"If he's crazy, what does that make me?"

~ Angel McMurphy

~Before You Start Reading You Should Know...~

Randle Patrick McMurphy had some fun with his "girlfriend's" friend that one night at the hospital. When Billy was with Candy, Mack took to Sandy Gilfillian and well you can only guess what happened right? Well big shocker, no protection was used and Sandy got pregnant. Ofcourse Sandy being a "christian" -cough- gets money from government if she has a kid -cough- did not get an abortion and had the kid and named it a stupid name, "Angel". Welcome to my world. Yeah another big surprise not only am I Angel McMurphy, but this story is about me. Hooray...

So like I said above, thats how I came into this great world of intelligence and understanding, ha. I grew up till the age I am now, 16, in Oregon. It's now 1991 and I ofcourse being "like my father" my mom says, I've gotten myself into trouble and landed in a friggin' mental institute. Ha, lucky me right? Yeah, so some how everyone here knows my dad but they call him Mack for some reason. There's also a couple old dudes who say they actually were friends with my dad but they're crazy. They go on about boats and baseball and random shit like that. Oh one more thing I forgot, I'm stuck here for about two years before I'm allowed to even bail out.

Hey, heh heh wanna know what I did?

Randle's Angel


"So it's just like I said before Doc, either your gonna take me in or not." I said leaning back in the uncomfortable wooden chair. One of those crappy ones that are completely wooden with a piece of fabric on the seat and the back to look like it's comfortable but it feels like your leaning against the bark of a tree. I picked up my feet and slid them under my butt, I had a tendency to do that on uncomfortable chairs or benches. Something I was scolded by society for doing, which is completely stupid for people to care about the way I sit rather than more important things. Of course I got a look from the woman sitting infront of me.

The woman's name was Dr. Lynn she was in her mid-thirties and very 'serious' looking. With black hair pulled back into a tight bun, an expensive suit with her precious ID tag, her freshly french manicured nails on her tan hands and she completed the look with librarian-esc glasses. We were sitting in her boring grey office, now I give her credit she tried to make it less harsh looking with it's grey walls she had pictures of kittens and flowers and she had a few plants on the dark wooden shelves and desks. It was a small office, I mean for an institute you'd think they're offices would be the size of a double wide trailer's living room and kitchen but no this office was the size of a double wide's bedroom and not the master.

"Miss Gilfillian-" "My name is McMurphy, Doc." she raised her brow at me and I gave a small careless shrug back at her in a reply. "Miss McMurphy...we would take you in except you havn't passed the test to be allowed to stay with the patients or in solitary confinement." I sat up at that. "Woah woah woah, what test? I never heard of any tests. Since when do I have to take a test? What is this elementry?" I folded my arms and sat back in my uncomfortable chair. God I hated these types of chairs. "Miss McMurphy you were told before entering this office that your conversation with me was a test to get the priveledge to stay with other patients." I rolled my eyes in a reply. "As annoying as you are I don't find you as a large threat to anyone as of right now. I'll let you stay with a few others but you'll be watched closely." I again shrugged in reply "Your the Doc, Doc." I glanced over at an annoying cuckoo clock on the wall of her office, god cuckoo birds could a more annoying bird possibly come to existence than the cuckoo??

"Miss McMurphy!" snapped while slapping a few papers in her hand onto her desk. I gave a slight jump at the unexpected loud noise, sat up and looked at her almost owl-like then raised an annoyed brow. "Yeah?" "Would you kindly pay attention to the conversation, please?" I gave an annoyed glare twards her while leaning back again re-crossing my arms. "Okie dokie..." I replied coldly gazing over at a shiny crystal dolphin that sat on one of her shelves. "I'm listening..." She sat back a bit herself then brought the back of her hand to her four head with a sigh. She put her hand back to the desk in a gentle fist and gave a small roll of the eyes with yet another sigh as if thinking something over. "I shouldn't do this but...your in." She scribbled something down on one of the many papers. I turned and looked at her, seeing my own reflection in her glasses. "Well Miss McMurphy, welcome to Oregon's State Hospital." she said with a half smile. I gave a dramatic roll of the head back at her. "Golly gee, thanks ever so Doc." I then snatched the papers she held out for me.

As I stood and walked to the door with my papers, the door opened with two guards. Both male, one holding a straitjacket. Dr. Lynn then gave a slight "Ahem" I turned and looked at her out of the corner of my eyes. "Don't get too happy about it yet Angel..." she replied with a look that read touché. I gave a smirk back then turned to the guards. "Well, come on. I'm gettin' cold." I said holding out my arms like Frankenstein. They looked at me confused. I rolled my eyes along with releasing "Ugh, the jacket come on. If your gonna buckle me up do it quickly!" As the guards came over and started with the jacket I could only think to myself. Come on Angel play this up good and maybe they'll give you your own room. I gave a determined smile at my thoughts. "Heh heh." I let out not realizing until a guard raised a brow at me.

Okay so that was just the prologue, not the first chapter. So please give me feedback on how it is. I probably have a few spelling errors because I suck at spelling so, ha thanks for reading though! ^-^