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Harry Potter and the Wish of Life

Chapter 35


Harry watched in horror as his godfather fell to his death. It was the painful torture of knowing what was about to happen but being unable to stop it. How could they lose him again after having him back for such a short time?

But then, in that slow motion of terror, a blur zoomed past and Sirius' body did not fall through the veil, but instead was pulled up into the air.

Disbelieving green eyes shot above to see James, rakish and strong on top of his broom with Sirius in a heap in front of him, supported only by James' arm around his chest. "You idiot!" James chided, "What would you do without me, huh?" Despite his light words, a stricken expression constricted the older Potter's features as he scolded his friend.

Sirius' close call with death had left his face pale, and his breath left his lungs in a shudder, "Took you long enough, Prongs. Does a man have to die to get you off your buttocks?"

Their reunion was cut short as a spell sent both Sirius and James flying off the broom at the same time that a killing curse flashed by where they would have been.

Harry, his heart beating so loudly he could hear it his ears, looked to see where the attacks had come from.

Snape stood regal in his deatheater regalia, the high collared version of the robes, and no thought given to a mask. "They're MINE!" He shrieked at Bellatrix who had sent one of the two spells, "POTTER IS MINE!"

Even Bellatrix seemed frightened by the insane intensity in Snape's face and drew back before a hex from Lily had her pulled abruptly into the air, dropping her hard into the ground at the center of the dias.

The witch stumbled but caught herself, just inches from the archway. A look of relief passed her haggard face before Sirius landed behind her in a streak of light. She turned to face him, but he was too quick for her.

"Enjoy hell!" In a fluid motion, Sirius kicked her straight in the stomach.

Fear replaced the rapidly draining insanity in her eyes, and Bellatrix's anguished screech rang through the chamber as she fell back, arms scrambling in the air before the veil engulfed her whole.

A cheer rang out in the room just as one deatheater gave a wild cry, launching toward Sirius before Kingsley stepped in the way and stunned him as Sirius made his way out of the line of fire.

Aside, James and Snape circled around one another, uninterested in the events of the veil.

"Snivellus, you traitorous bastard."

The phrase began the duel and what followed was a match of epic proportions. Spells of all colors went flying through the air. James was a talented wizard, but it seemed that years of working as a double had made Snape highly anticipatory, able to parry and block most every curse that zoomed toward him.

"You arrogant swine, Potter! I can't be a traitor if I was never your friend to begin with. If you die by any hand then it'll be mine. Avada-"

"No!" The shaking rage had long since consumed Harry, and pulling his wandless magic from inside him, he sent Snape flying in a red blaze. His expulsion of magic also peeled away his Mother's cloaking spell from him and immediately the Death eaters all perked up.

"The boy is still here! The boy is still here!" Quirrell was shrieking.

But Harry cared little for them, his only target was the Uncle who had betrayed him so terribly. As Snape's body crashed through the door into the brain room, Harry was after him in a dead sprint.

Skidding into the room, Harry disarmed Snape has he got dazedly to his feet, blood dripping from his arms and temple where pieces of wooden door were embedded.

"You stupid boy!" Snape seethed darkly, "Do you think you could win a duel with me?"

"I have your wand, don't I?" Harry mocked before a spell hit him in the back, toppling him forward and onto his face. Inside his robes, the prophecy crushed between his body and the ground, and a piercing sting peppered his chest as the shards of glass cut through his skin.

The ghostly voice of Trelawney tinkled through the room while Harry listened in dazed horror. He was dimly aware of Quirrell's victorious giggle. "We got it, Snape! Let's go!" There were a series of pops before his father's voice rang out, reinnervating him.

James turned him around quickly, fear flushing his cheeks as he realised his son's robes were wet with blood.

"I lost it, Dad-" Harry's lamented to his father, shamefully aware that he had been foolish to chase after Snape, "They heard the prophecy."

"It doesn't matter, Harry," James said as Lily joined them, "You're all that matters."

They apparated back to Hogwarts in a hurry. James and Lily immediately carried Harry to the infirmary where Madame Pomprey and Aunt Arulbella were running around tending to the injured students.

"'Arry!" Neville cheered in relief, his nose swollen and purple, "'Arry, you're okay!"

Aunt Arulbella was beside Harry immediately, running her wand over him and slicing cleanly through his robes and shirt to expose the wounded chest beneath. "Madame Pomprey, we need you!" She called.

Lily turned to her husband, "I'll stay, you go back."

James gave a grim nod, grasping Harry's foot as Madame Pomprey leaned over the boy, examining the aching wounds, "Harry, they may still need me – I'll be just a little while."

"No, Prongs. The battle's done." Sirius strode in through the door and without a word walked toward his wife with a purpose. Arulbella stilled and watched him approach with large shimmering eyes. She went limp in his arms as he kissed her deeply and though her knees buckled, Sirius' hands held her tight.

"You almost died!" She sobbed into his kiss.

"What's new?" He joked, smile softening as she began to sob. "Hey, shh, it's okay." He pulled his wife close and kissed her head before his gray eyes focused on Harry. "I'm okay," Sirius stressed and Harry looked away from his Godfather's gaze, the close loss still pulsing through his veins.

"What happened?" Lily asked.

"Well Dumbledore arrived just as you left and all the able bodied Death Eaters shot out of there immediately. Afterall, they got what they were coming for." He glanced at Harry with a worried frown.

"They heard the prophecy?" It was Dumbledore's turn to enter, and an aura of intensity emanated from him. The adrenaline of battle made him fearsome.

Harry nodded pitifully.

The headmaster turned to Madame Pomprey, "Excuse me, Madam Pomprey but could you give us a few moments?"

Madame Pomprey lay the last bandage flush against Harry's chest, "That's fine. You're lucky you were wearing this-" She lifted Harry's Gryffindor Prefect badge, stained with red, "on your shirt and not your robes, it deflected a lot of the glass that shattered against you. Alright, five minutes, that's it Headmaster – he has to rest, he's lost a lot of blood and the medicament on the bandages will knock him out soon."

Once she was in the next aisle, Dumbledore cast a silencing charm on the group.

Lily was first to talk, "Bellatrix lost it when she saw the sword. She screamed about taking things from her vault."

"Ah," A glint of pleasure found it's way into Dumbledore's blue eyes, "Excellent! Just as we postulated. Did the charms on it work well?"

"They worked fine. Just like the real thing – well, almost-" Lily turned the sword around in her hand, "Deflected a cruciatus at least."

"It's a fine copy." Dumbledore nodded, "Forged by trolls themselves."

"Sirius killed Bellatrix." James' statement was met with a respectful silence as everyone regarded Sirius with awe.

"Well, I thought I'd return the favor since she very near sent me to my own grave today. Sorry, Poppa, I know you'd wanted to wait but she was much too dangerous to let the chance I had go to waste."

Dumbledore waved off the apology as his face went contemplative, "No, Sirius, your judgement is always right. Only we'll have to proceed with the plan immediately, before news of her death has spread. Where is Tonks?"

"She's been injured," Sirius shook his head, "Proudfoot took her to St. Mungo's. Lily'll have to stand in."

"For what?" Harry asked, confused.

"That's fine, I practiced with Tonks." Lily returned.

"We'll manage. Kreacher already got what we need, give me a hour to get things together and then we'll make the trip."

"Manage what?!" Harry asked again, more forcefully.

"The medication is kicking in - his speech is slurring." Arulbella noted with a frown, placing a cool hand on Harry's forehead.

"No it isn't!" Harry insisted but even to his ears it sounded like gibberish.

His family was peering over him when he fell into a heavy-headed darkness.

Harry awoke a few hours later just as evening began to fall, the lavender skies casting an ethereal affect in the hospital wing.

"Auntie?" He asked, seeing Arulbella sitting by his side.

"Harry, you're awake!" She smiled, getting to her feet and handing him a goblet of water.

He held the cup but didn't take a sip, his mind still on the information he had heard before passing out, "Where's Mum? What were they planning on doing?"

Arulbella's eyes fluttered a little quickly, her smile nervous. "I think you know, Harry."

"I need to see Poppa. Right now." Harry threw the covers off and swung his legs off the bed, feeling a bit dizzy as he stood.

"Harry, you've had so much trauma today!" Arulbella exclaimed, trying to usher him back into the cot.

Harry smirked, "Then isn't it better I don't get worked up wanting to see my Grandfather?"

The woman caught the glint in his emerald eyes and shook her head, tweaking his ear affectionately. "Definitely your father's son."

They made their way to the Headmaster's office, joined by McGonagall who gave Harry a hug after finding him relatively unharmed.. The three entered in through the gargoyle statue to find Bellatrix Lestrange standing over a seated Dumbledore.

Harry's hand flew to his wand, before realizing he had no idea where it was. His memory zoomed to the nightstand beside his hospital bed and fear thudded his system before McGonagall placed a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"Harry, it's alright."

Bellatrix turned, her wild face relaxed and holding an expression so gentle that Harry would never have been able to imagine her features could set in such a manner. He'd assumed she only had two expressions in repertoire: Crazy and Madly-wickedly-grotesquely-insane. "Harry-Bear, it's me."

He couldn't help it; he recoiled. "Mum?!"

"Polyjuice potion," She explained as Dumbledore waved the three of them inside.

"How? Why?" Harry spluttered, still sauntering around the edges of the room, off put by seeing Bellatrix Lestrange staring at him so … motherly. It wasn't until he saw the black of her eyes fade to a familiar emerald that he relaxed.

"Sirius had Kreacher obtain a hair for us."

Harry got all his needed explanations that night. The deatheaters had staged two simultaneous attacks around wizarding London at the same time as the Ministry raid. The order had been therefore fractioned. James had been one of the first responders toward a besieged Diagon Alley.

Harry's first call had been heard but the Order had been unable to approach. They knew Harry had been at the Ministry, and so they had mobilized but were running around blindly until Harry's second call, in an apparation friendly place had allowed them in.

The numbers were sobering. The Order and Ministry combined had lost 6 wizards. Yet, there was mild victory: Lucius and Bellatrix were dead and Alfred Nott completely incapacitated. Three other Death Eaters were killed, with 6 in captivity.

Tonks had taken a bad hit in the battle and had lost the use of her right leg. Worse yet, it would start spontaneously jimmying like crazy as an after-effect of a jelly-legs jinx mixed with another curse. It was overall tragic, but also somewhat comedic according to Sirius.

The secret expedition had been of course, horcrux related. Dumbledore had assumed Voldemort, with a new toy in the form of the sword of Gryffindor, may have, in a hurry, entrusted his most loyal follower with it. With a lack of hiding places, it seemed possible that perhaps he might have also given her horcrux to hide as Lucius Malfoy had also been in the possession of one. As such, he gave Lily the copy of the sword to try and provoke information from Bellatrix. Dubmledore's gamble paid off, and his hopes surpassed as she had babbled about her Gringott's vault.

Sirius' new friend Kreacher had already been entrusted in obtaining hair from as many Death Eaters as possible, and so Lily polyjuiced as Bellatrix had travelled to Gringott's with Sirius under the pretense that Bellatrix had been taken newly captive by the Ministry. Inside the vault they had found Hufflepuff's cup, just as Hermione had postulated and the blushing girl had been called up the office to congratulate her on her theory.

Harry was confused as to why they hadn't taken the sword as well, but Dumbledore explained that it was not yet a horcrux, and it would be suspicious if it went missing. If Voldemort did try to make it a horcrux, at least they knew what the item would be. As it was, Voldemort seemed not to notice they knew about the horcruxes and therefore was less likely to check up on the Cup.

Sirius and James had destroyed the cup and they were now ever closer to their goal.

Muscled back to the hospital wing that night, Harry slept off the effectes of the healing spells for an entire day. When he woke next, it was night once again and the hospital wing was dark save for a few candles. Across from his bed was Parvati's and at her bedside was a familiar blonde boy.

Getting to his feet and running a hand through tangled black hair, Harry padded over to the Slytherin. He paused, unsure how to start, but Draco broke the silence first, "You seriously stink, have you not showered?"

"Alright, alright." Harry laughed, taking a sniff of his underarm and wincing, "Has she woken up yet?"

Draco shook his head, his gray eyes tired as he glanced away from the girl, "No. He broke two of her ribs and she had internal bleeding," Draco's fingers ran over Parvati's still hand, "Madame Pomprey said she should wake up soon, but she'll be weak for awhile. I told her parents to get some sleep and I'd stay here."

The Patils had been long time family friend of the Potters, and Harry winced at the horror they must have felt upon getting the call to the school. "I saw the whole thing, I tried to help but they cursed me with that confounding body bind. It was awful, poor Parvati." He eyed Draco, "And…how are you?"

The boy shrugged his angled shoulders and let his thumb linger on Parvati's varnished nail, rubbing the smooth surface as if it could provide comfort. "I … I don't know, really. Horrified. Sad. Relieved. I think seeing him hurt her like that … it … it killed any – any hesitation. I just can't believe it's really over and at the same time, it's not how I thought it'd be."

Harry lay a supporting hand on Draco's shoulder.

"Remus wanted to pull me out for a week since he can't enter the school but I couldn't leave Parvati. Sirius is staying here now, to look out for me."

Pulling a chair from Theodore's nearby bedside over, Harry sat down adjacent. "Good, I think he'd be able to understand more than anyone."

"Yeah. ….Did you see the whole thing?"


"Do you ….D'you think that Remus meant what he said?"

He's MY son.

A smile pricked at the corner of Harry's lips, "Yeah, Draco. A hundred percent."

The blonde was quiet for a moment, "It's….strange for me. My father is dead, and it's complicated for me, as you know … but worst of all, it's made me think about losing others. The reality of losing those who … who are just pure good in my life is so bloody terrifying. This family … her … that's what is really killing me right now. You know, never having something seemed somehow easier than the terror that comes with having something good you can lose."

"You might not think I do, but I really do get that," Harry said, remembering the tumultuous emotions he had felt upon arriving in this timeline, "-but think of it this way, having those good people in your life is a privileged position to be in. It gives you something to fight for, something to believe in."

"I'd give my life to protect this family, Harry."

"Me too, Draco. Me too."

The next day the hospital wing was filled with a cacophony of voices once Parvati woke and her parents raised hell over their daughter's state.

"It doesn't matter, Headmaster!" Ratnam Patil roared. A fearsome looking aristocrat, Harry had always found him to a bit awe-inspiring. With his daughter finally conscious and the terror over her well-being ebbed away, the pureblood was angry. And so, all the parents of the injured students gathered as Doctor Patil railed on Dumbledore. "After that loathsome attack a month ago we had our reservations – but now, this! Attacked while on a school outing! How can your supervision be so pathetically lax?!"

McGonagall wrung her hands together, "It is unfortunate, Ratnam, but it's dangerous everywhere! There is not a single place in wizarding England that is safe right now. The assault occurred under Ministry watch and that is something we are looking into."

"Yes," Flitwick tittered nearby, "And to break education now is dangerous. Every single spell learned, every skill gained improves chances of survival. "

"If she can even survive through another day of classes at this school!"

"I will be honest with you, Dr. Patil, we are no longer playing war - we are in a war, and Voldemort's hope is to rule. England will be fair game and out of all of it, Hogwarts is the best protection. There have been breaks, I admit it, and I am deeply sorry, but I will not allow any student to be pulled from here on in."

"Not ALLOW? Albus, you are-"

"Daddy," Parvati said through sobs, "Headmaster Dumbledore is the most powerful wizard alive … and Harry … Harry, is here! Where else would I be safest?"

Harry gave an awkward little wave as Ratnam's eyes fell on him with a gaze that held both hope and concern for him.

"It's true," Alice Longbottom spoke from her wheelchair, looking at the Patils, the Midgens and the Perks. "Out by our lonesome, we do not have the ability to protect our children on our own. As Voldemort becomes more aggressive the Death eaters will not hesitate to use our children as pawns – as ransom. Let's be honest, as purebloods they've already been trying to sway us, haven't they? And you, Missus Midgen – muggleborn, were you? You know as well as I do that your families will be the first hit."

Dumbledore looked grim, "Alice is correct. If there is no resolution, I do plan to keep the residences open during the summer. I make a promise to give the children of this school the best protection possible and that extends to all your families as well. When England falls, we will be the safe zone."

"When?" Mr. Midgen gasped miserably.

"When." Ratnam Patil repeated with understanding.

Parvati's mother sighed, sitting deeply, "These dark days again."

Slughorn, the new head of Slytherin house, gave a gruff stretch, "We have all lived this once before, let us not despair for there is much beauty left in the world. You all have incredible children who fought against death eaters and survived. Think of the strength they have shown and feel hopeful. Now, come, Ratnam, I am eager to hear your thoughts on the latest paper on the potential of Featherbuzz antennae as a catalyst. I know you've collaborated with Professor Migam before." Slughorn smoothly came to the pureblood man's side and pulled him into conversation.

Across the room, Parvati and Harry shared a relieved glance.

That night, though well healed, Harry stayed to watch a round of Wizard's chess between Parvati and Ethan.

The day had been filled with visitors to the wing. It seemed the entirety of Gryffindor tower had come by to see Parvati – not to mention the visitors for each of the other injured students who were still in bed: Sally-Anne, Eloise and Theodore.

"I can't believe how many visitors you got today, Parvati. What's with that? I usually only get a few of you sorry lot." Harry teased as Ethan's rook smashed one of Parvati's.

"That's because you're here so often, no one would ever get any work done if they always came to visit you!" Parvati grinned, her pretty face merry beneath the patchwork of dark bruises that decorated her caramel skin.

Ethan chuckled and sent his brother a glance, "Too right!"

It was then that Hermione whirled into the infirmary, looking rather flushed. "Oh gosh, I'm sorry it took me forever to come by. Are you mad? I had to deal with a bit of issue."

Harry pulled a chair over for Hermione, "Hm? And what was that?"

"Well," Hermione glanced between all their faces and gave a little grimace, "I broke up with Cormac."

"What?! Why?" Parvati gasped just as her queen crushed Ethan's knight. "Are you alright?"

Harry had a horrible feeling that this was about to turn into a conversation that would be wholly uncomfortable for males, but fortunately, Hermione didn't go into much detail and very simply said, "Don't worry, I'm not about to blubber about it, so you can lose the stricken expression, Harry."

She pushed a tuft of curly hair behind her ear and gave the black-haired boy a sharp side-eye before continuing, "I just – well, the breaking point was at dinner – everyone was asking Neville about what happened, and he was telling the story about being tortured by the Death eaters and Cormac … well, Cormac, interrupted to put his own two knuts in about tactics that Nogtails use while being hunted. Can you believe that? Neville just suffered such an ordeal and Cormac felt it appropriate to compare him to a NOGTAIL?" She made a little screech of frustration, "- what a cretin."

Harry felt a surge of hot anger remembering well the bravery Neville had displayed in the face of such terror. The thought of someone trivializing something like that was rage inducing.

"At least you don't need to listen to his blathering stories anymore," Ethan offered, "But you know, initially you feel liberated through anger – but tomorrow, you'll feel a bit mournful."

"I know," Hermione relented, "He was a good snogger." She met Parvati's eyes and the two dissolved in altogether similar giggles as Harry rolled his eyes.

"Er, excuse me?"

The group turned to find a young Ravenclaw with scraggly blonde hair staring at them.

"Yes?" Hermione asked kindly.

"Hermione Granger…. your cat snuck into a suit of armor in the Ravenclaw commons and won't come out. I was sent to find you."

Ethan stared at the girl with a scrunched up brow, "Alright, Lovegood?"

Her dizzy blue eyes fell onto the redhead. "Hello, Ethan. Blue nosed Featherbuzzes!" She blurted abruptly and everyone shared a glance before Hermione got to her feet.

"Oh grief, Crookshanks, I'd better go. I'll see you boys back at the dorms, okay?"

As the two girls left, Ethan gave an odd little chuckle.


"Luna Lovegood, she's –"

"Loony?" Parvati supplemented, before looking a little ashamed of herself, "I mean … well, that wasn't nice of me -"

"No, but she is … different, to say the least. Ginny was probably the only person in our year who'd put up with her spiels. But, still, knowing all that – she was super strange just then."

"Yeah, why did she just blurt out 'Blue nosed featherbuzzes'?" Harry asked.

"Harry, that was run of the mill for her – it was everything else that was weird." Ethan laughed and the game of Wizard's Chess began once more.

Shortly after Hermione had left, the only other visitor in the hospital wing, Melissa Runcorn got up to leave as well. A slender Hufflepuff with a long face and bouncy brown hair, some would consider her pretty, but there was something about her face that reminded Harry of a potato. She waved at the others in acknowledgement, having spent the last few hours at Theodore's bedside.

"I wonder if she fancies him?" Parvati had wondered, "We should mention her visits to him once he wakes up."

The children chatted for a hour longer before Madame Pomprey quite tactfully turned all the lanterns in the hospital wing off, leaving them in relative darkness.

"Well, I guess that's good night," Ethan laughed, "Harry, are you staying here?"

"No, I'll come back to the tower."

"Could you check on Draco before you go to bed? He should be with Sirius –" Parvati requested tentatively, reaching out and grasping Harry's hand.

"I will. Rest up." Harry squeezed her hand kindly before both brothers gathered their things and left the wing.

Sirius and Arulbella were staying in the Lupins' old suite of rooms and so after a few staircases and a couple of left turns, the boys were almost there when they heard voices.

Curiously, Harry peered around a corner to find a grim looking Ron and Dean carrying the unconscious body of a female between them.

"Oi, what's happened?!"

The redhead turned to see Harry and shook his head in bewilderment, "Harry, I'm so happy to see you - I think we've gotten ourselves into a predicament."

Dean's handsome face was a bit wild as he blinked at the two brothers, "I mean, I didn't know – she told me Ginny needed some help so I followed her and then the mad bugger body bound me and pulled a knife out!"

"He was lucky I found them on my rounds – she'd just started cutting into his arm – we need to get her to the hospital wing and Dumbledore immediately."

"-Hissing about me being a Mudblood – she slashed my arm and-"

"Harry," Ethan interrupted urgently, "Harry, that's Luna!"

Emerald eyes swung to unconscious attacker, and sure enough, the pale smooth skin and not quite curly blonde hair of the Quibbler heiress was obvious.

"Merlin, she left with Hermione hours ago-" His tongue felt like sandpaper, and not stopping to watch the blood drain from Ron's face, Harry ran toward his parents' suite.

Bellowing the password at the Owl portrait, he rushed in. Inside, his Father jumped to his feet in shock, and extended his wand before dropping it down as he saw his son, "Harry?"

"Where's the Marauder's Map?" Harry demanded.

"Harry, what's happened?"

"DAD! WHERE'S THE MAP!?" Harry never usually dared to raise his voice at his father, but panic had overridden his system. All he could think of was his best friend, her enthusiastic and caring nature and the blood that dripped from Dean's arm.

James blinked curiously at his son for a moment before he turned and unlocked the drawer to his desk. Pulling the parchment out he handed it to the boy wordlessly. Fumbling with his wand, Harry made the solemn swear and swept his eyes over the blooming map.

There was Ethan and Dean, still with Luna and moving quickly toward the hospital wing, Ron; pacing back and forth outside the suite, and finally, Hermione.

In Dumbledore's office with the Headmaster himself.

His lungs felt as if they could burst with relief. A gasp left his lips and Harry stumbled back as if drunk.

"What was it, Pronglet?"

"Hermione … This girl left with her earlier and then we found out she'd attacked Dean – I …"

James leaned over Harry to see the map and nodded. "Mischief Managed." Folding the map and placing it back into the drawer, he patted his son's shoulder, "Come on then, let's see what's happened."

Once they had let Ron in and confirmed that Hermione was not dead or immobile, the three headed toward Dumbledore's office. Inside, they found the Headmaster looking very grim as he spoke to the girl.

Hermione turned to face them and immediately, Harry knew something had happened to her. She was as pale as a sheet of parchment, and her eyes were puffy and red.

"Hermione?" Ron strode across the room, "Hermione, thank Merlin you're okay. Luna Lovegood attacked Dean and then Harry said you'd been with her –"

It looked as if Ron would embrace the girl, but instead of accepting the hug, she flinched away, holding her right arm as if it was injured.


"What did she do to Dean?" Hermione demanded, looking back and forth between Dumbledore and Ron, "I was too late, oh God, it's all my fault-"

"Miss Granger, it is not your fault."

"She tried to slash at him with a knife, I stumbled across before she could do any real damage. Hermione, what happened?"

There was a type of miserable humor that tilted Hermione's lips, "She wasn't trying to slash at him." The Gryffindor dropped her right arm to her side, showing the bloodstained white sleeves of her uniform. "She was trying to mark him-"

Pulling the sleeve up with a wince, Hermione showed them her forearm. There, still bright red with fresh blood though clotting spells had obviously been cast, was the brutal carving: Mudblood.

To be Continued….

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