Important Author's Note (2013):

HP and the Wish of Life began in 2002, and therefore is AU for every book after GOF. After idling in a half finished state (17 chapters) for many years, I look forward to finally giving everyone the full tale! I will be incorporating canon details in the later chapters.

For those who like to jump ahead, I would consider Chapter 8 to be when the story begins to hit its stride. The first ten chapters are a fluffy, youthful set up, and the story gets darker as it progresses. Harry will not have a main pairing in this tale, his story is much bigger than just romance. He will have a few dalliances with a few girls, but that is it.

In re-reading the story, it amused me how many small details actually showed up in the books (Like Sirius' dark family past and him giving Harry his first broom etc). Therefore, when re-editing, I've kept the first ten chapters unchanged in terms of original plot lines.

I appreciate reviews and anaylsis, in fact, I live on them – so please do review and provide me with your thoughts and theories. It really does push me to continue writing.

Harry Potter and the Wish of Life

Chapter 1: Birthday Wish

By Usako3000

It was Harry's 15th birthday and all was quiet on Privet Drive, a normal evening to suit the normal folks of the neighborhood. Unfortunately for him, he was the one person on the street that was anything but normal.

Lying uncomfortably on his bed, Harry vaguely listened to the bellowing voices of his uncle and aunt as they congratulated elephant-statured Dudley on finally getting his 15 year old brain around the concept of multiplication.

Though Harry carried with him a burden of forthcoming horror, the summer holidays had progressed as usual except that the Dursleys had been noticeably downcast. Their son, Dudley had been sent home with reports of being below his age level with recommendations of acquiring tuition over the summer.

"Below his age level, indeed!" Aunt Petunia had shrieked, her bony hands wringing together in fury.

"By God!" Uncle Vernon had ranted, face ballooning like a purple plum about to explode, "How dare they! Those simpering fools! Obviously they don't know talent when they see it!"

Nonetheless, Dudley had been subjected to at least an hour of math, literature and geography every day. It had been fun at first, for Harry to taunt Dudley, but the novelty of that had soon wore off. This summer, all the Dursleys had treated him with nothing short of fear and contempt. Normally, Harry would have preferred this to the slave labor and epic yelling he was usually subjected to, but things were different now. The past year at Hogwarts had been horrifying: Voldemort was back, Cedric had died because of him, and the world was simply all wrong. All Harry wanted was to be like all other children and seek comfort in his family when something went wrong.

But, yes, that was right, he had no family.

His parents, his beautiful Mother and wonderful Father had been killed by Voldemort. His godfather had been wrongfully convicted of aiding the murder and had to be in hiding. And Harry? Harry had to stay with his aunt and uncle who despised him.

Turning on his side, Harry sighed. It wasn't the first time he had fallen on the thought that if only he could have died with his parents he would have been much happier. No scar, no guilt, no life.

It was hard, having the weight of the world on his shoulders. Voldemort, who terrified legions of wizards was coming for Harry. Not to mention, Harry distinctly felt as if he was the only one capable of taking on Voldemort. Afterall, despite all of Dumbledore's strength, if they were a match then wouldn't Dumbledore have taken Voldemort down long ago? It was frightening to think about being the only line of defense available. He felt very young and very fragile.

Although he had wonderful friends in Ron and Hermione, they could always choose to walk away. Harry however was chained forever and always to the murderer of his parents. It would be nice to have a choice. Or at least, a family to be there when he was scared.

Instead he simply read the news reports of unexplained attacks or missing persons throughout wizarding London with a heavy heart and no one to turn to with his own fears.

Green eyes flicked to the clock beside him. It was almost midnight and almost his birthday. Letting one long arm dangle beside his bed, Harry pulled out a small box from beneath it. Sitting up, he withdrew a small cupcake. Hermione had had the foresight to send him a big batch of cupcakes two days prior to his birthday with a note informing him that since he wouldn't get a proper cake her baking attempt could be an appropriate substitute.

Harry glanced at his clock, resting on top the mounds of Dudley's broken toys. Five, Four, Three, Two, One – Midnight! At that moment a shooting star blasted by the window and Harry almost jumped up in shock. A star wish and a birthday wish? It was almost too good to be true. Closing his eyes tightly, he wished.

He wished desperately, the events of the year weighing heavy on his shoulders.

He wished miserably, feeling the lonliness and yawning future stretch out before him.

He wished hopefully, a child's heart still present in the body that had taken so much abuse in recent years.

| I wish my parents hadn't made Peter Pettigrew their secret keeper and we would be a family. |

He opened his eyes slowly, heart screaming for his wish to have come true, though he knew the reality before he even saw it. His bare room came back into focus, and Harry sighed, tossing the cupcake aside. Lying back down, his dark hair cushioned by his striped pillow, Harry felt burning tears slide out of his eyes and down his cheeks.

He cried for Cedric Diggory, the innocent boy who had not deserved to die. He cried for the world, which was soon to undergo horrors unknown. He cried for himself, an orphan who despite trying hard, still remained as alone as before.

Shrouded in the depth of space, entwined in the mists of time, three startlingly beautiful woman floated, unaffected by everything except themselves.

|He made a wish. . .| the one with the black hair noted softly.

|Yes, Future. But, are you certain...| The blonde whispered.

|Oh Present, you know he's worthy. It should be up to me after all.| The redhead responded sharply, turning quickly to face her sisters.

|Past is correct. Do you consent, Present?| Future goaded.

Looking between her sisters, Present relented. |Of course.|

Past smiled.

The three floated together to form a circle. Hands joining they smiled. |Harry James Potter, heir to Godric Gryffindor, your wish has been granted.|

And with a flash of light, the Past was rewritten, the Present changed and the Future rerouted.

Small streams of sunlight cast warm strips of comfort over Harry. Caught in the limbo between being awake and asleep, he was barely aware of the voice calling to him.

"Harry! Harry!"

Stirring, he grumbled to himself, unwilling to escape his land of dreams where his parents were alive and there were unlimited Bertie Botts' for all. Vaguely, Harry decided to let Aunt Petunia call his name until she went hoarse. He had no plans of getting up yet.

"Harry!" The voice grew closer, and Harry frowned, eyes still tightly shut. That didn't sound anything like Aunt Petunia - the voice wasn't nearly as shrieky.

It was then a pair of soft lips descended on Harry's forehead. He jerked awake in shock, eyes flashing open to meet a mirror image of themselves.

Harry gaped. There, leaning over him was a extremely beautiful woman with glittering green eyes and a curtain of auburn hair cascading down her shoulders.

He knew who it was immediately, Lily Potter.

His mother.

To be Continued. . .

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