Heaven from hell

The last memory of my life is of the devil. Disguised as an angle, but the devil none the less. For the devil takes many forms. Her beautiful face leaned in, a wicked grin replacing her soft smile. I screamed as her teeth tore into my flesh. I screamed in terror, and then I screamed in pain. The last thing I heard before the fire consumed me was the devils laughter.

The first memory of my life is of a god. A god of war battered and scared, but beautiful. He looked down at me with compassion in his eyes. Then he blinked and it was gone. In its place was a hard resolve.

The devil appeared over his right shoulder, and scowled down at me, I cringed away. She placed her had on the gods shoulder and closed her eyes. "She may be quite useful." Her angle voice rang out. The god nodded. "Get to work" the demon angle ordered, before disappearing just as suddenly as she had arrived.

There was a moment of silence, that seamed to last for ever, the gods now hard eyes staring into mine. Then he spoke. "I can feel your confusion" there was a strange calm to his voice, soothing, but with a slight warning that he was in control. " It's alright it will all make scene in a moment, you have been reborn." He stated plainly. I stared at him even more confused then I had been a moment before. He seemed to notice, for he sighed before continuing. "You are Maria's newest recruit." I knew instantly that he meant the devil had a name. Maria.

He seemed sloth to say anything else though so I opened my mouth and was stunned by the sound that came out, it was not my voice. I clamped my mouth shut and went to cover it with my hand, but the movement was to fluid and I ended up smacking my self. My eyes widened in shock. The god slowly so as not to frighten me more, moved his hand over and let it rest on my shoulder. A wave of calm washed over me and my hand fell limply back to the dirt floor that I was still laying on.

"I know this is strange miss but I am hear to help you adjust, alright?"

I nodded, then whispered, "what happened to me?" I did not want to hear the voice that was not mine, but even in the whisper was the change evident. I cringed again. His hand tightened around my shoulder, warming me slightly. But even that felt off.

"You have been changed, into a.....vampire." He said slowly placing his free hand on my other shoulder. I sat there dumbfounded, but strangely alert. The confused haze I had been in since the moment the burning ended and my eyes opened seemed to lift. I saw him clearly for the first time. He truly was a god of war. His chin length blond hair the most natural thing about him. I gasped as I took in the color of his eyes. They where blood red. Quickly I looked down trying to escape his gaze. I studied the rest of him slowly taking in his tense crouch, the position obviously picked to allow for quick adjustments to any sudden movements that I might make. As I took a closer look at his skin I flinched back causing him to once again tighten his hold on me. I slowly took in the pail stone like appearance of his flesh, but that is not what frightened me. His scares that had seemed to be such normal war wounds a moment ago where in reality small crescent shaped bite marks, overlapping and covering the majority of his exposed flesh. These scares sent my mind down another more terrifying path, and I remembered back to our conversation.

"Recruited to do what?" I blurted out suddenly. Surprised once again by the strangeness of my voice. I was afraid to hear the answer and the frown my question produced on his warrior face increased my anxiety greatly.

"You have been recruited to fight in a war." He stated slowly being careful not to overwhelm me. "Don't worry about that right now, please Mame. Everything will be explained in time, I promise."

His words did calm my near panic, but not much. He began to slowly rub his hands up and down my arms. Soothing waves seemingly rolling off of his palms. As my head slowly cleared I got the sense that as long as this god like figure was near I would be alright. He would be my ally no matter how desperate or horrible my 'recruitment' would be, and despite the fear I was still feeling I smiled. His face relaxed a little.

"Do you remember your name miss." He asked politely.

I froze at the question, panic rising in me once again as I franticly dug threw the piles of blurred thoughts and images in my head. My memories I realized with another gasp. What had happened to them? None of them seemed to be as they should be. A small portion of my mind knew the answer already. So I did not push it. There where to many other things to deal with at the moment. My head could wait.

Taking a deep breath,(and realizing with a start that I had no need for air) I started over calming myself, and focusing only on the task at hand. Remembering my name.

"Isabella Swan." I exhaled in a sigh of relief.

The god smiled. "Jasper Whitlock. It's a pleasure to meet you Miss Swan. Although you are under no obligation to agree with me. Now you must be hungry, why don't you come with me and I will find you something to eat."

At his last statement I started to hyperventilate. I had not felt hungry at all sense I awoke. However the suggestion that I might be caused a fire to suddenly erupt in my throat. I resisted the now all consuming hunger, terrified of what nutriments my body might now require. I did not know much about vampires, but the little I did know seemed to revolve around there diet. Blood.

My eyes snapped back up to meet his bright red ones.

"And what might I ask am I expected to 'eat'?" I asked harshly.

Jasper looked down at my hand, now balled into a fist in my lap. Then slowly looked back up. As his eyes once again found mine, he uttered the one word I had been praying would not be said.


That is when the screaming began.