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Human as of now

Words: 307

First off, let's get things straight.


I am only a fan that loves her characters.

The only thing I own is this story line, but she holds all rights to the characters and to Twilight.

This disclaimer goes to the whole story


On to the prologue…

In Like Flynn - taking instant advantage of any chance opportunity.

The wind skips and the butterfly's fly on April 23, 2002.

This is wrong.

His hand glides from my shoulder, down my side and to my hip. He lays it here and it's a perfect fit; a handcuff without restraint. I lean into him more, breathing in his scent of kitchen, sports and just a pinch of garage. He is my choice. He is my reason for waking up in the morning and who I want to see when I close my eyes at night. He is my everything and nothing less. He squeezes my hip and my body relaxes deeper into him. He is firm against me, and I feel safe.

This is a lie.

His lips touch my head and I feel my smile grow as it always does. Our family will be beautiful and perfect, I can already tell. Who else could ever make me feel this alive without lifting a finger? My eyes flutter closed as I imagine are children growing and playing. I picture this sunset that gave us this arena, this ball of light that helped us find each other. In the distance the bright light falls but the warmth and radiance of it stays for just a while. Only a while.

This isn't fair.

There is magic in the air. The world is full of life even in the dark. If one looks close enough they just my see it twinkles shyly against the now mysterious world. I reach up with closed eyes and kiss that perfect spot on his neck. He silently shutters and tucks me in with the tip of his chin. His breath against my loose blond hair tickles in the most delightful way. I don't want the feeling to ever stop. Then, he chooses his words and whispers to me softly, "goodbye."

This is life.

So...I don't want any flames. You can't force someone to write when the feeling isn't there, mk? I just thought I'd get that out there since I haven't updated anything in...a while. On to the legit stuff.

I've been playing alone with this idea for a while. I didn't want to give to much away to soon because let's face it--where's the fun in that? This story won't be poet (okay, most likely), I was just feeling this. It is not edited and I am sorry. it is a 11:57 pm and I have school in the morning.

Okay, sorry---ADD kid. So, story is going to mainly center around Emmett and Rosalie with appearences from the others (with their respected others might I add). I don't totally agree with an Emmett/Bella type thing. It just isn't the same. So if someone else get's involved with, ya know, another character or something...it will be a new person. Or something like that. *cough*cough*

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For real though---I'm really excited for this story. And I'm happy my dry spell is coming to an end. I've missed this so much and I hope you will give me a chance to show you this story that I want to tell.

I love you! Thank for reading!