Rating: T
Pairings/characters: Kiryu/Crow
Summary: Crow can see the signs. He just doesn't want to.

Written for Immicolia.


He could have heard that laugh from a mile off. Anyone could have heard it. It wasn't like Kiryu ever tried to hide it or himself; if anything, he'd been growing louder and more wild as the months passed. But it sure would have been nice if Kiryu could give him a break once in a while. That laugh hadn't meant anything good yet, and he doubted it would this time.

It didn't take long to find him. He was going to have to mention this to Yuusei later; forget the other gangs, Kiryu was going to attract Security's attention if he kept this up any longer, and an empty lot was the worst place to hide from them.

Crow jumped the fence as Kiryu started giggling to himself again. across the lot, something exploded. Crow cursed under his breath and hastened his steps.

"Kiryu! What the hell are you doing out here?"

Kiryu just grinned at him. Like he'd expected to see Crow out here. Like he wasn't doing anything wrong. Like he wasn't acting wrong.

And in the next moment, he wasn't. There wasn't any real perceptible change, but suddenly he was back to his only slightly crazy self. Crow swallowed heavily as Kiryu crossed the last bit of distance between them and ruffled his hair like he had a million times before. He didn't want to believe Kiryu was losing it, but what else could it be...?

"I was just practicing," Kiryu said with a shrug. "It's too soon to relax. The other gangs might try to take back their territory. it'd be pathetic if we let them 'cause we're out of practice."

Crow wanted to call him on it-that explosion wasn't caused by any Duel Monsters card-but then Kiryu's arms were around him, holding him close, and he could hardly breathe much less accuse him of anything. He still crossed his arms between them rather than hug him back. The laugh was still fresh in his mind.

"You worry too much," he muttered after a moment. "No on'll oppose us anymore. They're all scared shitless of us."

They're scared shitless of you...because he'd heard stories about some of the gang in zone M. How at least one of them could hardly walk now. At first, he'd been able to convince himself it was just an accident.

Kryu chuckled and threaded his fingers through Crow's hair again, fixing the mess he'd made. "Maybe you're right. Still can't hurt to practice."

"Yeah, and it can't hurt to practice inside." But he knew Kiryu would never listen to that. He hadn't even liked dueling inside before he started acting funny.

And like he thought, Kiryu just chuckled again and grabbed his chin to kiss him. Because that would always get Crow to back down, and he hated it. But at least for a bit, he could pretend that Kiryu's kisses weren't any rougher than they used to be and the grip on his arm wasn't going to end up bruising later-that nothing had changed.

Then something else exploded and they both jumped, sending their teeth crashing into each other and Kiryu's nails into Crow's skin enough to bleed. Kiryu glanced back and shrugged in apology. Crow punched him in the arm, slipped out of his grip, and left.

Whatever Kiryu was messing around with, he wasn't going to be a part of it.