This is my first try in writing a fanfiction. Heh, not just simply the first time, but not in my mother tongue also. So, if your eyes are bleeding from the mass of the grammar mistakes and etc. just say it; will wait one more year to try again , I really like this manga. I, actually, ended reading it like…two-three years ago? Yeah, probably like that. And I was very sad that there was no fanfics or only one on this great thing. But when I checked it today, there was only three…and…eh, one-shoots? So I guessed, why not try? I really hated and loved at the same time, how Angel Densetsu ended, so here is mine idea of what could have happened in it after the ending, please enjoy and…eh, rate if you want.

Smile in the blizzard

Chapter 1

It was the most ordinary, unremarkable day in Hekikuu town. Well… at least for the most people living here, but…for the students of Hekikuu School, it was the last day before the winter holidays. The morning was very bright and cloudless. Snow felled this year very lately but even so, it was already covering roads, buildings, houses, cars and…well, everything. What was amusing, there was no cold at all - temperature was only slight bellow zero, since the snow wasn't melting. Once the green traffic light signaled and all the cars on the road hastened to stop, two dark figures rushed across the road, where School was supposed to be. First figure was quite below in height than his companion: well-known delinquent Takehisa. It was very easy to gain sight of him because of his lack of eyebrows and the hair, which he bleached. Yet, people charged as far away from them as possible not because of him, but because of his friend, guardian of the school Kitano Seiichirō. This poor guy was called "Messenger of hell" by the people or just simply – "Demon", because of his tiny black eyes, nearly non-existent eyebrows, year-round ghost-pale skin and black marks - which made him look like heroin addict. That appearance plus weird way of running while shouting "KIEEEEEEE~"scared people so much, that they exceeded their own record of running. But in truth, Kitano was a very open, kind and naive boy who almost never had an idea what's happening around him. But actually, scaring people around this time was quite helping the situation, since those two were late for school and there were only two or less minutes until the beginning of the lessons.

"Kitano-san," Said blond, pushing away unfortunate pedestrian, "We…have to take a shortcut!"

"Huh? Shortcut?" Surprised the "Guardian„

"Yeah, through the window, the class is on the first floor anyway, right?" Smirked Yuji and took another turn near the Hekikuu school gates. Kitano was following him.

"B-but…Then we will look like delinquents, Takehisa."

"Kitano-san… Ha-ha! That was a great joke!" Blond guy laughed and then rushed to the glass window, seriously being ready to break it with his shoulder…or head, what comes first. And then…the ring belled. Takehisa stopped right in front of the window catching the cringed eyes of the teacher and students. "Argh! Fuck it!"

"Wait, Takehisa-kun," Demon himself said, while running toward Yuji. "W-we…are late?

"Sounds wrong…Anyway, OPEN THE WINDOW, DAMMIT!" Shouted blondie and punched the glass making it tremble, just like the people on the other side. Now there was only dead silence inside the class.

"I'm sorry…Takehisa-kun, K-k-kitano-kun," Said the teacher on the other side with notes of fear in his voice and then, after taking a giant breath, continued, "B-but…I c-can't let you in c-class since y-you are la…"

"What the he…Ora! Do you think I'm joking around here?!" Angrily huffed Takehisa, "I'm gonna break all your freaking bone…"

"We understand" Obediently and calmly said the scary-man, making all the class, teacher and also Takehisa fall and uncomprehendingly look at the "Guardian„."Please, excuse us"

"Y-yes, Kitano-kun…of course"

"Ha!" Smirked Yuji and looked with a death glare at everyone, expect Kitano of course, "You lucky bastards…" He turned around, so now his back was looking at the school window and started to follow Kitano.

"I-I'll live for another day" Feebly and very quietly mumbled the teacher and fell flat on his chair. "One minute…please, open your books…"

"Damn, Kitano-san, next time I'll freaking break it for sure!!" Angrily clenching his fists said blond guy.

"Takehisa-kun, it'll be better if you don't…there could be problems" Anxiously said Kitano.

"He…right, I will do it at night!"

"You…no, you understood me incorrectly!" "Devil„ exclaimed, while raising his arms.

"He-he-he…anyway, Kitano-san, now we have like an hour, what should we do?"

"Let me see…" Reflectively said Guardin of the school and then became silent. The thing, that broke the silence, was his stomach - it gurgled from hunger.

"I see" Cunningly smirked "Super Sajin„, "Let's go eat somewhere, then?"

"Uh, sure."

The reason of them being late was a cat. Black, with bright white spots on his fur, cat. Some girl named Sana, a friend of Kitano as Yuji soon discovered, lost her cat-pet and found it on a large tree: cat refused to get down. After fooling with tree quite for a long time: trying to climb on it, shaking it, vocalizing meowing sounds and even hitting lightly the cat by feedback side of the rake (For what Yuji received a hit to the head from Sana) – Kitano decided to simply talk with the animal but… instead of words shouted his famous «Kieeeeeeeeee~» Cat, from fear, felled from the branch on four feet and fled as fast as he could into his house.

The duet stopped near small bar not far away from the School. It, upon the joy of Takehisa, was very empty in this time of day. Thouse two actually, got time to grab their money but, of course, they forgot their bentos. Highschool students ordered themselves two portions of Ramen and sat to the nearest table with big window. Thanks to the, are you supprised(?), terrifying look of Kitano, paymaster took the order very long time, with fear and cowardice on his face, but the cook, fearing for his life, cooked the food almost instantly. Two buddies shouted «Ittadakimasu» and started to it.

After several minutes, when plates were half-empty, Kitano has put his Chopsticks to hashioki and looked on the street.

"Something wrong, Kitano-san?" Disturbingly askedYuji, when he catched the look of Seiichirō.

"Wha...No, nothing," Shake he his head, "I'm just thinking, that holidays are finally tomorrow."

"Oh, yeah, and freaking Christmas is soon" Said he thoughtfully, "Do you have any plans for holidays, Kitano-san?"

"Uh…I…" Blush covered his checks.

"Oh, so it's something to do with your woman."

"N-n-not like that..." Objected blackhaired student, "My family was going to ride to my old town, when I studied before transfering here and where my grandma now lives, for week or two, there is a big and beautifull temple, and...if Ryoko would want...she could com... "

"Come with you? Kitano-san, be persistent! I think, that you still haven't asked her!


"And when are you leaving?"


"W-w-what?! Kitano-san! I'm sure, definitely sure, that this bi…Ryoko, will accepts your offer with joy…but so suddenly, you can't! Heizo is one moffo…Wait, that old bag is very easy to trick." Said Yuji, while correcting his fringe.

"Ha? A? Wha?"

"Let's go, you won't wait until tomorrow, right?!"

"But…Takehisa-kun, lessons are still going"

"To hell with them, five minutes until the break! Da-a-amn, your relationships aren't moving an inch!" Shouted the boy, after grabbing the hand of his friend and kicking the door with his foot, thank God, not breaking and only opening it with loud whistle, "Let's go!"

Askew watching from behind the stand, cashier mopped sweat from his face with his palm and swallowed his saliva from the fright, glancing on the table, where the duet was sitting a minute ago:

"As I though…Ramen is not eaten. They were discussing some girl…poor thing! She will be done in one bite!"

* Ramen - Japanese noodle dish that originated in China.

* Ittadakimasu – "Let's eat/Thank you for the food„ – Fraze, Japanese people say before starting to eat.

* Hashioki – Chopsticks holder.