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Chapter One

Iruka let out a sigh as he craned his head back, rolling his neck in an attempt to alleviate the customary migraine he could feel coming on, thanks to his rambunctious students. He couldn't help but have the feeling that, no matter what the year, he was always given the class with the worst students, the troublemakers, and the rivals that resulted in his chronic condition.

Hearing his students quiet down, Iruka, for a moment, basked in the blissful silence before opening his eyes to see what it was that had shut them up so rapidly. Usually it took seeing the vein in his forehead pop out for them to stop yammering. Quickly seeing what had silenced his class, Iruka wondered if he could use the woman as a threat when the children were misbehaving.

"Tsunade-sama," Iruka greeted as he moved to rise, but stopped when he saw her hand gesturing for him to remain seated. The woman strode into the room, seemingly oblivious to the large class staring at her with widened eyes filled with respect and fear. All of the pre-genin students knew of her monstrous strength, but Iruka also had the feeling that her impressive chest was also intimidating the children.

"Iruka-sensei. I need to talk to you," Tsunade stated as she raised an eyebrow. Being a medical nin, she could easily tell Iruka was fighting back a migraine and, from the tightness of his jaw, the brunet was starting to lose the battle.

"Recess!" Iruka called out weakly through clenched teeth to his students, unable to open his mouth in fear he would let out a pained gasp. The migraine had snuck up on him, forcing him to choose between closing his eyes or dealing with seeing the auras that filled his vision. He didn't even have to consider his options as he shut his eyes. The pounding in his head lessened slightly, but that little reprieve was quickly lost when his students, in their usual stampeding fashion, loudly raced from the room. The herd of giggling, screaming, and foot-stomping children migrated down the hallways, quickly distancing themselves so that Iruka could, thankfully, no longer hear them.

"You really should let me take a look at you. Migraines aren't a normal condition," Tsunade commented coolly, bringing up their most common argument. In many ways, Iruka was the most stubborn shinobi she had ever met. And, having had to deal with people like Kakashi, Jiraiya, and Naruto for so long, that was saying something.

"I didn't have time for coffee this morning," Iruka explained softly as he shifted so he could rest his forehead on his desk, wrapping his arms around his head to shut out any light that filtered past his eyelids. "You wanted to talk to me?" he all but hissed as he clenched his eyes closed, momentarily praying for death. Anything would be better than dealing with this pain.

"I have a mission for you," Tsunade said, her voice sounding bubbly for once. Despite the pain, Iruka cracked open an eye to look up at her in order to see the grin covering her face. Almost immediately he groaned before burying his head back into blissful darkness.

Not trusting his voice, Iruka nodded his head, signaling the Hokage to continue speaking. It was surprising – hers was one of the few voices that weren't high-pitched or loud enough to send shockwaves of pain through his head.

"I have heard you have the best transformation jutsu in the village. You taught Naruto, am I right?" the woman asked, getting a brief nod from the chuunin. Had it not been for his migraine, she was sure he would be modestly protesting her description of his unique talents, but the fact remained that the brunet before her was one of the most accomplished shinobi when it came to transformations. If Naruto was to be trusted as a source, he excelled at them to the point where he was a master of illusion when he wasn't snapping at shinobi handing in messy mission reports. It was for no other reason than, as a teenager, Iruka had got a great deal of use out of them in his numerous pranks.

"How long can you hold a henge?" she asked curiously, having never been able to get an accurate estimation from anyone she had spoken to. The teacher shifted, revealin six outstretched fingers. Six days… impressive... she thought and said as much.

The next words out of Iruka's mouth were ones that made her jaw drop, and she found herself looking at the man in a whole new light. "Months, not days," he whispered from his dark sanctuary. Tsunade stared at him in fascination, unable to imagine how he could hold the justu so long and what reasons he could possibly have to do such a thing. "My nose… covered with a henge until it healed… hid it from my parents…" he said brokenly, pausing to take several gasps of air.

"How old were you?" Tsunade breathed, having heard that no one could remember where Iruka's scar came from or when he had received it. It was as though Iruka had always had the mark traveling across his nose.

"Eight…" Iruka replied, his voice soft as he recalled the particularly bad fall on his kunai after disobeying his parents and going out to train with sharpened weapons on his own. He had just wanted to impress his pre-genin friends when they started weapons training for the first time the next month. He had disguised the injury from his overprotective parents because they had expressly told him to not go practice alone. Seeing his mangled face would have most certainly pushed them over the edge and resulted in them pulling him out of the academy like they had been considering for some time. They both thought he wasn't shinobi material. He was too compassionate, too emotional, for such a lifestyle. An injury would've been the last straw for them.

"Then you have to take this mission!" Tsunade exclaimed joyously, momentarily forgetting Iruka's sensitive hearing. Flinching in empathy, she bowed her head in apology, but almost immediately realized that Iruka wouldn't be able to see her gesture. "Sorry." Taking a calming breath, she continued, "The mission involves infiltrating a group and collecting some information without being discovered."

"Done, just go away," Iruka snapped quickly, feeling a renewed wave of pain hit him. Tightening his hands into fists, he breathed through clenched teeth in hopes of keeping his dignity intact and not passing out from the pain in front of the Hokage.

"You might want to hear what exactly you have to do first…" Tsunade trailed off, eyeing the chuunin sympathetically. It was no secret that Iruka had terrible migraines, but she had never been around him when he experienced one – she had just heard about his condition from Naruto and others who had been victim to the spells that left him quick-tempered and slightly violent. When she heard the growl come from the teacher, she quickly explained herself before she had to experience one of his rapid mood swings that even her best jounin were afraid of. "We needed someone who could pull off a perfect transformation into the opposite gender, and hold it for a period of time. You must figure out who gets more pleasure out of sex – men or women."

Iruka nodded his head, not fully comprehending her words. It wasn't until hours later, with the pain of his migraine a mere memory, that his mind cleared enough for him to recall the Hokage's words and understand what she had actually asked him to do. He also had the feeling he knew exactly why she would ask him such an outrageous thing in the first place.



Authoress: I have to admit, this story was inspired by the Greek story of Tiresius. He is cursed by a pair of snakes and lives seven years as a woman before being turned back into a man. Having this unique perspective on the sexes, Zeus and Hera, in order to end an argument on who gets more pleasure out of sex, drag Tiresius in and ask him. He believes men feel more pleasure and, to "thank" him for his input, Hera blinds him, but also gives him the power of prophecy…anyways, long story short, the idea for this story came to me after reading Ovid's Metamorphoses, which mentions Tiresius – and he being one of my favorite mythological characters (for some strange reason I don't even understand), I couldn't help myself…

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