Boy, do I have a lot of nerve to show my face on this site again. However, again, like it always does, life happens. My junior year of high school happened, so far, the busiest year of my entire life. For a year, I've had almost incurable writers block, and only occasionally it would move for the right song, or a daydream that maybe lasted too long. But, this, this is what I love to do. I woke up this morning, and thought, I wanna write. Why haven't I finished my fanfic? That's probably what you guys are thinking too. However, I'm unclogged, and I don't wanna abandon my art again. At least, until it's for good. Anyway, here's your chapter, a year late, expect frequent updates again, for real this time My gift to you, in apology.

Sleepovers and Zoo Trips (Kagome)

I wake up, and what do I see? The ass of a whore in my face. Ever seen the ass of a whore in your face at the crack of dawn? Better yet, the crack of a whore at the crack of dawn? Well, I'll tell you it's not cute.

"Inuyasha! Get your ass out of my face!"

"I'm doing a dance that makes my hair silkier. Deal with it."

"So you have to put your ass in my face?"

"Simply a bonus, my dear."

"Get off me!" I scream, rubbing my throat raw. I kick and he goes flying across the room. Good, stupid kid.

I get up and head towards the bathroom because nature calls. However, I run into Miroku. He starts to say something but then I brush past him saying,

"Gotta go, whore, yes I'm using the bathroom, no, you can't come, and good morning."

He mumbles, "Well, just steal the whole morning routine, why don't you."

I sit on the toilet, finally and let go all of my pent up stress. There is no better feeling in the world than this, except any late night rendezvous.

I handle the rest of my feminine duties and sit back and relax. No better place to think than a toilet. I have probably solved every major life problem I have ever had, sitting on the toilet. I'm in a house with three other teenagers, unsupervised; it's hot, sweltering, boob sweat, summer. And I could possibly be tiptoeing around a twisted, fucked up, and possibly illegal thing with my step brother.

The porcelain throne offers no advice today.

Mom and Inuyasha's dad are still gone, so that leaves us unattended for the third week in this horrible heat.

I get up, and shower and try to ignore the sounds of Sango's "I will not love you!" I try to ignore the sounds of Inuyasha slurping down ramen from downstairs. I take what has to be one of the best showers. No one has barged in, I don't have to rush, and I turn it on a cold. The low temperature is always a good contrast to the heat, instead of sitting, sweating enough to fill up a small ice cube tray.

I get out, after an hour. I start to walk down the hallway, and I hear, "So, how was, you know, 'self-entertainment'?"

I stop, and slowly turn to meet Inuyasha's eyes, holding the grip on my fluffy white towel.


"You know, your solo performance, starring you and your hand?"

"What the-" I start to just let out a list of sailor's favorites but I stop. Oh my God.

"You think I-?"

"Oh, I know you did."

"Go fuck yourself, Inuyasha!"

He laughs, "Woah, don't you think you do it better?"

I can feel red hot heat in my ears, around my neck. I go to my shared bedroom and slam the door. Sango looks up in surprise and cocks her head.

"Nothing. Its nothing."

She hmms in agreement or maybe to just get off the subject. "I'm gonna go get my stuff from downstairs, mall in thirty minutes."

I nod as she closes the door, and I start to change. The day is already hectic because of Inuyasha and Miroku's mild psychosis. Now we have to involve the poor civillians at the mall? Ugh. I'm sorry, Tokyo Shops….

We walk the mile to the mall in the raging heat because we're slightly dumb and we enter it from one of it's biggest clothes stores.

I glance at the man whores. Inuyasha is looking anywhere but at the clothes, Miroku is checking out a manican. Totally not surprised. Sweatdrop.

Sango and I lead them through the throngs of racks of clothes, and shoe departments and pushy cosmeticians. We're walking through casual wear and swimsuits, feeling the cool industrial sized air conditioning and smell of department store shoes when we hear, "Kagome!"

I turn to look for the source while everyone else waits. Just as I locate the source of the yell, Sango gasps, and shields her face with both hands. "Oh my God, it's Bankotsu! I can't let that weirdo see me!"


I hardly get the word out and he's in front of us.

"Kagome! How have you been?"

My eyes dart back and forth, hopefully to find some kind of answer that can yank me out of a situation as awkward as this one.

"I've been great. How are you?"

"Oh, better, you know…moving on. How's Sango?"

I almost answer, but then I stop myself. "What?"

"How is she? We haven't spoken in months."

I look around, eyes wide, incredulous of the situation. Oh my fucking God! He can't see her! He seriously can't see her!

I hear a snort from the left of me and elbow Inuyasha in the rib cage. Miroku starts to silently chuckle to himself off to the left. "So, you haven't seen her recently?"

He starts to look around, as if I'm the crazy one. "Well, no, I just said that, what's your problem?"

Oh damn. He's becoming confrontational. I take one step back, Inuyasha braces me, he can probably smell how nervous I am. Ew.

"I was just asking, it seemed weird to me, you know."

He scowls and I almost start to panic. "What do you mean weird? My ex-girlfriend that openly cheated on me doesn't wanna see me, so I haven't seen her in a few months, how weird Is that?"

"Oh shit!" I hear from behind me, as Sango gets hit by a stray clothes rack. She falls down out of her disguise and on the ground. Bankotsu zeroes in on her immediately, and lets out a noise to piss off a banshee, "Sango!"

We all gasp, Inuyasha screams, "Run for it!"

Miroku throws Sango over his shoulder, and they dart in the opposite direction. I do a U turn and head back towards intimate apparel, I sprint for dear life.

I run until my chest hurts, and I feel like I'm about to hock up phlegm. I squeeze in between a rack of panties and bras, and hide. The situation is that serious. One time last summer, Sango forwarded all of Bankotsu's calls and her and I down for three days straight…. In our own house.

I try to catch my breath, but it hitches as I hear a second pair of lungs hacking and breathing as heavy as I am. I freeze in front of lace. Did he find me? I start to sweat and slowly turn around..

"What the hell, Inuyasha?"

"Ssh! I can't take him right now!"

"Right now? What the hell are you talking about-?"

He slaps one of his huge clawed hands across my mouth and I start to squirm.

"You're too loud!"

"What?" I hiss. I was as quiet as a dead mouse.

"Your heart, it's too loud, I can't stand it!"

"You have got to be kidding me! I can't help that!" I cry.

"Shut up!"

My whole body is being yanked in his direction and the next thing I know, I'm right against him. Arm for arm, chest to chest, face to face… My hands shake, my pulse is outta control. I'm really gonna piss him off with all of this noise. I bite both my lips, and let my hands latch to his arms. Firm, strong. My body is really warm…..

He's holding onto me as tight as he can without actually hurting me. My heart is racing, and I think I'm scared of something entirely different from Bankotsu. I've never been more scared of a man in my entire life than I am right now…

His claws are fingering the loose string of my jean shorts. He holds on, ears twitching, eyes never focusing on one area as he searches for him.

I grit my teeth. His claws are raking against my thigh and it doesn't hurt like I thought it would…

"Kagome," his voice is husky. I can't get myself together.


"He can be a little creepy, huh?"

I manage a stiff nod. I grab the hand that's raking my thighs, I squeeze it. He twitches, and my heart goes even faster.

His face comes down near the nape of my neck, he's trembling. "Yes."

"I'm not asking."

My palms sweat so bad, I start to sweat all over. A drop from my forehead hits the ground.

"Shut up."

Slow, manipulative kisses down my neck. I'm leaning in, and I'm freaking out. He's gorgeous. What a beautiful man…. He shouldn't be so beautiful.

I take a deep breath, and he makes a noise of irritation. He pushes his lips down on mine as hard as he can. It hurts. His claws grasp me. He has absolutely no self control. His tongue takes over in my mouth, makes himself a home.

He's got no self control at all….. I hope he doesn't find some anytime soon.


"You guys actually made it back safe?"

I laugh as Inuyasha hops off the couch and swaggers into the kitchen. "Well, yeah, he wasn't after me, since you were with Miroku."

Sango frowns. "Damn! Took us three hours to get away from him."

Miroku plops on the couch. "I deserve carnal pleasures as a reward for protecting you from Bankotsu-"

"Hell no!"

I laugh as I catch Inuyasha's eye as he reenters the room. His stare is light, and playful, a complete contrast from earlier.

"What are you looking at, self-pleaser?"

"Is that the best you can come up with, muttpenis? Are you as big as a puppy?"

Everyone but me gasps.

"Too far, bitch!"

I lay in my bed, and I toss and turn. I cannot sleep. Scenes and feelings from earlier today at the mall keep running through my head. His claws on me, my fingertips afraid to brace him, how mad I was at my heart. I stare at the ceiling and beads of sweat roll off my head and into my hair.

I seek relief. I get up and walk around the room, careful tiptoes so that no one wakes up. However, I don't think Sango can hear through her loud snores long enough to hear me.

I pry open the window, and stick my head out. Something, I joke to myself, dog boy should be doing.

The air isn't too much better outside, but better than this ultra humid room. The occasional breeze feels good on my sticky, salty skin.


I sigh, and turn around. Miroku is sitting up in his bed, eyeing me.


He chuckles, "Don't be so cruel. It just seems to me that you have a problem."


"Excuse me, let me go back to your super deep thought moment. I'm Kagome, and I think in the night…"

"Oh, shut up, slut.."

"What's wrong?"

Should I tell him? It's too…. Wrong. Its way too wrong to tell anyone else.

"Here, I'll make it better…" he flips back his covers, "come here."

"Oh, hell no."

"Come on, seriously, I don't bite. I just wanna help."

"Help me get off?"

"Get in the damn bed!" He whisper yells.

Without any more hesitation, I tip-toe to his bed, and slowly crawl in the covers. I release a huge breath.

Miroku grabs me, and cuddles me. I freeze. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Nothing, I said I wouldn't do anything.." He grabs me and he curls himself around me in a position so that he can pet me. I feel soft, harmless, totally nonsexual caresses on my head. It feels caring. It feels innocent. Almost brotherly.

"Now whats wrong?"

I yawn, feeling sleep already because of the comfort. Why is his bed so much cooler than mine? "What should I do about Inuyasha?"

"What do you mean?"

"We're related, but I keep having non-sibling type feelings for him…." I yawn again, "I wanna touch him and shit…"

I hear a soft chuckle behind my ear as my body goes numb. Miroku says something, something profound, because he's talking for a while afterward.

But I fall asleep before I even get the advice.

I crawl out of the bed, and fall on the floor. I squeeze my eyes shut as a stinging pain goes up my leg. I finally exhale and open my eyes. I'm the only one in the room. I sit up and pat my sweat matted hair. I stand up, fighting back dizziness.

I walk down the hallway, and down the steps. I make it downstairs and hear sniffles. My brow creases in confusion.


More sniffles. "Oh, hi."

With my WTF face in place, I step farther into the living-room. Miroku is sitting on the sofa, watching his soaps. He's crying?

"Uh, did I interrupt anything?"

He looks at me and pats the spot next to him. "So sad."

I slowly ease myself on the cushion and eye him carefully. "W-what is?"

"Heathcliff and Simpson. They parted."

"They were together?"

"Best damn gay couple on daytime television."

My eyes bug out and I inch slightly farther away from him. "Now that we've had our WTF moment number one today, wanna tell me where Sango and Inuyasha are?"

"They went to the zoo."


"Without us?"

He nods and blows into his crumpled and snotty tissue obnoxiously. "They left this morning."

I start to comment but then my face turns bright red. Oh Mah God. "They saw us! They saw us in bed together and you were snuggling me- which you're pretty good at- oh my gosh…"

He wipes his eyes dramatically. "I only held you for comfort!"

I look at Miroku and nod. He's right, it was only for comfort. However, Inuyasha might think that I moved from him to Miroku. I wasn't supposed to be 'on' Inuyasha in the first place. Miroku sniffs again and my eyes start to well up with the pure ridiculousness of my situation and a mild fit of PMS.

Miroku turns curiously at me, wiping his face. "Kagome?"

I whine, "I'm so fucked up!"

Miroku wraps his arm around my shoulders and sniffles, "I'd rather be fucked!"

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