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I: TezukaFuji - Umbrella

It was raining hard on the streets of Tokyo city, and a lone figure moved quickly against the heavy downpour, his schoolbag over his head, school clothes quickly becoming wet.

"Mou… and I didn't even bring an umbrella today…" He muttered to himself, quickly dodging the approaching people, who, he thought with slight envy, are completely covered with a raincoat or under an umbrella, if not slightly damp.

He found refuge under an awning of a closed store, but he was already half-drenched, and was starting to shiver slightly from the cold. He looked up to the sky, still finding the cloud's swirls of dark grey and the deep rumble of thunder not too far off. The rain poured down mercilessly and he inched closer towards the stall, pressing his back against the shop window as the wind howled, occasionally blowing the direction of the rain to him. At this rate, he would never be able to go home…

The streets were deserted, and the people were making themselves scare, no doubt trying to escape the anger of the storm. He pulled his school jacket closer to him, trying to keep himself warm, despite the fact that it was more wet than dry. The situation looking more hopeless by the second, with a resigned sigh, he decided to just wait until the rain would stop, sitting down on the cold, damp pavement, hugging his knees close to him, staring out into the rain.

Briefly he wondered about his teammates. With a smile, he could almost envision two of his kouhai riding out in the rain, with the older one pedaling his life out of his bicycle, while the younger one holding on to the other teen's shoulders for dear life as the second year would, without fail, probably skid once or twice on the road, with one almost crashing into an incoming car. And then he shifted his thoughts to his ever hyper, cheerful and bubbly best friend, who was probably with his doubles partner slash boyfriend-to-be, either, with a sudden twinge of jealousy, walking home together under one umbrella or already hanging out, warm and comfortable, in one of their homes, deciding to sleep over, since the rain wasn't letting up yet. His partner-in-torture was probably passing his time in the science laboratory, concocting god-knows-what for another one of their tennis practices. The said partner's protégé was most likely jogging in the rain, the weather not particularly affecting him in any way. His own occasional doubles partner would be in his home by now, closing up their shop. With all of his teammates accounted for, the only one left would be…

Ah. A bittersweet emotion rose to his chest and he chuckled. Out of all the people he thought about, this was the only person that he had no idea where he would be at this moment. He might be in the tennis courts, in the student council room, or even outside, walking home. And it was ironic, seeing as the other teen was the male that he was always paying attention to.

Tezuka Kunimitsu. Just the full name sent shivers to his spine. He laid his arms on top of his knees, hiding the sudden blush that appeared on his cheeks. But thankfully, the gesture warmed him up greatly, and he exhaled a breath, only for it to come out as a tiny puff of smoke.

He looked and felt like a runaway teenager. He a spasm of cold washed through him and he shivered, tucking his knees closer around him, trying to preserve body warmth. He laid his chin over his arms, clutching his biceps tightly, wishing that he was back in his own home, warm and preferably drinking a cup of hot chocolate that his older sister elevated to an art.

A shadow loomed over him and he looked up, blinking as his daydream dissolved into the cold, harsh reality. He squinted against the rain, only to gape, his eyes snapping open, as he recognized the person standing in front of him.

"Tezuka." He finally breathed out.

The tall captain of the Seigaku regulars towered over him, staying dry under the umbrella that was over his head. His was the epitome of cool, his face expressionless except for his eyes, which were looking down at him with an emotion that he cannot place.

Then silently, Tezuka placed the umbrella over his head, leaving the captain to the mercy of the hard hitting rain. He was immediately drenched, uniform and bag included, but his hold on the umbrella's handle was firm, covering the tensai from the onslaught of the storm. With his other hand, he reached out, an invitation for the tensai to stand up with his help, keeping the umbrella in place.

"I'll walk you home."

The simple words were enough to jostle the tensai out of his shock. Slowly, almost hesitant, he straightened out and clasped the teen's warm hand in his own ice cold ones. Tezuka tugged, and he gingerly stood up, already half-numb with the cold.

But he smiled genuinely, not letting go of Tezuka's hand as they resumed walking to each of their homes in tranquil silence, under one umbrella, despite the fact that both of them were already wet from head to toe.

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