Penname: VaniV

Title: A fleeting escape

Summary: Set after Breaking Dawn, Bella and Edward are married. Bella was changed after the honeymoon like intended, no complications (no Renesmée) but Bella craves more than Edward can give her. Her deepest, darkest needs are met by another one of the Cullen men. Written for the Best Domination Ever contest.

Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own any of SM's creations, although I like to take them out for play.

Contest: Best Domination Ever Contest

Bella's POV

It had been going on a long time. Ever since my change, I guess. I had been looking forward to my immortality and becoming more "durable", as Edward always put it. Finally do away with all the self-imposed restraints and holding back my puritanical husband put on me, for fear of my life. Well, Bella Cullen, you got screwed once again, and certainly not the way you had planned.

"Tsk tsk tsk" his velvet voice called me back to reality. Had I been human, I would have blushed, ashamed at being caught. I knew my slip-up wouldn't go unpunished. I didn't *want* it to go unpunished. I needed this, I needed Him.

"I'm sorry Major" lowering my eyes towards the floor, I waited. "The Hell you are… Don't forget that I can feel you, Kitten". I heard him walk towards me and sure enough, his cowboy boots appeared in my line of vision a split-second later.

He jerked my head back and my golden eyes met his crimson ones. I shivered, feeling more wetness pool between my legs. Jasper was one sexy motherfucker. "But don't worry kitten, you'll be sorry soon enough". He knew exactly what the red contacts were doing to me. He'd always wear them when he was with me and I was grateful for that. They made him look more like the badass I knew he could be.

My unnecessary breath caught in my throat at the sight of his attire: a simple white cotton shirt lazily falling, halfway unbuttoned over his faded jeans, his boots and a sexy hat perched atop his chin-length blonde curls that screamed Fuck Me. From my position on my knees in front of him I tried to discreetly adjust myself, anything to create friction. This made my skimpy skirt rise even higher on my pale legs. I was almost completely exposed. I knew he could smell my arousal, and that alone turned me on even more.

"You know the rules, baby girl. No touching, no coming, until I say you can. Are we clear on that ?" I was entranced by his lips and had to swallow once before nodding.

He walked around me, inspecting me. I felt like I was on display for him, to do with as he pleased. His fingers delicately ran through my waist-long, chestnut hair and I sighed at the feeling. He was the epitome of perfection : a typical southern gentleman when needed, but with a firm hand when it becomes necessary.

I kept my eyes trained t o the floor, only listening to the soft shuffling of his feet as he walked away from me. He came to a stop then and I strained my ears to hear what was going to happen next.

"Join me baby girl. It's been a long time and I want my cock in your mouth. I can't believe how much time it has been since I last had you". Vampire speed definitely had its perks, as I was in front of him before he was even finished speaking. I looked up at him through my lashes, waiting for permission. I had long since learned that anything done with him, in this room, had to be done with his permission. And it excited me, to be at his mercy, following his every whim. He was giving me what I craved, and I, so much I knew, was giving him what he craved.

"Tell me what you want, sugar" I loved the way his southern drawl became even more pronounced as we went on. "You know I love to hear you talk baby girl" his breath was close to my ear now and I was shivering. "May I suck your cock Major. I want to taste you in my mouth" "You may, baby girl"

Jasper's POV

That's what heaven must feel like. Feeling myself, encased in Bella's hot mouth her amber eyes looking up at me.. There's nothing that I crave more on this earth, in this life…. I knew my relationship with Alice was missing something. Initially I thought that putting behind my darker days also meant putting behind my darker desires, it certainly meant that for Alice. For a long time, I didn't know that both could go hand in hand. It took me this desirable creature in front of me to realize that I could, in fact, live out my darkest fantasies while maintaining a vegetarian, a Cullen lifestyle. We were a perfect fit: The former soldier, dark, tormented and unstable with The Angel, bright, friendly and deep-rooted. Polar opposites at first glance, molded to fit together when you look closer.

Her skilled mouth brought me out of my reverie and I looked down at the girl, no, woman, on her knees in front of me. Our eyes met and I couldn't suppress a shiver. She was good, very good. She was what I had been waiting for, I was positive.

"That's it, baby, take me deeper into that beautiful mouth of yours. Let me hear how much you enjoy sucking me. God knows I love to have you like that, on your knees, for me only. You're my slut, and I don't care if he's touching your body, you are Mine, don't ever forget that. Only I can make you feel like this". Bella started moaning around my shaft, the vibrations adding to her skilful ministrations, and I knew I wouldn't last much longer. With a deep roar I came into her mouth as she swallowed everything I gave her. "Yours, Major, only ever Yours". With one last soft kiss to my manhood, my beautiful pet sat back on her heels, head lowered, waiting for what was to come next.

She was slowly settling down. After what I know must have been a stressful time with her husband, she needed me to ground her once more. Her whole demeanor seemed to change when she was around me, she was more relaxed, simply feeling better. I wish we didn't have to hide what we were.

"I'm very pleased with you sugar and I just might let you have some release once I'm finished with you. But that's for later, babygirl, I'm not done with you just yet". Her lust rose another notch, mirroring mine. "Do you want to know what else I plan on doing to you, pet?" "Yes Major" God, her name for me made me quiver. I loved it how she so completely embraced and adored my past.

"C'mere sugar" Bella let herself be wrapped willingly in my arms and I felt the back of her corset against my chest. Her breasts were pushed out invitingly beneath the black lace and I fanned my hands out across her torso, pushing my leg in between hers and feeling the delicious heat of her center seeping onto my clothed thighs. We were standing in front of a floor-length mirror and I could tell Bella was intrigued by the couple staring back at us.

My mouth was so close to her ear that she could feel my breath. I knew she wouldn't refuse the Major, but I also knew this was something she didn't necessarily feel comfortable about, so I had to tread carefully there. "I'm going to take you, here, right now, in front of that mirror." The hitch in her breathing didn't go unnoticed by me. "While I am fucking you, I want you to keep your eyes on me, in the mirror. I want to watch you, and I want you to watch me watch you. I know you can do that for me baby girl. I'll reward you later for that. Still no coming until I tell you, are we clear ?" Bella swallowed thickly, but nodded. We had come a long way, and I knew she was now ready for this.

"Very well, turn around and take off that skirt for me. The top can stay on. I find I rather like you like that." My girl slowly left my arms and bent down, giving me a luscious view of her firm bottom, removing her skirt as she went. She was deliciously bare underneath, just the way I liked her. I couldn't help myself and slapped her ass once, delighted by her yelp of surprise. Once divested of the offending garment she returned to me and her nimble fingers started working on my shirt, quickly removing it and leaving it to join her skirt on the floor. She simply ripped my jeans off, leaving me in my cowboy boots and hat. She bit her lip and looked up at me through her thick lashes expectantly.

I wasted no time spinning her around once more, bringing her closer to the mirror and pushing her upper body to lean on the railing in front of it. I kicked her legs a bit wider apart and she was now deliciously spread out for me. Her eyes met mine in the mirror and she trembled in anticipation. Taking my hard cock into one hand, I approached her, and she wriggled her ass appreciatively at me. "Naughty girl" Slap. Another slap. This time, I let my hand linger a little longer, dropping it down to her wet center. A tiny slap there. Bella was moaning by now. Oh, she was definitely enjoying this, but who was I kidding, so was I. Hmm… there's something that I could try. I coated my finger in her generous wetness and drew it back up again, bringing my hand to rest at the crack of her ass, my wet finger lingering on her hole. She tensed and I felt her nerves kick in as confusion settled about her.

"Don't worry kitten, someday I'll take that sweet ass of yours, but not today". Her feelings turned towards curiosity fast, and I was taken a little aback by her rapid change of mind. Maybe that was something worth exploring. "Do you like the idea of me fucking your tight virgin ass ? Does the idea of you giving me something you have never given another, something that your precious husband" I sneered inwardly at that, "would never even think about, turn you on ?". She didn't answer, but I didn't need to hear it, her lust at my words increased tenfold.

"It certainly turns *me* on, baby girl. The mere thought of taking your sweet little behind is enough to make me hard. I can't wait to show you all the pleasure I can make you feel. But that's something for another time. I am not finished with you yet, sugar". All that discussion about taking her ass had made me even harder and the General was starting to leak pre-cum. Taking myself in my hand once more, I started rubbing up against my girl, never quite entering her, just moving back and forth between her wet lips. I smiled to myself at her obvious discomfort, deciding she had been good enough.

"What do you see, baby girl?" She hesitated, and I was having none of that…. What do you see, I repeated, my voice strained now, I didn't want to punish her, it had been too long. "I see you, Major"… "Good girl… and what am I doing to you" "You're … You're teasing me. I can feel you against me, never quite inside… Please" She was getting impatient. Good… right where I wanted her "That's right my pet. I can feel how wet you are for me. You're dripping down your thighs… What do you want me to do to you, baby girl ? Tell me, and I will put you out of your misery."

She whimpered, and I knew she was holding on by a single thread. Soon she'd give in. That was always my favorite moment. The moment she accepted that I would be the one to give her release, the Major, and no one else. It turned me on to have her at my mercy. It is still a struggle for her, to accept the fact that she needs this, me, so much more than anyone else.

"I want you inside me" Tease, I knew she was holding out on me, but two could play at that game. I did slide into her, but I did so excruciatingly slowly, carefully, nowhere near satisfying. Just driving her crazy… and sure enough, once I was buried to the hilt, my beautiful pet lost it. "Please Jas-… Major… please fuck me, hard. I can't stand it anymore, please, take me… I want you hard and rough. Don't hold back Major."

I growled in satisfaction and pulled out all the way before slamming back, ruthlessly, forcefully. I had her hips in an iron grip, her mewling only fuelling my passion. "Look at yourself now, sugar" My voice was strained. She lifted her eyes to the mirror while I was still pumping inside her and the instant our eyes met, I growled out my release and filled her dripping pussy. I could feel her twitching around me, not quite coming, still holding back. She was going delirious with pleasure, and so was I. Feeding off her own lust had me instantly hard again.

I pulled out of her and she moaned in disappointment… "Shush, sugar. Join me on the bed" I dragged her to the bed by her hand… Splaying myself out on the bed, I pulled her on top. "I want you to ride me, sugar. Enjoy yourself and make me come, then you'll be allowed to come too. Don't you dare coming before me, understood" I yanked her chin to me and met her eyes. I know she couldn't trust her voice right now and her eyes were clouded. Proud much, cowboy. I chuckled to myself, it wasn't an easy feat to wear a vampire out, but then again, she had a similar effect on me.

She wasted no time impaling herself on my thick length and I was finally home again. "You're such a hot cowgirl, my sexy… Go on, fuck me as hard as you can" my encouragements had their desired effect as my sneaky girl snatched my hat from me and put it on her own head… My eyes rolled back in my head. That did it for me and my hands flew up to her hips pulling her down on me hard a few times more before I fell into an earth-shattering orgasm, once again. Her high-pitched wailing along with more delicious contractions of her hot flesh around me let me know that this time she followed suit. And in the throes of passion, I bent her down and bit her neck. Hard. She screamed and I felt her muscles contract around me once again. She never stopped moving against me as she rode out her second orgasm. I pushed more lust her way to numb the pain and soon she was thrashing violently again.

I soothingly licked the bite mark on her neck that had once upon a time been created by Edward. She loved to be bitten, and I loved to mark her. But that was my only possibility.

The same spot again and again.

Because she wanted to be marked.

Because it couldn't be discovered.

Because it couldn't be.

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