A huge fiery explosion shook the craggy mountains as an Infernape crashed into the mountain wall. He got up, only to be blasted by a Hyper Beam from an Aggron, wounding him more. Meanwhile, just north of there, a Garchomp was wreaking a mountain apart, trying to hit a Blaziken, who was smoothly avoiding damage. Magmortar was some platforms below, recharging his arm cannons as he watched Infernape release a Flare Blitz, causing the Aggron and Meta gross to be pushed backwards.

This match, amongst others, was being replayed from last week's tourney entry battles, with this as one of the private practice matches. The footage was being shown inside a large headquarters, the Pokemon sitting within the seats watching the footage on the huge, wide screen high definition television set.

"Mr. Pimplup, it seems that we have the final tenth team for the competition!" The shiny pink-colored Pachirisu shouted in a high pitched voice as he winked to the back, his screen having several teams bracketed on it, "This is a great commitment to the spirit of a tournament!"

The Chatot with the headgear nodded in agreement. "Indeed. We have the perfect ten teams situated. Any plans for tonight?"

The Chatot and Pachirisu glanced at each other as they turned to the main man in charge, Mr. Pimplup himself, who wore a purple-colored top hat with a golden cane in his left hand.

"Heh heh heh..." Pimplup chuckled as he rubbed his two flippers together, "Perfect. Let's go have a celebration to top it off. Any locations, boys?"

Another third announcer, a normal form Rotom, looked down at the radar, turning over to shout out, "We found a good location, Mr. Pimplup! Twenty eight miles southwest of the headquarters!"

Pimplup grinned as he snapped his flippers, proclaiming, "All right, gentlemen! That seems to be team number ten's base. Let's go and pay them a visit!"

On the southernmost point of the continent... within a nice, large apartment containing several middle class Pokemon... and a particular team...

"...Hey. Lucario. Get up."


"Lucario, get up. Now."

"What... why..."

"It's a special day today. Now get up, you lazy jackass!"

Lucario let out a loud yawn as he stretched his arms, getting out of his lower bunk bed. Looking up, he turned around, to see Zoroark, simply shaking his head. Lucario stood up, rubbing his elbows as Zoroark scoffed.

"I'm a lazy... well, look who's TALKING. You don't do anything around here!" Lucario snapped as he pointed at Zoroark.

Zoroark rolled his eyes, waving his right hand at Lucario as he bit his tongue. "Heh. Really? I do a lot more than it seems like."

Lucario growled, prompting Zoroark to get it on. "Fine then. Show me some prove."

Zoroark evilly grinned as he got into a fighting pose. "Fine, wise guy, but I warned you."

Zoroark let out a devious chuckle as he began furiously slashing at Lucario, finishing off with a mega punch that impaled Lucario in the stomach. Lucario moaned in pain as he stood up, being whacked in the back of the head by Zoroark's elbow. He growled as he rubbed the back of his head, snapping back at Zoroark, who was laughing his head off as he had his arms folded.

"Ha! I told you that I do much more around here." Zoroark boasted as he wagged his left index finger, taunting Lucario.

Lucario growled, still rubbing his injuries. "Doesn't give you an excuse to beat me around like a rag doll."

"Well, you were asking for it." Zoroark stated as he patted Lucario on the head.

Lucario pushed away Zoroark, but just as he was about to speak more, Gardevoir stumbled on the scene, interrupting the two humanoid canine Pokemon.

"Sorry to interrupt your bickering, fellas, but we got a new letter in!" Gardevoir exclaimed with glee as she held a typed letter in her right hand.

Lucario and Zoroark both snapped out of their senses, and they surrounded Gardevoir, with Gardevoir reading the letter.

"Dear fellow teammates... congratulations on being such an excellent force to be reckoned with! We're pleased to let you know that you are one of the ten teams, and we sure look forward to your matches! Keep being promising! Signed, the ever so sexy King Pimplup."

Zoroark snickered, covering his mouth with his right hand. "Heh. Pimplup. That's still a great chuckle. Heh heh heh..."

Lucario rolled his eyes, folding his arms. "Hmph. Whatever. Shouldn't we tidy up?"

Gardevoir nodded, placing away the letter within her chest, "Tidy up for what? We don't have anything planned-"

Before she could finish, the ever so royal Pimplup strolled his way into the apartment, followed by a shiny pink-colored Pachirisu and a Chatot with a headgear attached to his head, followed by a trio of Torchic and Snover.

"Daww, they're all so cute!" Gardevoir squealed as she hugged the Torchic and Snover tightly, giggling with glee as Lucario and Zoroark watched in disbelief.

"Hey hey hey! What's up in the crib, my homies?" Pimplup stated as he adjusted his purple top hat, his golden cane being behind his back. "You fellas be all right. Me and my homies feel like we can hang with youse!" He then ribbed Zoroark. "And speaking of which, today's the perfect day for some house partying!"

Zoroark's eyes nearly popped out of his head. "Wait wait, what!? House party!? When did this happen!?" He pushed Pimplup off of him. "I didn't agree to this! We didn't even have an official match yet!"

Chatot settled his perch on Lucario's shoulder, explaining, "Well, Mr. Pimplup likes having parties with anyone he deems good. And since you saved his life some time ago..." He coughed, continuing, "He feels he should repay you... in a weird kind of way."

Pachirisu nodded in agreement, jumping up and down in joy. "Yeah! Besides, you'll have your match in a few days! Why not take a load off? It is Friday night!"

"A friday night too many," Zoroark and Lucario muttered in unison as they both groaned, facepalming at the same time.

Gardevoir stood up, holding both a Torchic and a Snover as she pleaded, "Oooh, come on, guys! Can't we just loosen up and have some fun? After all, it's been a good while since our big adventure..."

Lucario and Zoroark turned to face Gardevoir, then glanced at each other, and sighed, eventually agreeing to the idea. "Oh... very well."

"YAY!!!" Gardevoir squealed again as she kissed Lucario and Zoroark, stating to them as she cuddled the Torchic and Snover in her arms, "Thank you, guys! You won't regret it!"

"...Won't regret it, she says..." Zoroark growled as he rolled his eyes, watching the other Torchic and Snover coming into the apartment.

"...Yeah, we won't regret it. Until everything is wrecked..." Lucario muttered angrily as he folded his arms, watching Pimplup sharing some Pepsi with Pachirisu and Chatot, while the Torchic and Snover began dancing to the music that was being played on the boombox.