A/N: Hey guys, this fiction was actually an idea BEFORE the TSK series was in the process of being written, and was going to take place in the past: A.K.A. Silver Millennium. With that said, one could almost call this a prequel of sorts. The idea was roughly created, and I felt as if a large chunk of possibilities would be lost if I had used this plot within the first book. Thus, before writing it, I happily omitted this entire prospect, even if we see bits and pieces of this type of lifestyle within the second book.

In saying that, for those of you not fans of the series, it doesn't actually tie into that series at all. Rather, this was the forging point that allowed me to come up with the outlandish ideas that sometimes leak out into my writing. This will be a Silver Millennium fan fiction. Don't worry though, I assure you, I won't be hitting the normal realms that many seem to hit time and time again, if you know me, you know by now that I don't think inside the box. Join me now as we take a look into a possible past that may not have been so readily spoken about.

I've cleaned up the first few chapters a bit just to show you all part of the work. I'd like to continue this if you all like it, but I'm not going to stress out over it if you guys don't like the idea. A few of my friends said they liked this concept better, but that's why I decided to post it. This is merely a work in progress that gave birth to the more complex ideals if the TSK.

Let's take care of a few very important side notes before this story kicks off. No planetary alignment will happen for quite some time. Because of this I will be referring to elemental properties and living styles as a basis for identifying who belongs where. Below I will break down what Senshi belongs where.

Rei = Flame
Minako = Metal
Ami = Ice
Makoto = Nomads of the Forest
Haruka = Nomads of the Sky
Michiru = Starts off as of Ice, Becomes of the Sea later. (You'll understand why it had to happen that way.)
Trista = Messiah of Fate
Hotaru = Messiah of Shadow
Nehellenia and Selenity = the Messiahs of hope. Both hold standing as being a possible rule. To be noted that the while Selenity called forth women to rule, Nehellenia called forth men. This is why you see the respective men standing next to the proper Senshi that they would in the future.

Setsuna isn't actually born at the start of this fiction, her birth comes later. As a result the woman I will her mother will be her English name. Thus be expected to see the name Trista quite a lot.


Space. It's dark, barely livable, and covered in secrets. Of these secret are those that the souls of the dead wish weren't spoken. To understand the true depth of its abilities one must understand that our homes aren't the only ones out there. To believe that fate holds all of the cards alone is also untrue. I know of the life I had on a moon already cultivated, of planets already forged, and civilizations nearly reaching their prime. Life was simple back then, enemies weren't always dangerous. Friends weren't always helpful. Yet, even as imperfect as everything seemed to be, in the eyes of the total population it was tolerable. Acceptable beyond most counts, we worked together as a unit guided under individual power, and unified under one queen.

Because of my seeming ignorance I never knew of the past as I should have. I wasn't keen on digging up the dirt Saturn had long sealed away. If I was to come clean, I am still happy for not unearthing the things better left unknown. As the time guardian I have had to watch many things, however I never knew just how much I hadn't seen back then. It was alright not to know, it was acceptable to not read every single little line fate drew, that was what the queen had told me. She didn't want me to know; secretly I think she wanted to protect me from the pain. She didn't want me to identify things that were so long gone, the truths about my ancestors and the realities behind the myths. She wished each and every one of her Senshi to retain a level of ignorance, if for any other reason, so that no one could place blame upon themselves for a past life.

The time I speak of isn't one within my lifetime. In fact, I am unsure of what happened back in those days. I do know this; it was before power could be granted by crystals. In those days people, were people much like that of earth as we know it. Surely they had power and magic's of varying degrees, yet no one really needed them. Each and every deity used their element for survival, not combat. Even if this remained true, I know something had to happen to cause people to use these elements to fight. I don't think I'll ever know how, or even why, but I do know this; history will always repeat in some way shape or form. I don't want to ever see such a thing happen, and never again will I watch a kingdom fall. This is why I must know, this is why I must understand.

I am Sailor Pluto, Guardian of Time, solider of revolution. It is my job to know, it is my job to understand, and it is my calling to finally seek out what I had been denied before. Real answers, real truth no matter what it may cost to find out. I stand here at this door now at the ready, and it is time I watch what I was unable too before. Please forgive me my queen, but I cannot allow your daughter to fail. I must understand what you tried to protect me from, alas, I am a guardian above all else, and this is my preordained task.


A/N: Here's a cool little piece of info. The name of this Fiction was going to be the actual name of TSK before I decided to change it. Anyway, I'll be able to update this rather quickly since it's mostly written all the way through chapter fifteen, that's where I had scrapped the idea, looking back though, this thing really is a gem in the rough. Perhaps it will help with understanding where the mindset of the TSK came from.