna try to put as much thought into this as possible. Read and enjoy, ladies and gentlemen!

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to their owners. Specifically, the likes of Gardevoir, Lucario, and Zoroark, the three main Pokemon of the story, belong to Nintendo, GAME FREAK, and Creatures Inc. But mostly to Nintendo.

"Lucario! Hold back!" Zoroark growled as he pushed back against the Metagross, who was pushing him into the wall. "We can't let these guys overtake us!"

Lucario hissed as he was pinned again to the ground from a powerful Iron Tail by the Aggron, who grinned deviously as he fired a Hyper Beam right at the canine Pokemon. Lucario quickly rolled out of the way, but he did not have enough strength to go on. "I can clearly see that, Zoroark! Cut me a break!"

Gardevoir gasped in horror as she watched the battle, things not going well for Zoroark and Lucario. The trio has reached so far, and yet all of it seemed like it was about to come tumbling down. Gardevoir continued cheering on for Lucario and Zoroark, however, she feared the worst.

"You call this a challenge!" The Metagross laughed as he continued ramming Zoroark into the wall, not holding back his powerful attack, "Heh! This is nothing more than a play date! You're history, fox boy!"

Zoroark's eyes flashed a bright green as he roared, slashing Metagross off of him with a Night Slash. "DON'T. CALL. ME. FOX BOY!!!" Zoroark roared with rage as he continued slashing against Metagross with Night Slashes.

Lucario continued dodging the Stone Edges that Aggron was chucking, sing his Agility to his advantage. However, the damage he took on from earlier was starting to take a toll, as Lucario began breathing heavier than usual. Eventually, he collapsed on the ground, too weak to try and flee. Aggron simply smirked as he stomped on Lucario, pressing him directly into the hard concrete. Gardevoir cried out in horror as she covered her face, turning away from the brutal torture that Lucario was receiving, while the Garchomp, who was also watching, simply laughed as he had his powerful arms folded, his team doing much better than usual. Zoroark attempted a Brick Break on Metagross, much Metagross jumped above Zoroark, causing Zoroark to break through the hard rock wall instead.

Zoroark turned around, only to be blasted by a direct Hyper Beam from Metagross. Metagross continued firing Hyper Beam as he moved in slowly towards Zoroark, weakening the monster fox Pokemon with ease as he fell to his knees, unable to handle the immense damage. Zoroark closed his eyes, screaming in pain and rage as the Hyper Beam was significantly lowering his health. He looked up, being tackled head on by Metagross's Brick Break, screaming a he went soaring into the air, making a collosal crash in the ground.

Gardevoir cried out in horror as she watched her teammates fall. She was already taken out of the field by Garchomp, so there was no way for her to get back into the action without healing her wounds. She gasped as she angrily glanced at Garchomp, who laughed evilly with delight as his fellow teammates showed no mercy. Lucario struggled to get up as he was continuously stomped on by Aggron, while Zoroark's near unconscious body was played around by Metagross. Gardevoir growled as she tugged her palms together, her eyes shut close as she shed tears, not wanting to see any more harm befall her fellow friends.

"I thought... we all had a chance..." Gardevoir whispered as she shook her head, "I thought we could eventually manage to win if we stuck together with team work... now we're getting wrecked..."

"...We're... weak..."

Zoroark could barely keep his conscious continuing as Metagross began charging up one final Hyper Beam to finish off the monster fox. Zoroark tried standing up, trying to use Protect as a last ditch effort to save himself.

"...We're... meaningless..."

Lucario gasped as his body was incredibly damaged. Feeling like a broken twig, Lucario could barely sense where Aggron was, who was several feet towards the east, planning for an ultimate attack to finish Lucario off for good.

"...We...We Have... No Chance..."

Zoroark roared once more as he luckily summoned his Protect shield just in time, with Metagross firing one last all powerful Hyper Beam directly at him. Lucario quickly used his aura to sense what Aggron was up to, and then opened his eyes, dashing right towards Aggron as he bellowed, charging up and then releasing an Aura Sphere, right as Aggron devastated the area with an Earthquake. The Earthquake affected Metagross, but allowed it to get a hit on Zoroark, whose Protect shield was shattered with ease, allowing the Hyper Beam to completely engulf Zoroark. Lucario tripped, landing flat on his face as his Aura Sphere roughly missed Aggron, who in turn used his Skull Bash to send Lucario tumbling in the air. Gardevoir's eyes opened up as he cheered on Metagross and Aggron, congratulating them as Gardevoir continued denying the strength that her team has gathered.

"...Is this our fate to be...? ...Are we all purely nothing but sun drenched losers whose hopes and dreams were solely meant to be crushed, and nothing more...?" Gardevoir finished bemoaning as she was tapped on the back. Surprised, she turned around, looking down to see a young, though firm, Seedot glancing right at her. The seed Pokemon continued glancing right at Gardevoir's face, enough to get her attention.

"I believe this is all happening for a reason." The Seedot reassured as he jumped into Gardevoir's arms, situating himself in a comfortable position.

Gardevoir was in shock, and she glanced at Garchomp, who simply rolled her eyes. Heeding Seedot's words of wisdom, Gardevoir held in some faith left as she painfully watched Lucario and Zoroark getting brutally mauled by Metagross and Aggron.

Real suffering has only begun...