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Normalcy (Kagome)

"Order up! Table seven needs their food, hurry, hurry!" My boss, Kaguya, shouts.

I sigh and tie my apron around my waist as I hustle out of the kitchen, grabbing a huge serving plate as I go. The Kuroi Wain restaurant is bustling, as usual. The three years I've worked here, I've never been around when it was quiet, except when it was right before opening.

I mean, it's a karaoke restaurant, there's always gonna be some sort of noise going on.

I dodge a few new busboys in training, and make it over to table seven. I put down a plate filled with onigiri and soy sauce.

My hand goes up to wipe my brow and the guy I'm serving stares at me a little longer than necessary. Eww, damn perverts.

His voice is really deep, even more creepy. "Thank you, miss."

I nod and walk towards the kitchen and run right into Sango. She makes an 'eep' sound, and I frown. My kid sister is probably one of the clumsiest people I know.

I tap her on the back of the head. "Hurry, Kaguya is extra grumpy today." I try to maneuver past her and she stops me.

"Don't forget, Kouga called earlier, and said some shit about something being the east, and you being the sun."

I wince as a hopeful karaoke singer screeches into the microphone. "I'm guessing he wants me to come over."

She nods. I laugh and grab a few more plates. "Too bad Bankotsu doesn't say stuff like that to you." I say. She punches me in the arm.

Bankotsu has been Sango's boyfriend for three months now. He's far from the sensitive poetic type.

Then again, the same could be said for Kouga, my boyfriend. I mention once that a sensitive guy is cool and he starts quoting Romeo and Juliet all the time.

Sango rolls her eyes, "Shut up."

I quirk a brow. "Or what?"

"I'll send the evil monkeys after you."

"I killed them all." I say, over my shoulder, as I start to drop off more food at the tables.

I laugh as I hear Sango gasp, from behind me.

I can't help the giggle that escapes me as Kouga plans small kisses down my neck.

I came to his house after work. In the past, I've dated a lot of guys, but Kouga is the best so far. He's protective, knows how to wine and dine a girl, and he's rich! And, he's not just dating me because I'm popular at our school.

"Kagome, you know what could make this day perfect?"

I grin and suggest, "Me, you, and a hot tub?"

He laughs and lets go of me, letting me fall off his couch. "Ice cream, obviously."

I sweatdrop as he makes his way to the kitchen, undoubtedly for some sort of vanilla ice cream. Is there some weird ice cream and wolves stereotype going around?

I rub my sore butt that I just landed on, and get on my feet. "would you stop with the damn ice cream?!"

He walks back in with two spoons and a carton of ice cream. "Nope."

I sigh and pull my hair back into a ponytail. "Thats unhealthy."

"I'm a demon, nothing is unhealthy for me."

The only downside to having a wolf demon boyfriend. Figures.

He sticks a spoonful of vanilla ice cream in my mouth. "Now, eat."

I take out the spoon and shake my head. Complete waste of an evening, and now I have to go home and have an overly awkward dinner with Sango and Mom. "I'm leaving."

I look at Kouga and he's staring, transfixed, at the ice cream tub.

I blink, but he doesn't which freaks me out. "Kouga?"

No response. I slowly pick up my bag containing my things from work and walk out of the house, making sure not to slam the door.

For the past few weeks, Mom has been acting strange. She's been coming home late, leaving early, and basically making herself scarce. Of course, me and Sango, sixteen and seventeen year old girls could take care of ourselves. Though, I would like my mom around every now and then. Me, Sango, and Mom haven't eaten dinner together in a while. Which is why it's so awkward now.

Mom passes a bowl of pickles to Sango, which she passes to me. Mom clears her throat. "So, how was everyone's day?"

I shrug. "Decent. Hung out with Kouga."

"I volunteered at the animal hospital," Sango says. Suck-up.

Mom smiles. "Lovely. Anything new? Kagome, you hung out with Kouga today, how was he?"

I shiver upon remembering his ice cream induced trance. Then again, our house is always cold, and that could be the real problem.

"Fine. Still quoting Romeo and Juliet."

She nods and turns to Sango. "How is Bankotsu?"

My sister grins. "Good, he helped me car for the animals. Then we had ice cream."

If I hear ice cream again.....

"Ice cream is great."

Dammit, I was drinking when she that, and I immediately spit up my water.

Mom gives me a concerned look. "You okay?"

I force my lips into a tight-lipped smile, and nod. "Great."

This dinner conversation could not be more forced. About a month ago, this would've been a lot easier. But, Mom's been so distant.....

She suddenly stands up when the phone rings and darts to the next room. I turn to Sango. "So, you realize how weird she's acting?"

She has a thoughtful look for a moment, then shrugged. "Maybe she's getting us bunnies."

"You're joking, aren't you?"

"I wish I wasn't."

I laugh and stand up, cleaning off my plate, when I reach th e kitchen. Sango follows me. "Maybe we're moving."

She has a calm and sad expression on her face. I probably look like that too. "Hope for the bunnies," I say.

She giggles. Sango has loved animals ever since we were little, bringing home rabies infested squirrels to care for. Which always resulted in about 100 damn shots in the ass for me. Her liking animals too much is probably why we have two cats, Buyo, my fat tabby, and the rare fire cat demon, Kirara.

"She's freaking me out, though. She's hardly ever here, and when she is, she's singing and all chipper. I thought she was complaining about bills like two months ago," She says.

I nod. "Yeah. Maybe she got a new job?"

"Nah, we're still pretty lower-middle class."

I sigh and we start to walk upstairs to our room.

I hate the color of it. Me and Sango went through a pink phase when we were kids, so the whole room is just pink all over. I plop down on my bed, my face buried in my pillows. Which are also pink.

"We work till seven tomorrow, and its our night to sing," She reminds me as I hear the bed next to mine creak and I know she's sitting down, probably holding Kirara. I have no idea where Buyo's fat ass is.

We've been singing at the restaurant since our second year of working there. When we're not busing tables, its something fun to do, that me and Sango aren't bad at.

"What are you gonna sing?"

She always talks to me when I want to sleep. "'Take It Off'," I answer. I smile when I hear Kirara's soft mews.

"I think I'm gonna sing '16 At War'."

I nod and look at the clock thats on the wall across the room. 11 PM. "Go to sleep," I mumble.

The door opens and I hear Mom's voice. "I'm going out, girls. I'll be back late."

The door closes, and I can feel Sango staring at me. "Yeah?"

"She's leaving again."

"She'll be back later,"

"Obviously. But, where is she going?"

I mimic a snoring sound and then Kirara lands on my back, mewing in my ear. "Real nice, you threw a cat at me."


She turns of the lights. Then I say, "Dream about tons and tons of guys, just truck fulls, then-"

"Go to sleep."

I don't even wake up on my own on Saturday morning. Instead, something smells weird. But, a good kind of weird, like Axe body spray and.... dogs?

I sit up and Sango's bed is made, and Kirara is on her basket/bed on the floor. I brush my hair out of my face as I realize something.

There are two more beds in my room.

What the hell happened when I was asleep?

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