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Anyways here's chapter 7

Bonnie stood up and carefully walked amongst burnt pieces of wood , imagining what used to be in every space of ash . What was her living room is now just specs of dust and ash , then she saw a glimpse of glass and walked closer to it.

It was a framed picture of her family and friends , ex-friends anyway.

The only thing you could see now was Elena's smiling face , the rest of the picture was covered in burns.

Seeing her smile like that after destroying her family …..

She couldn't take it anymore and started to burn the picture with her hand , ever so slowly watching Elena disappear to ashes ….

And she broke down , in the middle of the remnants of her house , she cried for her family , for her ex-friends , for her mixed feelings towards Damon , whose arms are now around her trying to soothe her sobbing figure .

Bonnie cried for a long time wrapped in Damon's embrace


Taking her in my arms was all I could do , watching as she let all of her frustration and sadness out was upsetting to say the least . Then for the first time , I felt guilty , knowing that I was here because of Elena's orders and because he was part of what caused Bonnie pain . As he looked down at her , he new what he must do .

He was going to talk to Elena . And for once do something right .

No longer a kid

After carrying Bonnie who had fallen asleep in the midst of crying , He went back to Meredith's house

And found Elena smirking at him from the garden .

"So you've missed me ? Where's Bonnie ?"

"I can't do it "

Elena glowered at him , her expression changed from smug to fierceness

"What do you mean you can't do it ?"

Damon shrugged , "Exactly , how I mean it , she's broken Elena and judging form her reaction towards you , you seem to have a huge role in it, she needs someone now "

Elena glared at him with more hate "So what are you ? A saint now ?"

Damon scoffed "Hell no , I'm not a saint Stefan but I will help Bonnie"

with that he turned and hoped he had made the right decision .