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Warnings: threesome, yaoi, etc. and um..."instant replay" smut
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Chapter Twelve

"Ulquiorra, please give us your full report."

"Yes, sir."

Immensely regretting taking his customary seat across from the cuatro, Grimmjow failed to suppress a look of disgust as the petite Espada slipped his fingers into his eye socket and removed the startlingly green eyeball. He hoped he'd be able to keep that unattractive image out of his head later that night when he'd be trying to get it up. Crossing his legs and slumping into his seat, the blue-haired Espada mentally prepared himself for yet another pointless topic to lengthen the already mind-numbingly boring meeting. A quick glance to his right revealed the eight others doing roughly the same thing, in their own fashion.

Ulquiorra had been conspicuously absent for several days, during which his subordinates had fucked each other senseless. Grimmjow had tried to deny how relieved he felt when the little shit had walked in on Nnoitra plowing into him yet again. Following the cuatro's very brief, very vague explanation of a mission to the World of the Living, the best sex of his life had commenced. The sexta's cock twitched, and he quickly turned his attention back to the meeting. And the incredibly unsexy sight of Ulquiorra crushing his own eyeball. Grimmjow frowned in distaste. At least it solved any potential boner problems.

He closed his eyes, allowing Ulquiorra's memory to fill his senses. But the scene that began to unfold in his head was certainly not from the World of the Living. It was too white. Definitely Las Noches. Grimmjow's frown deepened. The hallway that came into focus looked all too familiar. And that door… Grimmjow's guts plummeted as a pale hand turned the handle, opening the door to reveal his own form—on hands and knees on the bed, eyes glazed over in complete bliss, moaning wantonly as Nnoitra painstakingly slowly thrust into his tight passage, the massive erection pushing deliciously against his prostate.

Somewhere to Grimmjow's right, Szayel choked on his tea.

Wrong memory! Wrong fucking memory! Grimmjow gripped the edge of the table until his knuckles turned completely white, blue eyes wide with horror, seeing nothing but his own lust-clouded expression as Nnoitra pushed all the way inside, eliciting another low moan. He heard the quinto snicker down the table and wanted nothing more than to punch that fucker in the face. No. First he would strangle Ulquiorra. What the fuck was the cuatro thinking?

At that moment, the petite Espada was thinking how lucky he would be to survive the meeting. If Aizen didn't kill him, Grimmjow and Nnoitra certainly would. He knew fooling around with them would get him into trouble, but their "activities" hadn't interfered with his work for Aizen. Until now. When he couldn't stop thinking about that particular encounter. He desperately wished he could see Aizen's face—although maybe it was good that he couldn't. All he could do was stare helplessly at the images that had replayed in his head over and over the past few days, knowing full well that these vivid images were now playing, unbidden, in the minds of twelve other people. Fuck.

Ulquiorra shut the door soundlessly and approached his subordinates. He idly ran his fingers through Grimmjow's soft hair and rested his other hand on the back of Nnoitra's neck, tugging the tall Espada down into a slow kiss. He allowed Nnoitra's tongue to slip past his lips and explore his small mouth while Grimmjow's fingers began hastily divesting him of his hakama. Ulquiorra pressed his lips more firmly against the quinto's, sensually rubbing the long tongue with his own

He could feel Nnoitra stop moving inside Grimmjow in favor of snaking an arm around the pale shoulders and pulling his small frame closer. Cool air assaulted the hard, sensitive flesh as his hakama suddenly pooled at his feet. Warm hands settled on his hips, gripping firmly. Ulquiorra tensed as a hot tongue flicked against the head of his cock. And then his entire length was engulfed in moist heat. He pulled away from Nnoitra's lips, slumping forward and moaning in pleasure as Grimmjow sucked hard. Pale fingers fisted in blue hair as a talented tongue began lapping at the sensitive head.

Ulquiorra arched into the soft, wet touches, eyes closed and mouth slightly open, a ragged moan tearing from his throat. A sudden slow lick from the base of his cock to the head left him short of breath. He quickly pulled Grimmjow's mouth away from his straining erection, eyes flicking from the sexta's puzzled face to Nnoitra's lust-filled gaze.

"You finish first," Ulquiorra said quietly.

Nnoitra grinned before returning his grip to Grimmjow's hips, slowly dragging his erection out and then snapping his hips forward, burying himself to the hilt in the raw passage. Grimmjow tossed his head back, eyes scrunched shut in both pain and pleasure. And fuck, Ulquiorra wanted him. Hopefully his subordinates would finish quickly.

Discarding his jacket, Ulquiorra dropped to his knees in front of Grimmjow and quickly tugged the weaker Espada into an urgent kiss. The sexta moaned against his lips as Nnoitra changed his angle. Ulquiorra took that opportunity to slip his tongue into Grimmjow's mouth, eagerly mapping out the inside of the warm cavern. Closing his eyes, he struggled to suppress another moan as his subordinate's flavor assaulted his senses and caused more blood to rush to his erection.

A warm, rough hand rested against his cheek, and suddenly Grimmjow was deepening the kiss. Their tongues tangled, lips mashed together to muffle the sexta's moans of pleasure as Nnoitra continued to rhythmically pound into him. Ulquiorra shuddered as two hands rested on his bare shoulders before sliding down to his chest. The pads of several fingers brushed over his erect nipples, and he groaned.

He cracked his eyes open to find Grimmjow gazing lustfully back at him. A sudden sharp tug on his nipples had him gasping into his subordinate's mouth. He nipped roughly at the sexta's lips before pulling the taller Espada back into a passionate kiss. Nnoitra chose that moment to speed up, harsh slaps of flesh on flesh filling the room. Grimmjow jolted, breaking the kiss too soon for the cuatro's liking and resting his forehead against Ulquiorra's shoulder.

"Fuck," he whispered. "Touch me."

To Grimmjow's right, someone moaned. He balled his hands into fists, fighting the heat he felt spreading across his cheeks.

Ulquiorra didn't think twice about obeying his subordinate's breathy command. He quickly snaked his hand down Grimmjow's chest and abs, pulse quickening at the gasp when his fingertips brushed the rim of his hollow hole. And then his hand bumped into the blood-heavy cock.

Muscular arms wrapped around Ulquiorra's shoulders, pulling him closer. He slipped his fingers around the thick erection, gently rubbing the hard flesh as the sexta immediately began thrusting into the soft hand. Judging by the way his subordinate moaned, it had been awhile since Nnoitra had touched him there. Ulquiorra gave the leaking member a careful squeeze, and, upon feeling it harden even more in his grasp and hearing the heavy breathing so close to his ear, he leaned into Grimmjow's embrace and eased his hand beneath the heavy sac. His own cock aching at the delicious sight of his subordinate arching his back, Ulquiorra lifted the sensitive balls and began lightly teasing the perineum with his fingertips.

"Oh, FUCK!"

Grimmjow slumped over the table, resting his forehead in his hand and hoping to hide the fact that he was fully hard at just the memory of Ulquiorra's feather-light touches combined with Nnoitra's merciless pummeling of his prostate.

Ulquiorra stroked the sensitive flesh, undoubtedly providing a very different sensation than Nnoitra, whose thrusts seemed to grow more vicious. If the heavy panting and barely audible moans next to Ulquiorra's ear were any indication, Grimmjow was close. Ulquiorra returned his hand to the throbbing erection and began roughly jerking the hard length. The ministrations didn't last long before Nnoitra wrapped his own hand around the thick cock, squeezing tightly near the base, and with his other hand pulling Ulquiorra's fingers away.

"Damn it, Nnoitra!" Grimmjow shouted, thrashing against the quinto.

Ulquiorra looked at the tall Espada curiously. Still gripping the base of his subordinate's cock, Nnoitra wrapped his other arm almost gently around Grimmjow's chest and leaned over, pressing their bodies together. His lust-clouded eye met Ulquiorra's.

"Not yet," he hissed.

The arms around Ulquiorra's chest tightened, forcing the air out of his lungs, as the sexta moaned in frustration. The dull ache in his cock seemed to intensify as he looked at the expression on Nnoitra's face. So the quinto wasn't close? That certainly changed things. As arousing as the sight of his subordinates together could be, Ulquiorra wasn't going to wait.

He pried Grimmjow's arms from around his chest. Ignoring the sexta's scowl, he picked up the half-empty bottle of lube and slipped silently onto the bed behind Nnoitra. He studied the rhythmic movements of the quinto's hips as he drove his cock in and out of the tight passage and continued to roughly grip the weaker Espada's painfully hard erection, preventing him from coming. Ulquiorra coated two digits with lube, admiring Nnoitra's lean back as the tall Arrancar leaned over Grimmjow, the slender fingers of his other hand trailing along the muscular chest and tugging at the erect nipples. And then Nnoitra was spreading the sexta's legs farther apart, allowing for deeper penetration.


Ulquiorra nearly dropped the lube. He could barely touch his own cock long enough to thoroughly coat it. Green eyes roved down the long, muscular back to the tight ass. Positioning himself carefully between the quinto's long legs, Ulquiorra pressed a slick fingertip directly above his subordinate's crack and trailed the slippery digit downwards, over the puckered entrance.

The hips stilled abruptly. Nnoitra jerked his head over his shoulder, his entire body growing tense, wide eye boring venomously into Ulquiorra. The cuatro fixed him with a blank stare. Without breaking the intense gaze, he carefully cupped his subordinate's balls, watching with pleasure as the other Espada's single eye rolled back into his head. Nnoitra slumped against Grimmjow, resting more of his weight against the shorter Espada's back. With the quinto a little more relaxed, Ulquiorra returned the slick pad of his finger to the tight opening and began lightly tracing the circumference.

"Keep going," he ordered quietly. He was mildly surprised when the quinto immediately obeyed, easing his long erection out and then back inside the raw passage at a pace that must have been excruciatingly slow for Grimmjow. Hoping to move things a little faster, Ulquiorra pressed his finger firmly against the tense entrance before wiggling the tip past the tight ring of muscle. He pushed into the tight heat, feeling the muscles clench in an attempt to resist the intrusion—until his finger brushed over a certain spot. The cuatro perked up at Nnoitra's sharp intake of breath. He began rubbing slow circles against the sensitive gland with the pad of his finger.

The moan was barely audible, but it was there. Ulquiorra gently fondled the vulnerable sac as he watched the quinto again wrap both arms tightly around Grimmjow's muscular chest. Not giving the tall Espada the time to dwell on what was about to happen, he wiggled a second finger inside, curling both digits against his subordinate's prostate. The sudden cry of pleasure went straight to the cuatro's cock. He hastily stretched the tight passage, not doing as thorough of a job as he could have—but he had waited long enough.

He roughly pulled his fingers free and gripped Nnoitra's slim hips, pressing the blunt head of his cock against the stretched entrance. When the quinto tensed, he gave the hips a firm squeeze before pushing inside. Ulquiorra found himself struggling to hold back a wanton moan as his cock was enveloped in the impossibly tight heat.

Nnoitra swore unintelligibly.

Ulquiorra gave his subordinate only a few seconds to adjust before he began thrusting, forcing his cock as deep as it could go. Nnoitra tossed his head back, sleek dark hair clinging to his sweaty shoulders. The cuatro roughly squeezed the tight ass before he began rocking his hips wildly, moaning in pleasure when Nnoitra met every thrust. He heard a muffled groan from Grimmjow, who undoubtedly picked up on the change of pace.

Desperately needing to relieve the pressure building in his groin, Ulquiorra gripped Nnoitra's hips with a bruising force, pulling the other Espada harshly back onto his erection. The emerald eyes slid shut as he tilted his head back, moaning, and pummeling his subordinate's prostate as hard as possible.

"Fuck, Ulquiorra!"

A fist collided with the table. Grimmjow guessed it was Nnoitra's.

The muscles clenched around Ulquiorra's cock, and he felt the quinto's legs tense as the tall Espada finally came, burying himself to the hilt inside Grimmjow. Ulquiorra dug his fingers into Nnoitra's hips as the violent muscle spasms tore his release from him. He continued to thrust for several seconds as he emptied into his subordinate. He heard a muffled curse as Grimmjow came hard, streaking the bed with thick ropes of cum.

Ulquiorra soothingly rubbed Nnoitra's hips before pulling out. Nnoitra hissed in discomfort before doing the same to Grimmjow. The sexta shoved the soiled sheets to the floor before collapsing onto the soft mattress, mouth slightly open as he struggled to catch his breath and come down from the high. Grinning, Nnoitra lay down beside Grimmjow, striking features set in a thoroughly sated expression. Ulquiorra cocked his head, fixing both of them with his typical impassive stare.

So they thought they were finished?

Ulquiorra's eyes settled on the fluid slowly dripping along the inside of Grimmjow's thigh. And then the sexta rolled onto his back, forcing Ulquiorra's gaze to take in the flaccid cock.

Faster than Grimmjow's post-coital brain could follow, Ulquiorra settled between his legs and began lightly stroking the limp member. The blue eyes widened, and Grimmjow sat up quickly, trying to bat the cuatro's hand away from his oversensitive length. But Ulquiorra was persistent.

Grimmjow fisted both hands in his own hair. When the fuck would this memory end? He was going to kill Ulquiorra.

Ulquiorra was entertaining the notion of killing himself.

Nnoitra leisurely stretched his legs under the table, grinning when his leg brushed against Szayel's and he felt the way the startled Espada instinctively recoiled. He snickered, wishing he could see the expression on that bitch Harribel's face.

Locking eyes with Grimmjow, Ulquiorra pushed the other Espada's knees farther apart. The sexta's entire body tensed. Ulquiorra leaned forward enough to engage his subordinate in a brief but passionate kiss.

He trailed his lips downward, over Grimmjow's chin and throat, pressing soft and occasionally open mouthed kisses against the clammy skin. He flicked his tongue against the firm flesh, feeling as if he were drowning in the salty flavor. Kissing across the muscular chest, he swirled his tongue around a hard nipple and bit down gently. Grimmjow moaned, fisting his left hand in Ulquiorra's soft black hair as the small mouth sucked on the sensitive flesh. With a last flick of his tongue against the erect nub, the cuatro worked his way down the firm abs and began nipping and licking around the circumference of the hole in his subordinate's abdomen.

"Nnnnngh! Ulquiorra… stop…"

Grimmjow groaned, resting his elbow on the table and hiding his face in his hand. Even he realized how unconvincing he had sounded. No wonder Ulquiorra hadn't listened.

Soft lips brushed against the velvety head of the half-hard cock. Meeting Grimmjow's gaze, he slowly ran his tongue up the cleft and over the sensitive slit. The shockingly blue eyes shut tightly and the sexta's entire body went limp. Ulquiorra trailed his small tongue down the shaft, lightly tracing the vein, until he reached the tender sac. He closed his eyes and wrapped his mouth carefully around a sensitive ball—but the moan that reached his ears definitely wasn't Grimmjow's. He looked up to see the sexta's head tossed back, mouth open and panting, chest heaving. And Nnoitra's head resting against the muscular shoulder, eye open wide and focused intently on the ministrations of the delicate pink tongue. Long fingers were tangled in Grimmjow's thick blue hair, rubbing and caressing the weaker Espada's scalp. Ignoring the rush of blood to his cock, Ulquiorra returned his attention to the soft balls, gently laving them with his tongue. That moan was the sexta's.

Ulquiorra pressed both his hands against Grimmjow's thighs, urging him to spread his legs farther apart. The lower ranked Espada resisted, but Nnoitra looped an arm around the sexta's left leg, helping Ulquiorra spread their subordinate open. Grimmjow thrashed under the firm treatment, and the petite Espada knew he needed to make his move quickly. Dragging his tongue one last time against the tender balls, he moved lower, running a painfully slow lick over the abused entrance and along the perineum.

"Oh FUCK! Goddamnit!"

The cuatro tried to suppress a moan, reveling in the salty and slightly bitter flavor of the cum slowly trickling out of his subordinate's raw passage. He shifted his attention to the strong thighs, cleaning the salty white trails with his tongue, before returning to gently lap at the tense opening. At the sound of a muffled moan, he glanced up to see Grimmjow's lips locked with Nnoitra's. His cock filled uncomfortably. He began laving the perineum before carefully grazing the sensitive flesh with his teeth. The sexta arched his back sensually, and Ulquiorra ran his tongue quickly over the sore entrance before hurriedly wiggling the tip of the wet muscle inside.

Grimmjow thrashed frantically, gasping and shoving Nnoitra's mouth away from his own. "What the fuck are you doing?" He demanded breathlessly. Without answering, Ulquiorra slipped his fingers around the sexta's now rock hard erection, giving the engorged flesh a gentle squeeze. Despite his subordinate's struggles, he closed his eyes and resumed teasing the tender opening with his hot tongue. When Grimmjow arched away from the touch, the cuatro grabbed his hips with both hands, pulling the taller Espada back onto his persistent tongue. He licked longingly, savoring the salty flavor, before forcing his tongue past the tight ring of muscle.

Grimmjow felt the heat rise to his face at the sound of his own cry of pleasure. He could hear his pulse as his muscles tensed, ready to bolt at the slightest provocation. The only thing keeping him in his seat was Aizen, who had been disturbingly silent. And the fact that the twelve others hadn't left. He sure as fuck wasn't going to be the first one to leave in the middle of the meeting. He wasn't that stupid. He jolted when a foot collided with his own, relaxing when he realized it was Ulquiorra's. Fighting the urge to kick the pale bastard, he shifted to give his erection more room in his hakama and instead gently rubbed his foot against the cuatro's. After a few seconds, the muscles in the slender, tense leg relaxed into his touch.

Ulquiorra was dimly aware of Nnoitra slipping behind the sexta and reaching to spread the muscular legs farther apart. A hand fisted roughly in the cuatro's hair, and he ran a slow lick around the opening and back over the perineum. With his face only centimeters from his subordinate's erection, he could clearly see the pearly fluid gathering near the tip. He couldn't stop himself from licking it off. And then both of Grimmjow's hands were on his shoulders, tugging him up and into an aggressive kiss. Ulquiorra's large eyes widened even more when the sexta's tongue forced past his lips, exploring every inch of his small mouth. Ulquiorra's cock throbbed with need. He eased his hips forward, nudging the head of his erection against the sexta's entrance, only to have Grimmjow tense, abruptly breaking the kiss and glaring heatedly.

"Don't even think about it," he snapped.

Ulquiorra gazed expressionlessly into the livid blue eyes before glancing at Nnoitra, who had released Grimmjow's legs and was now looking at the cuatro expectantly. He needed to come again. Heaving a barely perceptible sigh of resignation, Ulquiorra leaned forward, resting both of his hands behind the lower ranked Espada's neck and touching the tips of their noses together. He held Grimmjow's gaze, which was wavering at their close proximity, and spoke so that their lips brushed with every syllable. "Then you will need to prepare me."

A chair scraped against the hard floor, and Grimmjow cringed. He could hear Yammy muttering something about "fucking bastards" and Baraggan sighing wearily.

Ulquiorra rested his chin against Grimmjow's left shoulder, relishing the scrape of his subordinate's rough mask against his own. Nnoitra slipped the almost empty bottle of lube into Grimmjow's hand before leaning down to press his lips against the cuatro's. Resting on his knees, Ulquiorra spread his legs as far apart as he could. Warm fingers gently wrapped around his aching erection, and he moaned into Nnoitra's mouth. The hand slid lower, fondling his balls and distracting him, as two slick fingers moved to rub against his tight entrance.

Nnoitra deepened the kiss, forcing his long tongue into Ulquiorra's small mouth. At about that same instant, Grimmjow carefully wiggled his index finger past the tense ring of muscle.

Ulquiorra fought to relax, trying to concentrate on the lips pressing against his and the tongue exploring his mouth and the warm hand lifting and rolling his balls and the long fingers suddenly massaging his shoulders. A second digit slid into his tight passage. He shifted as the fingers swirled, slowly stretching him before curling firmly against his prostate. His erection twitched and he moaned into Nnoitra's mouth. Grimmjow's other hand abandoned the sensitive sac, trailing around the slim hips and squeezing the firm ass, kneading the smooth flesh and spreading the cheeks farther apart. And then a dexterous finger began lightly flicking against the sensitive gland. Ulquiorra gasped, breaking the long kiss as his vision exploded in white flashes. He arched into the frantic touches, moaning when his erection rubbed against Grimmjow's.

The sexta groaned at the sudden friction. Ulquiorra wrapped his fingers around both of their cocks, and slowly rolled his hips forward.

"Fuck, Ulquiorra," Grimmjow moaned.

The cuatro nipped at his ear. "I like it when you say that," he whispered breathlessly.

At the unexpected confession, Grimmjow pressed roughly against the higher ranked Espada's prostate, meeting the wide emerald eyes. Grinning viciously, the sexta leaned forward until their panting breaths intermingled. "Do you want me to fuck you, Ulquiorra?" He whispered seductively.

Ulquiorra blinked through the fog of arousal. "I thought that was obvious."

Nnoitra laughed, and Grimmjow frowned at him before turning back to Ulquiorra's impassive face and slipping his fingers from the tight passage. Resting his hands on the pale hips, he eased the cuatro up on his knees, positioning the blunt head of his erection against the puckered opening. Ulquiorra glanced down in time to see Nnoitra's long fingers, glistening with lube, wrap around the sexta's cock, thoroughly coating the straining length. He felt Grimmjow shiver as the nimble fingertips swirled around the head of his erection. Ulquiorra couldn't stop the sudden moan as the slender, slippery digits moved to lightly stroke his perineum. He tossed his head back in pleasure as the quinto teased the sensitive flesh. The thick cock prodded his eager entrance. He couldn't wait any longer.

He slipped both arms around Grimmjow's broad shoulders, leaning forward to press his lips against the sexta's ear. "Grimmjow," he ordered softly, "I need you to fuck me. Now."

More than one person at the table moaned. Mortified, Ulquiorra sat completely rigid in his seat, his wide, unblinking emerald orbs seeing nothing but the images of Grimmjow's lust-filled blue eyes. The sexta's foot rubbed gently against his under the table.

Ulquiorra slumped against Grimmjow, tightening his arms around his subordinate's neck as the straining erection pushed slowly inside. The warm hands rubbed his hips gently, coercing him to lower his body the rest of the way. He nibbled on the shell of the sexta's delicate ear before relaxing the muscles in his legs and allowing his body to sink, impaling himself on the impossibly hard cock.

"Ohhhh god…" Grimmjow moaned, finally fully sheathed in the higher ranked Espada's tight ass. Ulquiorra smoothed the soft blue hair away from his subordinate's face, relishing the way the broad chest heaved against his own. He wanted the sexta to start moving, but an experimental roll of his hips only led to a tightening of the grip on his waist and a more urgent moan from the weaker Arrancar.

His gaze flicked to Nnoitra, who was watching with interest, single eye raking over the interlocked naked forms, slender fingers idly stroking his own hard on. Ulquiorra began rubbing the back of Grimmjow's neck, shuddering at the hot breaths ghosting against his ear. After several seconds, the sexta carefully rocked his hips forward. Ulquiorra's eyes widened as the thrust hit directly against his prostate.

"Do that again," he ordered in a barely audible whisper.

Grimmjow repeated the movement, only harder. When the cuatro's vision returned to normal, Nnoitra's face was only a few centimeters from his own. He reached out a hand, running his fingers through the silky black hair and pulling the lanky Espada into a quick, sloppy kiss. Following another deliciously slow thrust, Ulquiorra's gaze settled on the quinto's hands—in time to see his subordinate coat two fingers with the nearly empty bottle of lube. And reach down near Grimmjow's ass.

Ulquiorra jolted as the sexta's entire body went rigid. The weaker Espada jerked his head to glare at Nnoitra, blue eyes blazing with a combination of fury and panic. "Don't you fucking dare," he hissed.

Nnoitra sneered. "I'll be gentle."

Grimmjow opened his mouth to protest, but Ulquiorra quickly cupped his face, forcing his subordinate to look at him. He pressed their lips together softly and bucked his hips, taking in more of the thick, aching length. He sucked the sexta's lower lip between his teeth and nibbled gently, savoring the intense moan—and the sharp intake of breath as Nnoitra slid a single lubed digit inside the raw passage.

Tilting Grimmjow's face and delving his small tongue into the hot mouth, Ulquiorra rose up on his knees and sank back down. The hot pressure building in his groin threatened to spill over as he was filled, the stiff cock brushing deliciously past his prostate. The cuatro's tongue rubbed urgently against Grimmjow's. Strong hands fisted in the blue hair as precum gathered at the tip of the pale erection and slowly trickled down the velvety head. Grimmjow arched his back as a second finger slipped inside him. Ulquiorra moaned loudly at the sharp thrust.

He tightened his grip in Grimmjow's hair when Nnoitra goaded the sexta a little higher on his knees. Ulquiorra met his subordinate's bleary gaze and was looking directly into the murky blue depths when the quinto carefully slid his cock inside the hot, raw passage.

Ulquiorra inhaled sharply as rough fingers raked down his back. Grimmjow tossed his head back against Nnoitra's shoulder, eyes scrunched shut and mouth open in a sharp cry of both pain and pleasure. For several seconds, no one moved. The only sounds were rough pants coming from three different individuals, two struggling to bring themselves down and one trying to resist the pressing urge to thrust madly into the hot, slick passage that clenched around his cock.

Lust-clouded blue eyes fluttered open. The sexta's hips rocked experimentally, his painfully hard cock pressing against the small Espada's prostate even as the long, thick erection inside his own passage grazed a sensitive spot.

Ulquiorra couldn't tell which of them moaned. It might have been him. Slender fingers wrapped around his dripping cock, and his back bowed, arching into the touch. A smooth thumb rubbed the oversensitive head, smearing the precum against the hot, swollen flesh. His pulse hammered in his ears as he forced his eyes open.

And then things started to pick up.

Warm, rough hands gripped the pale hips, and Grimmjow's cock slid almost all the way out. Ulquiorra groaned at the brief sensation of emptiness before he was abruptly filled. His cock twitched under the gentle ministrations of the long fingers that seemed to touch every inch of his throbbing arousal. Another sharp thrust from the sexta left him slightly breathless and in desperate need of more.

Nnoitra's hand fell away from his impossibly hard length, and Ulquiorra slumped against Grimmjow, panting and trying not to moan in frustration at the coldness of the air against his hot flesh. He watched Nnoitra's slender hands now firmly gripping the sexta's hips. Ulquiorra glanced up, focusing on the quinto's face as the tall Espada's hips rolled in a surprisingly gentle thrust. Muscular arms wrapped loosely around Ulquiorra's chest, but the sexta gave no sign of extreme discomfort. Nnoitra pressed his hips forward, forcing his erection a little deeper. A wicked grin slowly spread across his face as his subordinate moaned in pleasure. He began slow, rhythmic thrusts into the raw, slick passage, his long erection rubbing against the small gland.

"Shit," Grimmjow groaned, "Can't you go any faster?"

The violet eye narrowed dangerously.

Ulquiorra gasped as the quinto started to thrust violently into Grimmjow, forcing the sexta's cock harder and faster against the smaller Espada's prostate. Wrapping both his arms around his subordinate's neck, Ulquiorra began meeting Grimmjow's thrusts. He closed his eyes and moaned loudly as his prostate was pummeled. The intense pressure in his groin was beginning to feel unbearable. A rough jab to the sensitive gland set off fireworks behind his eyes. His vision cleared in time to see Nnoitra press his lips against Grimmjow's ear.

"Touch his cock, Grimmjow," Nnoitra whispered, before pressing his lips against a sensitive spot behind the delicate ear.

Before Ulquiorra's sex-drugged brain could comprehend the words, a warm hand had wrapped firmly around his erection, teasing and tugging the straining member that was aching for release.

"You're so fucking hard," Grimmjow moaned, lightly squeezing the engorged length.

Ulquiorra failed to see why he wouldn't be hard, but just as he opened his mouth to express his thoughts, he was left speechless by several quick thrusts directly against his prostate. Gripping Grimmjow's shoulders, he rocked his hips, meeting each vicious thrust and forcing his erection to rub against the sexta's rough palm. The movement inside his passage was growing more forceful and erratic.

"Fuck, Nnoitra," Grimmjow shouted. "Harder!"

Ulquiorra tangled his fingers in the soft blue hair, gasping as the frantic pace pushed him to the edge. With the nearly constant pressure on his prostate and the rapid jerking of his dripping length, he knew he wasn't going to last much longer.

"Grimmjow," he whispered. "I'm so close."

"Oh, god, Ulquiorra," Grimmjow groaned. "Just come."

The hand squeezed and pumped his erection urgently. His balls tightened. With a strangled cry, he found himself spilling violently, streaking his pale stomach with pearly fluid as wave after wave of fiery pleasure coursed through his veins. His inner walls clamped down hard around the invading length.

Grimmjow moaned heatedly, burying himself to the hilt inside the stronger Espada and finally coming. Ulquiorra clung to the sweaty shoulders, gasping as he felt the warm explosion coat the inside of his stretched passage. He gazed at the sexta's face, at the soft parted lips and eyes closed in bliss as his subordinate rode out his orgasm. With a muffled groan, Nnoitra sheathed himself in the abused passage and slipped his arms around his subordinate's chest, holding the shorter Espada tightly as he spilled his load.

Ulquiorra waited patiently until the sexta's breathing returned to normal before cautiously raising himself on his knees and allowing the limp length to slip from his passage. Briefly meeting the bleary blue eyes, he pressed his lips chastely against Grimmjow's. A pale hand carded through the blue hair, large green eyes watching as Nnoitra slipped his fingers between his subordinate's legs. The long digits gently stroked and soothed the perineum as he carefully eased his huge cock out of the tender opening.

Nnoitra lay back on the bed, pulling Grimmjow and Ulquiorra down with him. Ulquiorra found himself in between the two taller Espada, wrapped in a firm embrace. With his thoughts slowly growing more lucid, he knew he had more important things to do—but he didn't object. After a few moments, his body relaxed. He allowed his eyes to fall shut as exhaustion caught up to him. His arm joined Grimmjow's, wrapped around Nnoitra's waist. As he drifted off, he was barely conscious of the sexta's fingers linked with his own and the thin lips that pressed fleetingly against his forehead.

As the scene finally faded, Grimmjow found himself looking across the table into comically wide green eyes. He would have laughed. Had the situation not involved himself in embarrassingly intimate moments.

A thick, almost tangible silence had descended upon the room. No one so much as breathed. Eyes darted down the table, trying to gauge the expression on Aizen's unreadable face. Nnoitra craned his neck to catch a glimpse of the other former Soul Reapers. Gin's face sported a wide, almost giddy smile, while Tosen looked like he had just sniffed a pile of shit. Their leader seemed lost in thought, his chin resting casually in his palm and a distant expression in his eyes. After what seemed to everyone like an eternity, he broke the stifling silence.

"Thank you for your report, Ulquiorra," his voice rang out pleasantly. "That was… quite enlightening."

Ulquiorra didn't move, his unblinking eyes fixed on a spot somewhere above the sexta's head.

"Does anyone have any questions?"

Well, yes. But the murderous expression on Grimmjow's face successfully silenced them.

"Very well. Our meeting will adjourn for today."

Grimmjow could have sworn Aizen met his gaze as the former Soul Reaper stood, a small smile playing on his lips. He strode out of the room, his immaculate white cloak billowing gracefully behind him, flanked by a grinning Gin and an unamused Tosen. The doors creaked open. The footsteps slowly faded. Grimmjow slumped back into his chair, his face set in a dangerous scowl as his eyes flicked to take in the rest of the table. To his immediate right, a heavy chair scraped across the floor.

Zommari Leroux left no doubt in anyone's mind that his sonido was, indeed, the fastest of the Espada.

Yammy overturned in his chair in his haste to escape. "What the hell is wrong with you," he grumbled angrily as he passed them.

Baraggan stood, casting a disapproving look at Ulquiorra, who still seemed frozen. "I would have expected better from you," his gravelly voice chastised. Grimmjow flipped the old bastard off as he left.

Without a word, Aaroniero made a beeline for the exit.

Harribel stood, her icy glare sweeping over her subordinates. "You should find a more constructive use of your time and energy," she said coldly. "One that would better serve Lord Aizen."

"Tch. As if that 'report' didn't get you wet." Luckily for Nnoitra, he held back his remark until the third Espada was nearly out the door.

Starrk slowly got to his feet. Shrugging listlessly, he shoved his hands in his pockets and silently headed out, leaving the three of them with Szayel Aporro. Who was smiling unpleasantly.

"If you would be willing to repeat your actions in a controlled setting, I would greatly enjoy studying the patterns of your spiritual pressure. Your cooperation would be highly beneficial to my current re—"

Ulquiorra's head snapped in his direction, green eyes smoldering. "Fuck off," Grimmjow said acidly, cutting him off. Nnoitra just grinned wickedly at the lower-ranked Espada.

Entirely unaffected, Szayel leaned forward, still smiling coolly. "When you change your minds, you know where to find me."

Grimmjow glared daggers at Szayel's back as the octava gracefully strode to the hall. The doors shut with a resounding boom.

They sat in dead silence for almost a minute. Until Nnoitra started laughing. The tension in the room seemed to melt instantly, and Grimmjow found himself grinning at Ulquiorra. The cuatro's eyes flicked from Grimmjow to Nnoitra—and then he, too, relaxed. Grimmjow thought he saw the corners of the small mouth twitch slightly.

Nnoitra rested a sharp elbow on the long table and grinned at the other two Espada. "So, Ulquiorra. Could we see that again?"

Ulquiorra looked away indignantly.

The quinto leaned back, his creepy grin managing to stretch even wider. "Wanna fuck on this table?"

Glancing between his two subordinates, Ulquiorra wordlessly reached into his pocket and produced a small bottle of lube.

Grimmjow smirked. "Hell yes."

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