Family is Everything

Disclaimer: While I love the books, if I owned the rights to them, the story would have been different.

Author Note: This story is AU and SLASH. If you do not like either of those two then please find another story to read. While this is slash there will not be any overly graphic sex scenes. I do not yet have a beta but I am looking if someone would like to volunteer. This is my first published fic so please be kind and do not flame. I am very open to opinions and criticisms as long as they are constructive. If you see an error please tell me where. I am not the best when it comes to leaving reviews but I ask that those that can, do. And no I will never hold a chapter hostage for lack of reviews. I won't promise a schedule for posting since I have 3 children at home but I will try to post once a week if not more often. It all depends on our schedule.

Summary: The war is over and Harry is starting his life with Severus and Lucius. The arrival of his godson changes his perspective on the men in his life causing him to flee the country. 12 years later, after the death of his husband, he returns with a few surprises in tow. SLASH HP/SS/LM, HP/OC, HP/SS. Ignores HBP and DH.

Important Story Notes:

Lucius turned spy after The Chamber of Secrets when he realized what the diary was. His motives for the diary incident were due to the feud between his family and the Weasleys not to bring back the Dark Lord.

Draco was sent out of the country as soon as he turned 17 to spare him from the war as much as possible.

Lucius and Severus have been in a relationship since Lucius turned spy and divorced his wife. For two years they struggled with their attraction to Harry and finally formed a triad after the Dark Lord's defeat.

Eighteen year old Harry Potter slowly walked up the path from Hogsmeade to Hogwarts. As he did he surveyed the clean up and construction taking place all over the grounds. Wizards, witches, house-elves and all manner of other creatures worked together for the second time in centuries to achieve a common goal, returning the beautiful grounds of Hogwarts to the way they used to be. The way the grounds looked before the final battle that had taken place just one month before.

Harry was saddened by the damage that he could see in every direction he looked. His first and only home had been destroyed that night. While true that it did still stand and was still inhabitable in parts, many other parts would need to be replaced. Gryffindor tower had been reduced to rubble, the headmasters' as well. Hagrid's hut was burned to the ground. The stables were demolished allowing some of Hagrid's animals to run free. Harry gave a quiet chuckle watching Charlie Weasley and a few of his dragon handler friends running around trying to subdue the two griffins that had attempted to make their home in the middle of the lake. Of course the giant squid was not helping matters, what with swinging it's tentacles at the poor handlers every time they got too close.

Turning a little further towards the castle his eyes fell upon the memorial that had been built to commemorate those that fell during the battle. While the numbers were fairly low for the light side, they were devastating to Harry. While Harry stood between Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy, performing the spell that would permanently send the Dark Lord to hell, all around him his friends and family were falling in battle. Some never to get up again.

Of the Weasley's only Charlie, Bill, and George survived. If you can call it surviving. Charlie had only minor injuries that healed quickly. Bill had been mauled by Greyback and while he wasn't a full werewolf, he would never be the same again. Scars marred his once handsome face and his personality was a little more wolfish even if he would never actually transform. George was, in a way, the worst injured. Not only did he lose his left leg to a severing hex, in a sense he lost his right arm as well. His twin. Fred was felled by an Avada Kedavra shot at his back by the bitch Bellatrix. The loss of his twin had sent George into a horrible depression leaving him locked in St. Mungos on suicide watch.

Poor Ron had died pushing Hermione out of the way of a dark arts spell that ended up slicing him completely through across the chest. Unfortunately he didn't succeed in saving Hermione as the spell clipped her neck severing an artery. She bled out before anyone realized she was even injured.

Molly, Arthur, and Ginny died while protecting the younger years that were hidden in the Room of Requirements. Evidently the magic of the room was no match for the club of a giant being swung at the castle walls. The back wall of the room exploded with debris flying everywhere killing the three Weasleys and fifteen children between the ages of eleven and fourteen.

Perhaps the toughest blow to the family was the death of Percy. It was not his death that hurt, it was the ugly black skull and snake tattoo that was discovered on his left forearm peeking out from his torn and tattered robs.

A little stirring and soft whimper brought Harry's attention to the small bundle in his arms. Looking at the two month old infant brought tears to his eyes. He remembered very well the day that Remus and Tonks told him they were expecting and asked him to be the child's godfather. He was overjoyed and swore he would be the best godfather any child could ever ask for. Through out the pregnancy, Tonks stayed with her parents under a fidelius charm. Remus and Harry begged her to stay there after little Teddy was born and for awhile she did. Increasing worry for her husband pushed her to leave her newborn son with his grandparents and join Remus to prepare for battle.

Teddy was only 4 weeks old on the night of the final battle. The night he became an orphan. Remus had fallen to a stunner thrown by Dolohov and was chained with silver to a tree in an attempt to draw Harry out. Tonks was so distraught over her husband's condition she did not realize she was running into a trap as she ran to try and free him. Dolohov was about to stun her when he realized the trap was no longer needed as Harry was already battling the Dark Lord. Instead he disillusioned himself and allowed Tonks to attempt to free her love. While she was undoing the chains, Dolohov walked up behind her stabbing her through the heart with a silver sword he had transfigured from a tree limb. That one swing was all it took to orphan young Teddy as the blade didn't stop and continued on to impale Remus as well.

When the battle was over, Harry spent many hours comforting those that lost loved ones and seeing that the injured were tended. Finally; on the verge of collapse, Severus and Lucius, both of which had been spies for years, picked up the battle worn young man and carried him to their rooms in the dungeons. Thankfully, one level of the castle that was mostly unharmed. Cradled in between the two men he once despised, he allowed them to strip him down and together the three climbed into the shower to wash of the blood and grim from the night. After a long hot shower, they helped the younger man into some clean pajama bottoms and took turns treating each other's wounds. As they climbed in bed together Harry noticed something different about Severus' arm. Looking to Lucius he saw the same thing. The dark mark was gone. "You're free." Harry whispered, "You're finally free." Lucius looked at his arm, only just now realizing that his pale skin was completely bare for the first time in twenty years. "No Love," Lucius said, "We're all free." And with that the three men fell into a peaceful sleep for the first time in many years. Safe in the knowledge that the Dark Lord was gone for good and they were free to finally be together.

That night was the first of many that the three spent together. After fighting the attraction for two years, they finally gave in and allowed themselves to be truly happy. Plans were being made to remodel Malfoy Manor to make it more fitting to the triad as neither Spinners End nor Grimmuald Place were acceptable for them to live in. Both Severus and Harry saw them as prisons not homes.

Last night Harry received an owl from Andromeda asking him to come see her as soon as possible regarding custody of Teddy. Harry was thrilled to be able to have the chance to raise his godson and promptly told Lucius that they would need to remodel a room into a nursery near the master bedroom so that Harry would be close if the baby woke in the middle of the night. Lucius' already pale skin seemed to pale further at this comment. "I thought Theodore was perfectly fine being raised by Andromeda," said Lucius. Harry gave him an odd look and replied, "Well, of course he's fine being raised there for now but Andy is getting old and even though she loves Teddy, she's not in any condition to be permanently raising a child. Besides, he's my godson and I intend to raise him." Harry turned his back to get a drink and didn't see the glare aimed at him from Lucius or the look of concern that Severus sent the older man. Just then a knock sounded at the door pulling all of their thoughts to the headmaster and the rebuilding of the school.

Harry pulled himself out of his thoughts and smiled down at the little one in his arms peering around him. "I wish that it was your parents raising you with me visiting on the weekends to spoil you rotten but I promise we'll have a good life together. I'm going to raise you with all the love that I never had as a child and you will never truly want for anything. Come on little man, I think it's time to introduce you properly to the two men that are going to help me raise you."

Harry was speaking softly to Teddy when he came upon the portrait hiding the entrance to Severus' quarters. He was about to speak the password when he heard yelling from inside. He paused to listen to see what he was about to walk into.

"I don't care Severus; I've done my duty and given an heir to my family name. I will not raise another child!"

"Lucius, please, you must see this from Harry's point of view. Teddy is the only family he has left. Family is everything to him. You can not just ask him to walk away from the responsibility he has to the child. Besides he is young. You should know by now that he would want to have children. It's always been a dream of his to have a big family. How can you ask him to give up his dream because you don't want it?"

"It's easy; I will not raise that half-breed. And I will not be having anymore children. Either he realizes that or he has no part in my future."

"Lucius, please, be reasonable."

"No. I've made my decision and now you must make yours. Do you stand by me in this, or do you throw away a 6 year relationship over Harry?"

"I love you Lucius and I don't want to lose you…"

Harry didn't wait around to hear anymore. With tears streaming down his face he bolted out of the dungeons as fast as he could. He didn't stop running until he reached Professor Dumbledore's new office near the Great Hall. Panting, crying, and trying to sooth the now terrified infant, he pounded on the office door.

"Harry my boy, has something happened? Are you alright?"

"Albus, may we come in? I need to speak with you urgently."

Albus looked into those startling green eyes filled with pain as the tears streaked down Harry's face. "Come in my son, come in."