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Chapter 2

But it was impossible to meet her on this break, once again the tickling school call that pissed Yuji so much ringed. Practically breaking the door with the hit of his shoulder, Yuji opened it and let Kitano walk inside first. They got lucky, the ring ended just as they came.

"Stand! Be afraid! " Cackled Yuji, throwing his school bag on his table, "This…we aren't late, are we?"

"Of…course," Nervously agreed young teacher, wiping with a rug uneven line of chalk on the board, which he made, when the pair rushed into the class with such much noise.

"I'm very sorry, that we missed the first lesson, sensei. " Bowing, apologized the "Devil" himself and walked next to his table, "Can I sit? "

"Y-yes, sure..." Trying not to tremble with fear, nodded teacher. He was new in this school, it was his first year and so, as much as other people, and he had unlikely got used to such difference in face and character in Kitano. Light grin swept on Yuji's face.

The lesson passed by quite fast, but boringly also. Considering the fact, that it was the last lesson in the first half of the year, teacher decided not to give anything new to their students in terms of knowledge and just opened his locker, putting pack of exam works on his table. Then he started explaining each student his mistakes. When he ended up on Takehisa ( Kitano had only, for teacher big fortune, one small mistake) teacher took all his courage to start speaking about the mistakes Yuji made. On the half, Takehisa stood up and "barked" at him:

"What, you think you are ve-e-e-ery smart when you insult and point the mistakes at other faces? Ha?"

"I…no! I just want to help and explain everything t-to y-you…" Nervously started talking teacher, gulping from fear.

"Ora, you just make me look stupid! Well, yeah, for everything not fucked up in this world, I have no freaking idea how to plus, and twist, and do shit with those numbers. But you know, it's your fault! "

"B-but, real exams are soon and…you won't pass them."

"T|hen teach be-fucking-tter!" Loudly snort the blonde and stroke the table with his palms.

"B-but…" With misunderstanding, looking at Yuji, Kitano raised his arm "Sensei, maybe I can…teach some things to Takehisa-kun on the holidays?"

"Kitano-kun? Of course, i-if," He unwillingly moved his glare on yellow messiah in the from of a teenager, "Takehisa-kun won't mind."

"W-what, me? Of course! Brilliant resolution…arigato, Kitano-san!" Sharply looked at him with a big, child smile Yuji, " With your help I'll pass the exams with no problems, at all!" And he sat on his tool as fast as he could.

Near the end of the lesson, teacher collected all the works back into his locker and cowardly smiled, starting to write something on the black board. The text said, "May your holidays pass fortunately and nicely for you all" he clapped and then raised his hand, saying the thing, which every student here was waiting for, "The lesson is finished!" Saying other stuff wasn't needed, grabbing their back, students rushes to the exit and blocked it with their bodies, getting stuck. With the help of Yuji's boot, they got freed and with cheerful yells ran away from school. Blond guy sighed hardly, threw his black box-like school bag on this shoulder and after Kitano came from the class, at a walking pace moved to the school gates – waiting for friends and manly, Ryoko.

They didn't took a lot of their waiting time, soon a crowd from three girls and four guys already was coming from the school and walking to the way of exit. The first was Ryoko, brown-head. Her hair was tied in two pigtails that felt on the shoulder, and her best friend, Ikuko, a girl who was a quite small height and shy, but also strong in point of character. After Ryoko there was a running tall guy and behind him – two of his best friends and body guards. There was also a redhead student who joined the school not so long ago, called Ogisu. The closing link was cold Ikuno girl, she was reading a book while walking, not looking at the group at all. Takehisa and Kitano joined the group and then, after the topic about the horrible school food, the pair were some kind of glad they deciced to visit the bar, they looked at each other, then at others who were holding their stomatches and laughed.

"What?" Exclaimed Ikuko and gave Yuji an angry glare, "Like you didn't eat that stuff"

"Khe-he-he, stupid woman, of course not! Me here and the boss is more smarter than you all!"

"Huh?" She raised her eyebrown and then her fist, "You want a hit in the head, shortie?"

"Like you ca-!" He didn't finished. Strong kick to the neck from behind made him fall on the ground and roll forward.

"Aren't you a little too mature to insult everyone?" Moving her leg down said Ikuno, the book was still in her left arm, "I hope that will make you smarte-"

"Ora~!" Yelled Yuji while raising his fist and making a big step forward, leaving with a dash at her.

"I suppose not..." Sighed the girl and moved a little down, putting her right arm on the ground and pressing her body on it, "I'll end this with only on-"

"Kieeeeeeeee!" Shouted the "Devil" and the fighting pair stopped like they became a wax statues, "You don't have to fight!"

"K-Kitano... " Shamely mumbled Yuji, "I..."

"Of course Kitano-kun, just make this white idio-"


"Stop it, you two!" Yelled almost fake crying Ikuko.

"Idiots." Nodded the tallest guy in the group – Kuroda.

After that the group decided to walk around park and then go home. One after another the group went lower until it was only Ryoko and Kitano. Well…of course everyone was spying after them.


"Yes?" She smiled so brightly at him, he gulped. One of those smiles she gave him that could and made him happy, so happy, he wasn't able to see another day without them.

"Christmas is soon and…I mean, I…you see…do you know how are you going to celebrate it?"

"Hm?" She put finger on her chin, "Probably…no. Father is going to drag me along with him probably, why you ask?"

"It's just… My family was going to ride to my old town, for two weeks, very beautifull place. We are going to stay there in my grandma place for two weeks or maybe slightly less and if you want...I mean...yes, if you want, would you like to c-come?"

"I would love to!" Exclaimed Ryoko and then moved her head down, blushing, "If I won't be a burden."

"N-no! Of course not! "

"Then it's settled! I just need to talk with Ikito to make an alibi for my father!"

"Oi, anime character, you knew about this?" While looking at the couple whispered to Yuji Ikuko.

"Yeah, the first one, actually." He grinned at her.

"I should be there with him on this trip!" Sadly, wow, said she.

"Though luck, better luck next time, weirdo."

"Guys! Stop already!" Ikuno whispered at them.

On the other side of the road Kuroda was angrily bitting his knuckles and only his two helpers were holding him not to rush there:

"J-just wait Ryoko! I-I'll be there and save you from the devil himself! I won't let you stay alone with someone as dangerous as him!"

"B-but boss…"

"You are the dangerous here."

"Shut up!"