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Chapter Three: Preparations Complete!

All stood at the ready. The leaders were gathered around prepared to hear the last of their orders from their new rulers. All of the elements gathered to hear what the others had to say as each leader took the stage to speak freely momentarily. This was a momentous event, one that had been long suffering. Tomorrow would be the day of the jettison and today would be the last day of suffering for the people of varying elements. It was an occasion that very spoke of unifying the many separate warring clans, all offering something to aid one another.

First was a woman who dressed in a very dark silken dress. With wavy hair pitch black with nails to match she carried herself with a deep air of mystery. She stood proudly and with great authority as her presence commanded attention. "Long have many different people suffered from not having aid. Elements have clashed and wars have started on the outer realm. As a result many have come here in search of hope. Hidden within the darkness of space we stand here a great many elements, all of whom are willing to stand side by side even in the face of people who would be enemies. Mirror images within ourselves we have seen how even amongst each other fighting can take hold. Forces have often been segregated. Those of the Dark and those of the Light each need different conditions to survive. It has been a long hard road for all of you to reach where we stand today and I want to be the first to say welcome to our new home. What will one day be our new Utopia. Perfect in every single way, we will all find peace here."

The crowds cheered as those on stage attempted to accept how surreal everything actually was. Here they were, finally seeing hope for a new day, and among them were people who they had seen, and those who they hadn't. All standing side by side all together lost within the moment. "Those of the Dark Shadows raise your voices proudly for it is this day that we are considered among the elements as brethren." Again voices joined cheering and clapping happy to hear the news.

A woman with blond hair came forth; she looked rather young for her age. Her clothing made of the finest cloth just as the ones of the other woman, although they were a much brighter color. She smiled as the crowed grew quiet waiting to hear what she had to say. "We of elements have fought not only amongst ourselves, but also amongst each other as well. For so long we staked claims untrue and unbecoming of what we could possibly attain. Before you now we will stand as the embodiments and leaders to unite our cause under two mergers of power. We will call this the Moon Kingdom and over time unify all that you see before you. Those of the Shadows, you need to be away from the light, and your food sources have been forsaken by many. No longer will you be cast aside for your needs in life. You're people have always bonded under one unity no matter what element you were born with. We will learn this great lesson from you."

The other woman then spoke back up, calling the attention back to her. "Those of the elements, you know how best to survive in places that could harm you, you have mastered adaptation in the highest of forms, and we wish to understand this. People of shadow feed off of life energy. I hope one day that will not have to be the case, Please aid us, teach us possible alternatives for how we must live our lives. Together we will seek a common bond."

Yet again the crowds roared, happy to hear the hope and dreams, real plans and ideas for survival. "Those of us needing to reside in the darkest depths will be called the Dark Moon! I, Nehellenia, will merger these ranks under one power. We will work closely with those of the elements in searching for an ideal solution to fit everyone's needs as best as possible."

The women with blond hair held up by two odd bobs started again. "And I, Selenity will watch over those who need light to survive. People of Light Moon, we need just as many things to live as the Dark Moon and we also need to learn how to coexist. Much can be taught on both sides and much can be gained. Joyful will be the day when we can all stand as one total unit!"

Soon it was time for the addresses of each element and the leader. Promises of what they could offer being the primary concern followed quickly by what they wished to attain from this unity. Ami was the first to speak using the utmost level of dignity while doing so. "The people of Ice are an element bound by technology. We have much to offer in the ways of health care and innovation. This has been seen as a hazardous thing within the history, yet all we wish to do is further civilization. Our people are weak and without protection we are forced to use the very thing used to make lives easier as a method for eradication. We ask for protection, and in return we will help others to make their lives easier. We will teach what we know and help further the advancement of your own societies."

Minako was the next to speak. Her bubbly attitude unrefined. "We of Metal aren't in dire need of many things; we are for the most part self-reliant. Still we are ready to help out however we may be needed. We know many things about how to use land to our advantage. There are things found within soil that has medicinal qualities or a great many other uses. Sadly we cannot find the best ways to use these materials. Teach us what you know, and we will provide all we can to those in need."

Nodding when Minako gave Rei eye contact the raven stood forth. "People of Flame have been seen only a dogs of the military for a very long time. We are hounded and dragged into wars that don't even concern us merely because we are very knowledgeable on the arts of war. As much as we are renowned for our skills we are not barbarians. We don't wish any more bloodshed than what is necessary. Many of our element come here looking for a refuge and a place where no more blood must be shed by their hands. We are a race proud in believing in things like faith, hoping there is a greater being out there who can hear our cries for help. Provide us a place of safety where we aren't forced to fight and we will teach your armies how to be proper warriors. Give us a place of peace, and we will bring you comfort when you feel you must mourn."

A tall girl Rei had never seen before stood with green eyes hardened on the people before her. Dressed in furs of animals it was clear she was of nomadic people. She wore a breastplate of wood, noting her origin as that of the forests. "My people must travel through the seasons to stay by our food sources. We need damp climates to help keep our trees plentiful. We live in the stormy weather and follow those clouds wherever they may go. We will offer you the wood we cultivate from the trees and teach you its many uses, giving you the gifts of how to sustain in nature. The only thing we request in return is that our homes be preserved. Since we travel by foot we cannot just pack everything up, and thus have many campsites. Save our homes and ensure our survival by keeping the land healthy and we will offer our guidance. We are strong fighters, much like those of Flame; you will have our blades as well should we all unify as brethren."

Haruka stood as the last of power, if even for a moment her eyes wavered. "I am of the Wind. Our people are nomads who live in the skies. Sadly our homes are not only burned, we suffer because we cannot breathe. Give our people a safe place to live, one with many airs to travel, and we will teach you how to navigate and travel through means that are not only efficient, but will also ensure your planet stays healthy. We will provide trade and bring to you a means of getting items from other planets. Aid us, and we will aid you."

The speeches continued on until nightfall when many returned to their segments of the very large landmass. Soon the daybreak of jettison would arrive. Each element took the news differently. Some were apprehensive, worried it would fail. Some were in celebration all night long. Among all of the emotions there were a few who stood quietly, unable to alert people of their presence.

"Even if they shout, singing at the top of their lungs. All I can hear is the quiet of acceptance. The knowing truth that not everyone will live on." Her voice was quiet as she looked onward, remorseful for the certainty she knew. "Days of light will always shine, but after the brightness joy brings, there is a dark sadness that envelops the world. A utopia cannot be built and will one day fall." Her whisperers reached the ears of only one woman.

"That may be true. Yet, if they seek such gracious things, I must commend the wishes of peace that flow through them." She stood tall as a serious expression graced her face. "There is a greater power out there that I must seek. I need to have my questions answered. Make sure you keep an eye on her. I know I will be unable to return when I have completed my task."

"I will." The shorter figure looked happy, even if only for a moment. "Her birth will be one that has been awaited for quite a while. She will guide the future into a wonderful home; although we must wait a long time before that ever happens." The woman looked fondly ahead of her. The gray of morning was about to arise as she held the baby of a power still dormant within her arms, parting would be painful, yet it was not the child's time to come into existence.

"Take care of her Hotaru." As she kissed the baby on the forehead a small tear slipped down her cheeks. "Live well my child. Grow well, live happily, and never forget the joys found in the gray of day. One day, you too will be a warrior of time."

As a portal to the ever seeing gates opened the woman of tan skin and midnight green tresses walked through, leaving the baby, yet awakened, within Hotaru's knowing arms. With her eyes still closed it would be unclear when the child fresh from the womb would open her eyes from sleeping dormancy. When she did, she would be taught the ways of Time and Space. As Hotaru held the baby she smiled at the new hope.

"You little one, are a gift rarely seen." She whispered fondly. "When you wake up, I wish to be here, when you cry your first cry I wish to soothe it, when it is time, I will accelerate you to a proper age to begin training, and when you, a child of ageless time, ask who your mother is, I will tell you that it is unknown." She brushed her fingers through a small tuft of hair on the infants' head smiling down at the small gift of hope.

"I will show you a man long within your bloodline, and he will be your grandfather. You are a new gift child of time, and I will do well to forever guide you in both in the birth of your life and in your final breath. In the steed of your mother I will look after you, child of time, Trista Meioh." With her silence glaive in hand she began the long walk to her place on the large planet. A derelict area, covered with poisons fog. This would be her domain, as she cast herself in a wall she prepared herself to oversee yet another child of time open her eyes for the first time.

Back at the time gates the woman stood silently as she cast her ability, the one to send her to a new place. Her task had been completed and she didn't want to linger any longer. "Time Stop…" The words were whispered and, yet they echoed loudly as her body was cast away being sent onto a place only fate knew of. Not the barer, or the guardian, no, only time itself knew where she would be taken.


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