Family is Everything

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Summary: The war is over and Harry is starting his life with Severus and Lucius. The arrival of his godson changes his perspective on the men in his life causing him to flee the country. 12 years later, after the death of his husband, he returns with a few surprises in tow. SLASH HP/SS/LM, HP/OC, HP/SS. Ignores HBP and DH. AU/OOC MPREG

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"And now Ladies and Gentlemen; the Minister of Magic would like to say a few words."

A tall woman with long black hair and brilliant green eyes, rose from the first row of seats and made her way up onto the stage.

"Thank you Headmaster."

"Lyn, how many times must I tell you not to call me Headmaster? I'm your brother for crying out loud!"

A slight smile graced the woman's face as she replied, "At least once more, Theodore."

Theodore attempted to glare at his sister for her sass. However; growing up observing the glares of Severus Snape made his appear weak.

"As usual I had a full speech prepared. However; standing here, preparing to give it, it seems completely inadequate. So instead, I'm just going to speak from my heart.

Severus Snape was a very intense and complicated man. He was born January 9, 1960 to Eileen Prince and Tobias Snape. He graduated from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1978 and was quick to return two years later as a Potion Master and the new head of Slytherin house.

Around this time, his life turned dark. Reeling from the loss of his friendship with my grandmother and determined to never again be subjected to the cruelty that he suffered at the hands of my own grandfather and great uncles; he joined the Death Eater ranks. Fortunately; he saw the error of his ways when my grandparents were killed. He turned towards the light and spent the next 17 years as a double agent working to bring down the Dark Lord Voldemort.

Near the end of the war; he spent every free moment he had training Harry Potter for the final battle. During that time, the animosity between the two turned to friendship and eventually love. Unfortunately; fate had her own twist to throw in. A month after the final battle, Harry overheard part of a conversation which resulted in him leaving the country. It would take twelve years and the death of Harry's husband to bring the two back together.

Severus was very patient and after many months, his patience paid off and he was rewarded with Harry asking him out on a date. I remember him holding me on his lap and telling me stories of their first few dates.

From the tales he told, their first date was absolutely hilarious. Harry was so nervous. He'd planned the whole thing to be completely sweet and romantic. Unfortunately, it completely backfired. The restaurant he'd chosen was owned by a wizard that had long had a crush on Severus. Throughout the entire meal he was flirting with Severus, driving Harry's jealousy higher and higher. He was practically fuming by the time they finally left.

Not to be deterred from his game plan, Harry proceeded to take Severus for a romantic walk around the Black Lake. They had stopped along the edge of the lake and kissed. I'm sure it was very sweet and romantic; however, when they pulled apart, Harry leaned too far back and both went tumbling into the lake. Severus came up spluttering and fuming. He told me that he was about to start ranting at Harry for his clumsiness but when he looked at him, Harry was smacking himself trying to get rid of the leeches that had somehow managed to get underneath of his robes. Severus found the whole thing hilarious and after helping Harry out of the lake, and freeing him of the leeches, proceeded to snog him senseless."

Lyn paused when a few people in the crowd chuckled over the story.

"To Severus, his family was everything. After dating for 8 months, Severus proposed to Harry on the anniversary of the day they first gave into their feelings for each other. I asked him once why he chose that day to propose and he told me that it was the anniversary of the day his life changed forever.

Even as a little girl, the story of his proposal brought tears to my eyes. When I was older, he told me that he had borrowed the idea from a movie that Grandma Minnie and Grandpa Albus forced him to endure. He started the day with sending Harry an owl at breakfast with a clue to follow. The clue led him through parts of the school that were important to Harry's past. The Fat Lady painting in front of the entrance to the Gryffindor dorms. The third floor corridor that led to the room where the Sorcerer's Stone was hidden. Moaning Myrtle's bathroom that hides the entrance to the Chamber of Secret's. The Whomping Willow that leads to the Shrieking Shack. The docks of the Black Lake where the second tasks of the Triwizard Tournament took place. The Room of Requirement where the DA meetings were held. The Astronomy tower where Grandpa Albus faked his death. The Potion's classroom where the two practiced dueling and finally to Severus' old chambers.

It took Harry the entire day to travel down memory lane and into the now empty teacher's quarters. Except this time it wasn't empty. Sitting in the middle of the living room was a giant gift wrapped box, about 5 feet tall. Concealed in a corner hidden under a disillusionment charm was Severus watching the scene unfold. He said, Harry stared at the box in wonder for a moment before he saw a tag with his name on it. Opening the box he was perplexed to find another box about 3 ½ feet tall. Again he opened the box bewildered when he again found another box. Ripping through the wrapping paper and digging through the boxes he went through 4 more boxes before ending up with one that looked like a ring box that was more fitting for a dollhouse, it was so small. As soon as he held the tiny box in his bare hand, it re-sized to the size of a normal ring box. Harry stared at the box for a few minutes with tears in his eyes before he opened it to find... it was empty!

Severus watched the entire thing from the corner and couldn't help coming out from under his spell when he saw Harry's face fall. Holding a ring in his hand, he walked up behind Harry and whispered 'You have to say yes first.' And of course, we all know he said yes. They were married six months later.

Yet again, Fate had a twist to throw in. Although, according to a letter Harry had written to Severus, he knew it was coming. They had only been married three months when it was discovered that Harry was pregnant. A truly joyous event. From what everyone has ever told me, Severus took being an anxious expectant father to an extreme. Although no one could blame him. Even though this was their fifth child, this was the first pregnancy that Severus had been present for. Six months later, during final exams, Severus received word that Harry had gone into labor. He was so excited and worked up that he completely forgot about his students and ran straight to the hospital wing. Three hours later they welcomed their youngest and final child to the family. Mer-lyn Lily Snape. Within minutes, tragedy struck. Severus would never tell me what happened next. He said it just hurt too much. When I was in my sixth year at Hogwarts, I convinced Grandma Minnie to tell me.

After the baby was born, Harry held his newborn daughter and told her how much he loved her before Severus took her away to be cleaned up and checked over. The Healer was cleaning up and healing Harry from the delivery when the slight bleeding turned into a hemorrhage. Within 15 minutes, the joyous birth of a baby turned into the grief from the loss of a loved one. Two days later, Lord Harry Potter-Black-Dumbledore-Burtram-Snape was laid to rest. From what everyone has told me, Severus was inconsolable after the loss of his husband. He couldn't even look at any of his children. He locked himself in a private room in the hospital wing and held his husband. Finally, Grandpa Albus came to him with a letter that Harry had left in his care.

It wasn't until recently that I learned what was in that letter. Harry knew that he was going to die when their daughter was born. His letter said that he had known before they had even started dating that he would die after having one more child. He chose not to tell Severus feeling that it wasn't fair for them both to be weighed down by the knowledge of the future. He also was afraid that Severus would do what he could to prevent a pregnancy just so he could not lose his husband. Harry, however, claimed to know how important that child was to the future. He knew their child was going to change the world. And I have to say, I think she's done a damn fine job of it."

Chuckles could be heard throughout the hall at that last statement.

"Harry went on to tell his husband how important it was for Severus to continue to be a good father to all their children and to never blame the baby for his death. It was Severus' responsibility to turn them into the strong witches and wizards that Harry knew they would be. Harry had done his part, and now it was Severus' turn to do what Fate required of them. Harry knew that they would meet again and have a long happy life together. Later that evening, Severus curled up in the bed he shared with his husband, this time sharing it with their five children.

Severus had always tried to help his children in any way he could; however, the death of his husband seemed to push him even more to be involved in their lives. He even gave up his post as Head of Slytherin stating that it was more important for him to be there for his children. He was proud of all of his children. He regularly boasted that he was the only parent that could claim that all his children had graduated as Head Boy or Girl and as top of their year straight across the board. Of course, it did get a little sticky when Teddy, Anemone and Altair all qualified for those distinctions at the same time. Just another reason for him to brag since at no other time in history has there been two Head Boys or three valedictorians.

Once all of his children graduated, he retired from teaching and opened a small apothecary. This business allowed him to continue with his passion for potions while still allowing him time to spend with his grandchildren. And in case you didn't know, he has more than a few of those. Twenty-three in fact. Fourteen boys and nine girls that despite his arguments to the contrary, he spoiled rotten. Four of them are well on the way to surpassing him in the field of potions.

After I became the first ever female Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards, he confided in me that he never thought he would live to see the day that our world would be at peace. He was certain that he would die at the end of a dark witch or wizards wand. Instead, he passed away peacefully in his sleep, in his own bed, surrounded by his numerous family and friends. His final words to us were, 'Take care of each other, be there for each other, love each other. A peaceful existence is a wonderful thing; however, it pales in comparison to the gift of family. Nothing should be more important than that gift. You all have shown me that. You've shown me that family is everything and it has been an honor to know and love each and every one of you.'

Like he said, family is everything. And that is what he was to me. He was my father and I will miss him dearly. However; I know he taught me all that I need to know to make this world into the utopia it should be. I also know that he is happy now. I can just imagine him standing behind my dad with his hands wrapped around him, watching over all of us with great love and pride.

While I can not say it is a pleasure, because it is the farthest thing from it, I will say it is with my own great pride and love that I stand before you today to help usher my father onto the next great adventure. I would ask that you all rise and raise your wands to the sky."

The massive crowd that filled the Great Hall to capacity raised their wands to the sky with a cry of "Tutus ad alteram vitam."

Mer-lyn Lily Snape; Minister of Magic, Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, and Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards walked off the stage and down to the casket that stood in front of the crowd. Reverently running her hand over the smooth marble surface before placing a kiss upon it's lid.

"Good-bye father. Tell dad that I love him. I hope that your next life is the peaceful and love filled one that you were promised."

Lyn joined her siblings Teddy, Anemone, Altair and Siria as they raised their wands and levitated their father's casket outside where he would be buried along side their dad, Grandpa Albus and Grandma Minnie.


Two first year boys sat talking quietly in a compartment aboard the Hogwarts Express. They were both eleven years old. The slightly taller one had blond hair and blue eyes. The other, black hair and blazing green eyes. They were both getting anxious as the train was about to leave.

"What if he's not here? Maybe we were wrong and he's not going to be here?"

"Have some faith. He'll be here."

"But what if he's not?"

The other boy did not have the opportunity to respond as just then the door to the compartment slid open. They looked up and spotted the black haired, black eyed boy that had just walked in. The two already in the compartment glanced at each other before grins spread across both their faces. The smaller boy was the first to speak.

"Sure took you long enough."

"Yeah, he was certain you were going to stand us up."

The black eyed boy gave them both a slight smirk.

"Now why would I do that? I just wanted to make you sweat a little, my loves."

The boys were happy to finally be together at last. They had been through so much in the past and now they were getting the life that had been promised to them. Surprisingly, contrary to what should have happened, they knew exactly who each other where and what had happened to bring them where they were today.

The Blue eyed boy spoke up, "I'm Marcus by the way. Marcus Fletchley and this green eyed beauty is Orion Malfoy."

"Godric. Godric Westwood."

The other two boys could not help but laugh.

"Your parents named you Godric? The ultimate Slytherin is named Godric?"

"Yes, yes, laugh it up guys. It's just hilarious. At least the different houses were abolished when Teddy became Headmaster. I think I would truly die of embarrassment if I was sorted into Gryffindor."

Orion walked up to Godric and wrapped his arms around him.

"I'm sorry for laughing at you but you do have to admit it is hilarious. Regardless. It doesn't matter to me what your name is. Just that we are all three here together with no destiny carved out for us that will keep us apart."

"Very true. Come. Let's sit and you can tell me about your lives up until this point. We've got a long ride to the school and tons to catch up on."

With that, the three boys sat down and began to tell each other everything that had occurred in their lives since they decided it was time to be reincarnated nearly twelve years before. They did not know what was going to happen to them during their lives. All they knew was that they had each other and the fates had promised them that nothing was going to tear them apart again.



Tutus ad alteram vitam – Safe passage into the next life.

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