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Ranma 1/2: Cyclopean Structure Vol. 1-Destiny Lost

"Had I not known that I was dead


"I would have mourned

"The loss

"Of my Life."

-Ota Dokan

---Phoenix Mountain, China---

Choiler sagged against the elastic bound that left him suspended three feet off the ground. He ate very little of what the guards gave him, as did the other prisoners hung around him, the cavern reeked with the stench of sulfur, sweat, and excrement. The remains of the children massacred while still in the shell have begun to stink. They had been up for a long time, centuries he felt had passed as the steady stink of decaying flesh permeated the air. It must not have been so long, Saffron had only given the Guardian 72 hours to defeat him, it must be the second day by now, or perhaps a shift in time had occurred to lengthen the minutes. Either one way or another, the three girls hanging beside him seemed in far worse shape than he, the youngest whom Ranma had fought for before was the worst.

The girl's mind had been shattered, burst into thousands of dimensions and never holding true to one for more than an instant. Obscenities streamed from her tongue like water and the tears that came soon afterward were worse, the rapid shifting of emotion must have been tearing the poor girl apart. Choiler's chin sank back into the graying plumage of his chest, a weary sigh for the lost sanity of the world escaping his lips. The age old times were coming around once more to put mere mortals in their place, they were breaking free from the bindings the Elder Gods placed upon them. Soon the world would be shattered by the startling revelation of the cosmos and the ordinary person would be driven mad by the singing of their blood. The Great Old Ones would break free and command their world again or perhaps move on to more venerable pastures.

The Guardian was the only one who could save their poor Earth from insanity, only he could grasp the siren in his blood and conquer it to save the cosmos at large from the threat of extraterrestrial beings. Perhaps the Great Old Ones were mere insignificant specks upon the face of the galaxy themselves which threw his mind into a dervish of threats and beings far worse and much more powerful than before. Choiler listened as the youngest began another of her rants, every obscenity punctuated by the sobbing of the eldest. [Come savior, some and dispel the fires of Cthugua!]

---Tokyo Haneda Airport---

Nodoka Saotome was a woman of means, her family's samurai blood ran deep in the area and she was able to procure a personal airplane without too much trouble, especially considering the massacre of the Kuno family and Genma's death at the hands of Divus, new seneschal of Phoenix Mountain. The wounded and weak Kiima had told them of his treachery and unsavory habits, further proof she said of Saffron's growing madness. Her lord was ruined in mind and body, she feared Choiler captured as no messenger birds arrived bearing his ancient seal. Timing was everything if the group wished to save the Tendo daughters. Nodoka's eyes swept across the interior at the commando team they had managed to assemble.

Shampoo and Mousse sat across from each other, both staring frightfully at Ranma as he sat cross-legged meditating. Ukyo sharpened her spatula as Tsubasa and Konatsu glared at each other across the aisle, the jealousy potent in the surrounding air. Cologne sat as she reviewed the information she had been able to find on the basic layout of Phoenix Mountain. Ryoga sat across from Ranma near the front, worry etched across his face for Akane as Ranma's crystal blue aura radiated off his body like heat. Kiima sat beside him, in her cursed form as not to aggravate her injuries, the more time she spent in her cursed form, the faster her true form would recover. Nodoka took the seat next to Ryoga, watching her son mentally practice the forbidden techniques he had spent all night learning.

"Are you ready, my son? We're ready to take off." [We have to leave by nine if we are to have any hope at all of reaching the Bayankala range by the ultimatum.] "Buckle up dear, everything will be alright." [I wish a truly felt as positive as I sound.] She placed the Saotome family katana across her lap, wrapped but in easy reach if need be, and hesitantly touched Ranma's cloth-covered shoulder. "Son?"

His eyes flew open and she could feel the air grow heavy at his gaze. His expression softened and the air grew thin again. "I'm fine mother, justnervous that's all." He sat back in his seat and buckled his safety belt. "We have to reach the mount in time, mother, I hope you understand that."

"I do, Ranma, this plane will have us in the Bayankala range before noon, twelve hours before the deadline." She patted him on the shoulder, reassuring him of their impending success. "Just relax, you need to save your strength." He looked out the window as the plane began to heat up.

As the propellers began to stir and the engine began it's gentle vibration of the cabin, Ranma pressed his head to the cool glass and closed his eyes.


Preparations for the ritual have been completed.

Good, the child has prepared for the Guardian's assault, the barriers will not be broken through easily.

That is the way it should be

The Guardian should show us his true power.

However, he is already in China and rapidly approaching the child, he has grown in strength.

Remarkableto have gained such power in so little time there can be no doubt!

Do not get carried away just yetthese humans are very malleable, they change so quickly.

You are rightwe shall have to wait and see what transpires

---Military airstrip #15, near the Bayankala range, China---

"Ranma. Son, wake up." Nodoka gently prodded her son again as he slept with his face on the cool glass. Cologne was already outside arguing with the Chinese officer about their passports but Nodoka had faith in the bribes she'd given the soldiers beforehand. In this kind of area especially, people had need of money. As she watched her son awaken from charnel nightmares of green drenched cyclopean vistas, she marveled at the change wrought upon him over one night.

His eyes were dark, sunken in with a certain weariness about them. He walked, or rather plodded like a man on his way to be hanged and his posture was poor compared to the confidence he usually displayed. Nodoka could see very clearly what Kasumi meant to Ranma and wished him god-speed in his rescue, she really had no idea what would happen to him if she died.

"Thanks mom. Where are we?" Ranma shouldered his pack and looked around as the rest of their entourage prepared to leave. Ukyo and Ryoga were testing their weapons, making sure no slight imperfections would hamper their quest as Kotatsu, Tsubasa and Mousse sharpened their weapons. He absently noted that Shampoo, Cologne and Kiima were missing, no doubt outside dealing with the authorities.

"A military airstrip not far from Jusenkyo, it was the closest landing spot to Phoenix Mountain. Kiima told me it won't be too far a hike and that we should arrive with plenty of time, well before dark I'd imagine." Nodoka tried to cheer Ranma up, smiling and fretting about his appearance as he stretched as they disembarked. Just as she had predicted, the bribes had worked and they were free to leave.

Ranma watched as Kiima approached with Cologne and Shampoo, her human skin flawless and just a little pink, almost at perfect health. She beamed a smile to the assemblage through Akane's face, although any one of them could see it was strained with worry and pain. Shampoo quietly joined Mousse and the others while Cologne came up along side Nodoka.

"Son-in-law, I mean, Ranma, it seems Saffron has been causing quite a stir around the area. These officers told us that bright lights can be seen during the night around Phoenix Mountain. There have also been reports of kidnappings, people from nearby villages snatched off the ground by winged demons'. I would imagine that those would be Saffron's scouts, we must be cautious in this place." Cologne pogoed along side the group as they left the airfield and into the rocky mountains surrounding Jusenkyo. For some of them, Ukyo, Tsubasa, Kotatsu and Nodoka the breathtaking scenery left them speechless. For those that had been touched by the pools of sorrow, the landscape was one from the deepest depths of Hell, a purgatory of rock and grass.

All through the day they hiked, stopping only once for lunch then swiftly on the move again, the safety of the Tendo daughter's spurring them forward despite the fear gnawing at the souls of those chosen few who would stand against a god. Cologne and Shampoo wisely avoided Jusenkyo and their village as well as several musk encampments on their trek towards the jagged spire of Phoenix Mountain and the righteous fury of Saffron.

Ryoga stumbled his way through the dense forest, always holding onto Ukyo's belt so he would not lose his way. He blamed Ranma for the mess they found themselves in, as everything in his life was orchestrated by Ranma. His life was nothing but an endless cycle of vengeance and hatred, fueled by the visage of Ranma holding Akane, his Akane, the only light in his life. Anger welled up from inside him as Ranma strut in front of them as they hacked their way through the foothills. Still, he hated to acknowledge it but Ranma was their best chance at getting Akane back, he himself was powerless against the Phoenix King. And so, swallowing his pride, Ryoga Hibiki followed his arch-rival into the mouth of Hell.

Ukyo grunted lightly as Ryoga slowed again, the slight tug on her waist followed by the crush of the underbrush as his feet began to move again. She found that while Kasumi was her rival for Ranma's affections she did truly like the girl, she didn't want to see anything happen to her because of what it would do to Ranma's heart. Not wholly selfish like Ryoga, she knew who Ranma loved and accepted it, even if it was subconsciously. She knew she had lost the fight. Ukyo Kuonji followed her best friend on his quest, determined to aid him in his search for love. Tsubasa and Kotatsu had thankfully stopped their petty quarreling and were merely glaring at each other as they cut a path ahead of Ukyo, neither knew it just yet, but both would become lowly witnesses to a battle of epic proportions. Were either of them worthy of viewing such an event? No, but they would see it all the same and return changed men. No one in the group would leave the Bayankala range quite the same as when they entered.

They approached Phoenix Mountain as a group, knowing as they did that Saffron has no doubt posted sentries around the perimeter. Ranma took point, Ryoga and Mousse following before Ukyo, Shampoo, Nodoka and Cologne with Tsubasa and Kotatsu taking the rear; together they walked through the forest. The pigtailed youth began to look around more and more wildly the closer they came, he could feel eyes peering at him through the trees. As they appeared in the clearing to Phoenix Mountain he saw one.

It was squat, a fat bloated beast with glazed eyes and many limbs, a broken monstrosity from eons past resurrected to serve its master once more. Ranma yelped then fell back at Ryoga to break off the gaze, for at that moment he saw it, he knew that it had seen him. He was thrown back into the present as his vision ricocheted back from miles of forest. The vision was disturbing to say the least, but for right now he had more important things to worry about.

"Ranma! Ranma! Snap out of it!" Ryoga slapped him hard across the face. Ranma shook his head before nodding and looking up at the open area where Saffron waited.

"Where is Kasumi?!?"

"Up therein the Birthing Chamber I would imagine." Kiima touched his arm with her cursed fingers, ignoring his involuntary shudder as Akane's fingers dragged across his skin, before pointing up at the illuminated skyline. "The light is thereat the top chamber." The darkness above was broken only by the fiery aura of power rolling from the ventilation holes at the very top of the mount.

"Is there an easy way up? Through the tunnels?" Ranma touched the rough stone face, looking up at the flaming corona at the mountain peak.

"No. It would take hours to get up there through the tunnels. By that time it will be too late." Kiima checked her satchel for the canteen of water. "It would be faster to scale the wall but we have traps along it's face."

"Alright then." Ranma lifted Kiima then leapt from the dirt and ran straight up the mountain. "You'll have to tell me where they are!" He was nearly vertical by the time the first trap appeared. Below, Ryoga and the rest followed, Nodoka and Cologne wisely waiting at the mountain's base.

And so they went, dodging boulders and arrows shot by the Phoenix until the summit was in sight. All around them were the debris of the mountain previously holding Saffron's chamber and the ruin of the mountain's peak. Nodoka and Cologne watched his ascension with worry while Saffron himself seemed unafraid.

The Phoenix king sat, resplendent in flames, upon a gilded throne amid the rotten devastation of the birthing chamber. The decomposing remains of the last generation of Phoenix were burned to ash by a simple wave of his hand. Choiler and the Tendo sisters hung from the protoplasmic goo lining the cavern walls. The one-eyed Divus snarled as reports came in from the battlements, the intruders were proving stronger and stronger then they had previously believed.

"Divus," Saffron moved his hand fractionally, "destroy them."

"Yes my Lord," Divus smashed his gold wing carapaces before striding through the double doors. As they began to shut, Saffron's voice rang out.

"And Divus"

"Yes?" He stopped.

"Don't come back if you fail." Divus saluted before leaping out the window. Saffron grinned, exposing long pointed teeth. He stood, stretching out his 26 wings and addressed the trapped assemblage. "I am curious as to your guardian's powers. My Lord has decreed I may have the honor of killing him myself. As for the rest of you, I will leave you to Divus' tender merciesif he survives." He raised his arms to the heavens. The air whirled away from the awful unholy flesh of Saffron as power thrummed off the hallowed walls of the Mount. A slow, methodical thump began in the chamber, faintly then rising in volume until Choiler and the Tendo sisters knew it was the beating of Saffron's titanic heart. He gloated as the ceremony began, his regal voice twisted with insanity and malice.

"IA! IA! CTHULHU FATGHN! CTHUGUA DISMONACH!" The wings upon his back began to glow, green tendrils of energy wrapping around him from where they seeped from the stones themselves. They lifted their son slowly off the ground, his wings spread out behind him like a charnel halo, slowly powers long dormant in the world of man began to gather.

"ISIRIAN EIBON! CTHUGUA PGTHOTH! FTGHAN CTHULHU!!!!!!!" A sunburst of power ripped through the cavern and burst the ceiling outward, lighting the sky afire. The fire spread across the atmosphere, burning away the old order of man and ushering in a new world, a new dimension of existence. Abominations once lost to the seas of time raised their ruined limbs to the stars, the outcast amazons who survived after generations of incestuous breeding broke into chant as their lord neared the threshold. A cry arose in the Bayankala range, long a region of magic and power, a cry which tore the earth and cracked the sky. The cacophony arose from everywhere, simultaneously everywhere and nowhere as their sonorous chant rose in pitch from around the world. Jusenkyo dried to nothing, the forest wilted to twigs and mountains quaked in the presence of the oldest of rituals

The incantation of Azathoth.

Kiima grasped tighter onto Ranma's back as the moaning of those nameless sogoths rose to a fever pitch. The sky was blinding with Cthugua's power but the air grew icy and sharp, so much so that the thin frock Kiima wore over her human guise fell away like tissue paper underneath the onslaught of the chilling gusts. The voices were almost a palpable force, a physical presence that pushed them away from the ground and further up the slippery rocks of the mountain.

"Above! Phoenix warriors!" Ryoga fired Shi-Shi Hokudan at the winged centurions as they rushed from the openings further up the side. A Flurry of arrows was quickly burned to ash by the depression-fueled energy blast and three Phoenix fell screaming to their deaths. Ranma tensed as Kiima's nails dug into his back as she saw a curious winged shadow descend upon their party. The Phoenix flew overhead and a hail of rocks and silt rained down on the desperate combatants.

"Kiima! Filthy whore of the Japanese barbarian! Face me!" Divus drew his jade sword and flew by, taking a swing at Ryoga. "Face me as a true Phoenix!"

Kiima opened her thermos and splashed herself, simultaneously pushing off of Ranma's back and launching herself at the butcher. A harsh sound erupted from her throat and her newly healed appendages ripped from her human flesh. "DIVUS! You cannot call yourself Phoenix for what you have done to my tribe! Butcher! How dare you destroy one single egg!" Her steel sword clashed overhead.

"Keep moving!" Ranma scrambled up the sheer cliff face until the birthing chamber came into view. He leapt quickly through the window just as Saffron smirked in victory, prepared to utter the final word

"BEAIL THOGGOTH! TUMASH KUSHATC!" Choiler screamed from the wall of the cavern. Suddenly the world seemed to freeze, everything stopped, the lighting and fire winked out abruptly and darkness reigned for a moment. Not even shadows wished to move as reality skipped a beat, the cosmic workings — cogs if you will — of the universe shifted and new possibilities made manifest in that single instant. The next everything was back again, time speeding by quickly to make up for the lapse and everything was cut off, the formless parabola of power gone as suddenly as it appeared. Saffron's face contorted as the monstrous chorus of syllabic voices emanating from the forest disappeared. There appeared an unmistakable grimace of incredible longing and incredible outrage on Saffron's face.

"Ha, you disregarded my years as librarian. I have read all the ancient texts many times, my lord," the last was spat in disgust. Choiler lifted his aged head in clear defiance as Saffron disintegrated the Librarian of Phoenix Mountain. The blast was glowing crimson, a serpent of blue wrapped firmly around a shaft of crimson as it drilled through Choiler's body. It hit him below the sternum, the cold azure swirl of plasma crystallizing his flesh until the super-heated corona melted his torso. Saffron lowered his hand to watch in satisfaction as the head and shoulders of the librarian splattered into his lap.

"Give Kasumi back!" Ranma growled at the God as the green tendrils of light lifted the feral creature high into the night sky.

"You presume to defeat me again?" Saffron hurled a ball of arcane energy at Ranma, who narrowly dodged the blast and watched as the rock melted like ice under a blowtorch. The god threw blast after blast at his opponent, laughing heartily as the blows burned Ranma's clothes and scorched the flesh underneath. "You presume too much!"

The pig-tailed youth leapt at the Phoenix King intending to score a definite blow, instead Saffron's hands whipped around faster than he could trace and clutched his throat. "G-give!!!!" He felt the subtle crackling of cartilage as the monster increased his grip. Ranma kicked wildly at Saffron's legs, breaking one knee so that it bent backwards like an animal's, and felt the grip loosen. He jumped to the farthest corner of the birthing chamber where the melting rock was just cooling down.

"Die trash!!!!" The Child grasped the Guardian's arm and hurled him out through the roof, knocking him through eighteen feet of solid rock and dirt until he spun endlessly in the night sky. Beneath them Kiima and Divus clashed and the Phoenix rallied against the Guardian's companions. The Child followed swiftly and impaled the champion with needle-point fingernails, following the blow with the insertion of his arm up to the elbow into the Guardian's abdomen. The Guardian opened his mouth but nothing came out but a torrent of blood, red vomit splattering on the face of the triumphant Child. "HA! You fall now, bastard spawn of the Father!" The Child threw the impaled carcass out towards the dense forest surrounding the Mountain and flew after his crippled prey, laughing madly in glee. Layers of rock and earth were blasted by the evil powers of the Child as he burrowed through the mountain and erupted into the cold night sky with a volcanic explosion that sent great gouts of molten rock flying every which way.

The Guardian tumbled through the air, blood splashing his face as it poured from the open wound in his stomach, he could see his intestine trailing a pace behind, the bloody opaque organ slapping the back of his head with each revolution. Pain lanced from his cuts and bruises, the major wound was painless strangely enough, but he managed to fire three Moku Takabashi at the oncoming Child, slowing his approach by mere moments. The Guardian rallied to unfold his body from the reflexive fetal curl, fought the unconsciousness creeping into the sides of his vision as his fluids gushed from the injury rent into the fabric of his flesh.

The Child tore through the currents of icy air, rocketing to his mortally wounded foe. Both hands reached out and grasped the Guardian's arms under the armpits and hauled him back to the glowing ruin of the mountain. His devilish chortle echoed from the night sky to the deepest reaches of space, awaking being long thought dead — roused only long enough to witness the final death of the despised Guardian.

From the infinite depths of the cosmos, those of ill breeding of insanity raised their heads in gracious exhalation as the Guardian was struck again and again. The stars continued on in their eternal clock, invisible hands moving closer and closer to the final stroke of Midnight at the centre of the universe. Beings that could not die, beings that had no form, all gathered in the backlash of such eldritch emanations of power from such a backwater planet in the middle of nowhere, the inhabitants were beneath notice, primitive lifeforms that had no business in the grand scheme of the cosmos. The gibbering power at the centre, it's energies resonating with the power of it's Child, let out a howl of victory and rained blows against the metaphysical prison of it's own making.

Nothing in the universe breathed, nothing in the universe blinked, nothing in the universe had substance after bearing witness to such titanic amounts of power that by all rights they melted into puddles of their own constituent parts or else went mad with the revelation of what they saw. The darkness was loosed again upon an unsuspecting cosmos, God help any that stood in its way.

The guardian's body landed with a sickening squish as his blood and intestinal fluids cascaded over the hot rock and protoplasmic phlegm of the restraints. A weak groan sounded from his lips and he hardly felt it when the Child landed roughly in his back and tore the hole further with razor claws. The latter was in the throes of perverse joy and laughed like a small child as the bile and blood spattered his body and coveted wings, Nabiki vomited loudly in her sack and looked away at the massacre. Kasumi was soundless as she watched The Child rip The Guardian apart. Her eyes wide as the full moon which awakened this evil, her lip trembling in anguish and loss as The Child dug his claws into her love's skull and hoisted his head upward, dragging the rest of The Guardian's ravaged body bonelessly behind. The half-glazed eyes pierced her heart from the pale sockets, he was in paindying and she could do nothing.

"You." The Child shoved the Guardian's face into the stone, mashing the man's nose to a pulpy mass of cartilage and bone.

"Cannot." His hand, still in the Guardian's skull, came crashing down again.

"Defeat." His teeth were broken off at the root by the next blow.

"Me!" The Child spat napalm into the ruined face and tossed him beside the smoking remains of Choiler. The Guardian was as good as dead, he had already lost enough blood to be fatal, not to mention the blows to the skull and torso. Watery pale eyes looked up from the mass of blood and broken bones, still glaring defiance in his death throes.

"You are not what I wantedyour powers had not been made manifest to me, you are weak puny human. Perhaps something more is needed for you to awaken." The Child smiled his sharp-toothed grin and licked his lips in anticipation of the killing that was to take place. His eyes were blood red by now and his wings flapped ceaselessly as a deathly nailed hand swept over the chamber and spread a line of fire to burn away the impurities of the flesh.

Gray-black ooze burned to ash and released the bodies of the Tendo sisters, Kasumi and Nabiki landing painfully on their posteriors while Akane fell in a crouch. The crumbled remains of the goo floated down like ashen snow and blanketed the area, clumping into red mush when mixed with the Guardian's fresh blood and the fluids of the eviscerated children of Phoenix Mountain. The Child smirked as Akane rose from her feet and looked at the beaten pulp that continued to exist as Ranma Saotome in this life.

At first she started to move towards him but then her face turned to a feral scowl and she stomped over to where Kasumi lay against the wall. "Ranma, I'll take care of this obstacle and then we can be together again!" Akane's shadow loomed over Kasumi's curled form. Her firsts were clenched in fury. "Ranma! I know you love me!" She had lost whatever control she had over her own mind. The Child continued laughing as his toy threw Kasumi against the rock walls, licking the Guardian's innards from his talons. "I'll dispose of this bimbo then you can take me off to paradise!" A ki aura fell over her first, the glowing blue denoting jealousy and anger. Kasumi whimpered as her sister bore down upon her.

The Guardian was powerless to do anythinghe was dead.

Her fist came down slowly, each agonizing moment akin to an eternity. Akane's eyes were deep pits of insanity, her smile a hideous rictus of horror. Kasumi looked to her champion in the last, at her one love dying on the floorperhaps already dead. She was ready to join him in heaven. Akane's fist's shadow descended to her head

Time stopped.

There was a wet sound, a vacuous sucking that astonished all present.

All at once every living being rallied against the darkness. Limitless living creatures fought against the invading darkness, as if everyone were part of another, and they landed blows against the powers of The Void. The Child, The Guardian, they were nothing more than physical manifestations of something far more primitive and metaphysical; the sides had waited too long for the battle to begin. Time waited for the sweet release of death, the Dark One's influence surging against the forces of light. Everything that was once dead was alive at that instant, and everything alive felt dead.

Suddenly the moment passed, time resuming its normal flow, flying in the face of terror.

What remained of Kasumi's angelic features were smeared on Akane's arm up to the shoulder. Gore slid slowly down the rough hewn walls. The Madness withdrew her arm from what remained of The Innocent's neck, spilling her lungs and heart on the floor, looking in surprised shock at what she had done.

The Guardian's eyes went black.

Light. Glorious white, Holy. Burning, searing, tearing, gutting, biting, pulling, crunching, lifting, breaking, eating, puncturing, sucking life. All around them it expanded, wavering in resonance with a primal scream. Outlined in the blast, a burning husk of flesh bereft of mind or sanity, screaming devotion to the dead. Kiima was swallowed by the nova and felt her feathers seared away yet again but there was no pain. Divus fell from the heavens, wings mangled, and plummeted through the earth as soil was ripped away from the skin of the planet. Ryouga and Ukyo, Shampoo and Cologne and Mousse, everyone stopped as the sphere of destructive calm over came them all. The universe shook as the blast changed the very chains of life around the cosmos. Phoenix Mountain was blown away by the power and its inhabitants scattered to the four winds.

In the centre of the chaos that determined the rebirth of hope and love a being screamed an endless scream of disbelief and fury. The Child swirled in the anti-matter of creation and in pairs his twenty-two coveted wings burned away with holy fervor until nothing remained in The Void except Saffron. Saffron, screaming from the brimstone reek of Hell. The calamity was almost finished, the cataclysm that would disappear to peoples of the 'real' world but remain firm in the true people's minds until the day creation ended.

"Destiny" The being of flame screamed with tongues of hatred. "You CannotDESTINNNNNNNYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The formless enemies of life emerged once more from their sleep and all around the world the light was extinguished. A fog rose from the iridescent bubble until the phenomena itself dissipated in the morning air, wisps of memories and hopes burned away by the filament of Sol reaching out with her destructive hand.

Destiny had been satiated

Destiny had been lost

Destiny would rise again

A lingering scream echoed from the summit of Phoenix Mountain.

---The End---

The end of Destiny Lost, but only the beginning of Ranma's story. I know it seems kind of short but this is the logical place to stop given the title, Ranma has lost his destiny. He is nothing and has nothing but this is not the end. Join Ranma on his quest for new life in:

Ranma 1/2: Cyclopean Structure Volume Two - Destiny Found.

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