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Nnoitra x Grimmjow

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Chapter One

Nnoitra sat up with a start, pulse racing, one arm raised defensively in front of his chest, the other instinctively reaching for Santa Teresa. A thin sheen of sweat covered his lanky frame. He blinked into the darkness, his quarters slowly coming into focus. His breathing slowed as he realized he had been dreaming. The fifth Espada untangled his legs from the damp sheets and kicked them to the foot of the bed in disgust. For a place whose weather never seemed to change, Hueco Mundo felt unbearably hot tonight. He rolled over and buried his face in the pillow, doubtful that he would be able to fall asleep again. He hastily ran a hand through his hair, which clung uncomfortably to the back of his neck. Forcing his muscles to relax, he tried to clear his mind and regulate his breathing—or whatever shit Zommari had been talking about earlier. That proved impossible. Fuck. Now he had another reason to be jealous of Starrk; Nnoitra was sure that the primera wasn't having a hard time sleeping right now. Or maybe he was, with that annoying little bitch pestering him all the time. At least Nnoitra wasn't anchored to some dumb bitch. Things weren't all bad. He closed his eye.

But sleep was not destined to come.

Just as his head was beginning to feel heavy, his door creaked open and he felt a familiar spiritual pressure. He groaned inwardly. What the fuck now? The door shut softly and the lock clicked into place. He pressed his face deeper into the pillow, trying to look as antisocial and uninviting as possible. Wait. Was he really that tired? Could he possibly not be in the mood? He decided that no, sleep wasn't that important. Certainly not as important as fucking. But his subordinate would have to work for it. He felt the other man's presence as he stood by the bed, obviously not believing the quinto to be asleep.

Nnoitra heard the chink of a sword placed carefully on the hard floor and the rustling of fabric. The bed dipped with the weight of another body and Nnoitra found himself skin to sweaty skin with Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez. He abruptly shoved the other man away.

"Get the fuck off," Nnoitra grumbled, turning his back on the sexta Espada. "'T's too hot."

Grimmjow scoffed. "Not like you're getting any sleep."

"Tch. So you're saying we may as well fuck?" That was, after all, the only reason he would be sneaking into his superior's quarters in the middle of the night. Grimmjow didn't reply. Instead, he scooted closer to Nnoitra, pressing his chest against the quinto's sweaty back. Nnoitra could feel the other man's boner against his ass, and he quickly elbowed his subordinate in the ribs. At least he had been smooth enough to conceal his own erection. Undeterred, Grimmjow continued to spoon the taller Espada, running his nose along the other man's angular shoulder. The quinto shuddered involuntarily at the soft inhalations, his cock twitching.

Nnoitra shifted as he felt the sixth Espada's calloused fingers rubbing forcefully in circular motions along his bony hip. His eye closed as heat pooled in his groin, fueling his arousal. The rough touches dipped lower and lower, teasingly moving toward the stronger man's throbbing erection. Nnoitra stopped breathing when Grimmjow's fingers ghosted just below the head of his cock. He felt the lower ranking Espada smirk against his shoulder, and he scowled. Until the fingers suddenly wrapped around the base of his cock and squeezed firmly. His eye flew open and he gasped as Grimmjow's hand began furiously pumping his erection, rubbing the impressive length from the base to the very sensitive head.

Nnoitra tossed his head back as wave after wave of white hot pleasure crashed into him. He knew he wasn't Grimmjow's first choice for a sexual partner. He could see the way the blue-haired man looked at Ulquiorra. He could also see the way Ulquiorra almost completely disregarded the sexta Espada. It made perfect sense to seek out the strongest, most prestigious "fuck buddy." As primera, Starrk pretty much had his choice of the lot, Nnoitra figured. If he ever needed a little relaxation, he'd probably go to that nasty bitch Harribel. Baraggan? Nnoitra couldn't (and didn't want to) imagine that the useless old windbag could still get it up. As for Ulquiorra, word had it he was getting awfully close with Aizen. If Grimmjow wanted to fuck around with someone more powerful, the fifth Espada was his only option. Nnoitra didn't care, as long as he was getting laid. It really wasn't any of his business. Besides, he didn't mind fucking Grimmjow. In terms of appearance, the sexta was above average. And he was good in bed; he was loud, foul-mouthed, and aggressive—but not to the extent that Nnoitra couldn't overpower him. Rough, no-strings-attached sex. From Nnoitra's perspective, it was the perfect arrangement.

Perfect, he thought, as Grimmjow's thumb swirled relentlessly around the head of his cock. Fucking perfect. So much for making the weaker Espada work for it.

Nnoitra rolled over, grabbing Grimmjow's wrist violently and yanking his hand away from his throbbing erection. Piercing blue eyes locked passionately with the lone violet eye, faces centimeters apart, breaths intermingling as they panted harshly. Nnoitra slid his hands up Grimmjow's arms, gripping the smaller man's biceps with bruising force. Grimmjow's hands trailed lightly up Nnoitra's sides to his back, digging his fingers into his superior's skin. The fifth Espada pulled the other's body flush against his own, raking his fingers down the smaller man's back and gripping his ass roughly. With that leverage, he began grinding his hips against sexta's, rubbing their erections together.

The pleasure was overwhelming. Nnoitra squeezed Grimmjow's ass even harder at the feel of his subordinate's hot, hard cock sliding against his own. He heard the sixth Espada gasp at the delicious friction. Determined to push the arrogant little shit over the edge first, Nnoitra reached his right hand between their bodies and wrapped it around both their erections. He squeezed and began to rub vigorously, ripping a loud moan from the sexta's mouth. Nnoitra grinned in satisfaction, fighting to ignore the pleasurable sensations as his cock grew unbearably hard. There was no way he would be coming before they really got started. Grimmjow, on the other hand…

Nnoitra tightened his left arm around Grimmjow's chest, shifting him so they were almost eye-to-eye. The other man's eyes were only half-open, beads of sweat forming near his hairline. Nnoitra continued to pump his subordinate's burning erection while he shifted his own body, trailing the head of his cock down the shorter Espada's length and against his balls. Without slowing the ministrations on the other man's dick, he pressed his hips forward until his erection nudged his subordinate's entrance. Grimmjow's blazing eyes flew open and he jolted, suddenly pressing his hands against his superior's chest in a futile effort to shove the stronger man away. Nnoitra grinned predatorily at him, satisfied with the other Espada's enraged expression.

"Just what the fuck do you think you're doing?"

Nnoitra was pleased to hear the trace of panic in the weaker man's voice.

Instead of answering, Nnoitra leaned forward and teasingly nipped the junction of neck and shoulder. He shifted his hand on Grimmjow's cock, turning his attention to the head. Grimmjow's fingers dug into Nnoitra's shoulders as the quinto's soft fingertips relentlessly started to tease, rub, and squeeze the most sensitive part of the other man's dick.

"Fuck!" Grimmjow gasped as Nnoitra quickened the movements and ran the tip of his forefinger repeatedly over the slit, smearing precum against the swollen head. The sexta's cock seemed to jump in his hand, and Nnoitra resumed pumping at a frantic pace, his thumb brushing the oversensitive head with each stroke.

Grimmjow moaned loudly. Nnoitra cursed under his breath as his painfully hard cock twitched. Grimmjow needed to shut the fuck up. There was no way the quinto would ever live it down if he came just from listening to the other's heated moans. He just needed to finish this.

He tightened his hold on the sexta's erection and stroked harshly. Grimmjow's hands scrabbled at his superior's back, and he began trying to thrust into Nnoitra's grip. Nnoitra pulled the sixth Espada closer and suddenly bit down on his muscular shoulder. A few more erratic swirls around the head of his dick had the sexta crying out and tensing. He came hard, coating his superior's fingers with the slippery fluid. Nnoitra felt Grimmjow's muscles relax. The other Espada collapsed against him, panting heavily.

Although he briefly considered sensually laving his soiled fingers inches in front of Grimmjow's face, Nnoitra decided to just move ahead to phase two. He slipped a wet fingertip in the sexta's crack and began lightly stroking small circular patterns against the weaker Espada's entrance. Grimmjow jolted, his still oversensitive body responding to the cool feel of his own semen. Nnoitra tightened his left arm around his subordinate, pulling the other man into a crushing embrace. No matter how many times they did this, the next part always seemed to hurt the weaker Espada. There was nothing less arousing than a partner who was a fucking sniveling wreck. Nnoitra definitely didn't want a repeat of last time. Maybe he should try going a little slower?

Nnoitra felt the sexta's soft hair brush against his chin, puffs of hot breath against his neck. He felt rather than heard the sharp inhalation of breath as he slipped a second finger inside the weaker man. He stilled, giving his subordinate a few moments to adjust before working in a third finger. The blue-haired man's entire frame tensed; Nnoitra brought his left hand up awkwardly and began to roughly massage the back of Grimmjow's neck. He knew how much Grimmjow hated bottoming. But there was no fucking way Nnoitra Jiruga was going to let that impulsive, arrogant shithead fuck him in the ass. But the experience shouldn't have to be unpleasant for the other man. Nnoitra trailed his left hand down Grimmjow's spine to his hollow hole. He began lightly stroking the circumference. When Grimmjow tensed even more, he briefly lost control of himself. He lowered his head and brushed his lips in a fleeting kiss against the other Espada's clammy forehead. Grimmjow made a small sound of surprise. With the sexta sufficiently distracted, Nnoitra began to curl all three of his fingers, stretching the other's passage and searching for that one spot. Grimmjow groaned in discomfort, but the quinto just held him tighter and continued the ministrations until the weaker Espada's eyes flew open and he jolted in shock.

"FUCK! Ngggh… ohhhh…" Grimmjow squirmed and began rocking his hips back against Nnoitra's fingers. The fifth Espada let this continue for a few more moments, relishing the sexta's vocalizations, before abruptly withdrawing his fingers. Grimmjow just looked at him with bleary, lust-filled eyes. He looked fucking pathetic. But at least he was prepared.

Nnoitra sat up, tugging Grimmjow up onto his hands and knees. Nnoitra grabbed the lube from the bedside table and hastily coated his neglected erection, actually stifling a moan at his own touch. Fuck he was hard. He rose to his knees, positioning himself at Grimmjow's entrance. The weaker Espada was looking at him apprehensively over his shoulder. The quinto leaned forward and lightly trailed his fingers up and down Grimmjow's sides. He began to massage the inside of the other man's hollow hole with his thumbs. The smaller Espada relaxed slightly. Good enough.

Nnoitra snapped his hips forward, seating himself in one brutal thrust. Grimmjow tossed his head back and cried out in pain. Nnoitra stilled, every instinct screaming at him to fuck this man into the mattress. He leaned over Grimmjow, pressing his chest against the other man's back. From this proximity, he could hear the soft whimpers. Even with more preparation than usual, he'd still managed to hurt the other Espada. Fucking great. He wrapped his right arm around Grimmjow's chest and began gently pinching and stroking his nipples. He ran the fingers of his left hand through Grimmjow's thick, soft hair and started caressing his scalp.

The sixth Espada slowly lowered his torso to the mattress, panting harshly. Nnoitra felt Grimmjow's head press back against his fingertips. He could tell the other man was relaxing. And realizing how much Nnoitra was holding back. Grimmjow turned his head to glare daggers at his superior.

"Fucking move," he growled. "You're wasting my time."

Well. If that's how he wanted it. Nnoitra gripped the sexta's hips and slowly pulled all the way out, savoring the drag of the tight muscles, and slammed brutally back in. Grimmjow yelped, but hey—this was what he asked for, right? Nnoitra established a rapid pace, purposely trying to avoid hitting the other man's prostate for several thrusts. When he changed his angle, Grimmjow moaned so wantonly that Nnoitra felt his face redden. He plowed into the smaller Espada, the pressure in his groin building uncomfortably. But something wasn't right about this.

Grimmjow let out a strangled cry when the quinto abruptly pulled out of him. Not giving the sexta time to react, Nnoitra flipped him onto his back and lowered his body on top of the smaller Espada. Grimmjow scowled and opened his mouth to say something, but Nnoitra crashed their lips together. With his eye partially open, he could see the shocked expression on his subordinate's face. An expression that quickly turned to lust as Nnoitra began to nip and suck sensually on his lower lip. Grimmjow opened his mouth into the kiss and Nnoitra immediately plunged his tongue into the hot cavern. Grimmjow gagged. Nnoitra took that opportunity to force his cock back into the other Espada's entrance.

The sexta's eyes flew open and he flinched in pain. Nnoitra cupped Grimmjow's face in his hands, not allowing the weaker Espada to break the kiss. The quinto began rocking his hips against sexta's, quickly rediscovering the best angle to hit the other's prostate. Grimmjow gripped Nnoitra's shoulders and moaned into his mouth. Hot pressure pooling in his groin, the fifth Espada pounded fervently into his subordinate without breaking the rather violent kiss. He quickly reached a hand between their bodies to grasp and stroke the sexta's erection. It didn't take much to set the weaker Espada off. He broke the kiss, gasping. "Nnoitra!" He shouted as he came hard between their bodies. The muscle spasms against his throbbing cock sent Nnoitra over the edge. He groaned and tossed his head back, sleek black hair spilling down his lean back, as he came deep within the lower ranked Espada.

He collapsed on top of Grimmjow. Without thinking, he rested his forehead against the other man's. Without opening an eye to see Grimmjow's expression, Nnoitra pressed his lips softly against the sexta's. Grimmjow responded hesitantly, and they shared a chaste kiss. Or two. Or three.

Nnoitra pulled out and rolled onto his back to catch his breath. They both stared at the ceiling for several minutes, content to recover in comfortable silence. Grimmjow spoke first.

"You fuckin' tell anyone about this and I'll kill ya."

"Tch. Like I'd admit to fuckin' a piece of shit like you."

Nnoitra pulled the sheet up, and Grimmjow slipped under it. They rolled to face opposite directions, yet neither of them made an effort to move when their backs touched. By the time they both finally fell asleep, their legs were entwined beneath the cool sheets.


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