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Chapter 10: The calm before the storm

Jasper POV

It had been a little more than two months since Edward left, and we had settled into a comfortable routine with the family. Today, Rose, Emmett, Bella and I decided to go out into town and mingle a little. My little minx had come to enjoy those outings with her new best friend, and it made me very happy to see that she was finally standing up for herself in front of the others. The fact that she nevertheless deferred to me was something that stroked my ego. I smiled at that, at least I was man enough to admit it to myself.

At twilight, the four of us piled into my black Panamera and drove off towards a club in Port Angeles. I was looking forward to some quality time and hoped I'd get Bella to dance with me. In that aspect she was still a little shy, but today would be different. I had set my mind to that and there would be no way in hell she'd weasel out of it this time too. Should the necessity arise, I was definitely not below using me powers to get her to cooperate.

We stepped into the club as the music was already pounding. It was not something that I would usually listen to, but it suited my plans for today perfectly. Sweat slicked bodies were rubbing into each other already, not caring for any bystanders. That's the way I wanted her tonight, her hands on me, our bodies connected at all times, slow sensuality.

Rose was in on my little plan and agreed to go and check out some of the back-end rooms with Emmett, not totally altruistically, of course. They disappeared almost immediately after we found ourselves a suitable booth in a somewhat secluded corner of the club.

Pulling my girl to my side, I leaned down.

Bella POV

"I want you to touch me at all times tonight, unless I tell you otherwise. Remove your hands from me without my approval and you'll be punished." His deep voice went straight to my crotch and I nodded and scrambled closer to him to obey his order as he pulled us through the oblivious crowd onto the dance floor.

We were face to face amidst the mass of sweat slicked bodies when he pulled me close to him. Our bodies were touching everywhere, my chest pressed into his, his legs almost encasing me, making anything else than swaying to the beat absolutely impossible. I was nearly suffocating with his presence and I loved every second of it. Dancing with the Major was every bit as sexy as doing anything else with him. And considering the actual *way* we were dancing it probably could be qualified as making out with clothes on. I felt the telltale tremors in my lower belly and knew Jasper could feel my excitement rising.

His hands slid down to my ass and into the deep red pants I was wearing. I was glad I had chosen to wear those pants, they were my favorite. Plus, the little oversize of them was very useful, as his hands encountered no resistance as they slid over my lower back and onto my bare ass. I had foregone underwear today and the pinch to my ass informed me the Major had just noticed, and approved of my choice of clothing for the evening. I was still a little uneasy at the dancing part and didn't quite know where to put my arms, so I rested them awkwardly on Jasper's arms.

Feeling my queasiness, I was spun around and my back and ass were now snuggly pressed against my man, as his hands drifted to my hips, where he firmly pulled me back towards him, his palms resting protectively on my hipbones. I leaned my head back onto his chest and inhaled the aroma that was pure sex to me, slowly getting into the beat of the music as I swayed my ass back and forth against his crotch, pleased to feel him harden at my movements.

My hands were on top of his, encouraging them to drop lower, anything for a little more friction. "You naughty girl, I told you that you were going to enjoy this, baby. I love to see you needy like that. And I love it even more because I know you'll be even more needy than you are now by the end of the evening. Trust me." I moaned at the light bite to my neck. I didn't doubt him for a second.

Jasper withdrew his hands from my hips and, lacing my fingers with his, guided my palms to settle on his ass, firmly. *Omg, I am so going to faint* If I had the decency to care, my moans would probably have embarrassed me, but I was long past that point and just enjoyed the sensations. Dancing really was a great pastime.

No es amor

Lo que tu sientes

Se llama obsesión

A shudder ran through me at Jasper's melodious voice singing along. The song was extremely sensual and I took full advantage of that. One of my hands had now moved up and fisted the hair at the back of his neck as I looked up at him under my lashes. Despite the relatively dim light, our vampire eyes could see as clear as day. His heavy swallow as I rubbed my clothed backside against his crotch didn't escape my notice; neither did the slight jerk of his hips. I grinned evilly. He was the one who had told me to touch him at all times. I let the hand that was previously on his backside slide to the front, my sharp nails breaking his jeans minimally on their way, so that a sliver of his delicious ass was now exposed, heightening his sensations.

I made sure my body covered his crotch and my hand as I ran my hand along the bulge straining against his jeans. I was thankful for the loud music that covered his throaty groan and continued palming him, squeezing every now and then. The low growl in his chest reverberated through my own body as we were literally glued together and I felt my own wetness tormenting me. I was aroused to a point where it became painful. The nails of my other hand scraped against his scalp so hard they would have drawn blood on anyone else.

Suddenly, both my hands were caught and Jasper brought them in front his me, holding my prisoner. "I don't think so, babygirl." He tsked nonchalantly. "You've done enough for now. How about you go and cool yourself down a little in the ladies room. Permission to leave my embrace" a slap to my bottom followed his command and I started to make my way through the crowd in search of cold water and relief. "And no touching yourself, at any point, kitten" his voice was too low for any human to hear, but I unfortunately heard him as if he was standing right next to me, crystal clear even through the music. I pouted as I slammed the door to the ladies room a little harder than strictly necessary to tune out his evil chuckles.

Jasper POV

*I have created a monster* I chuckled as I heard the door slam and made my way back to my seat, trying to hide my very obvious hard-on. There wasn't really a need to be discreet as everyone was way too involved in their own personal bubble.

I sat down and dropped my head into my palm and was thankful that I had learned to control myself very well in the past years. Going hunting before our outing certainly helped too. I waited, and while my eyes searched for my girl or my sister, I snuck my hand to my crotch, intent on at least alleviating the pressure a little before taking my girl back home when I felt a hand creep up on me from beneath the table. I jumped a little in surprise but relaxed when I saw Bella looking up at me through her lashes. She made it back very fast, or had I been sitting here for so long already? She was so endearingly innocent and yet in such a naughty position I couldn't help but groan. "What on earth are you doing babygirl?" my voice sounded strained as I willed myself not to thrust up into her delicate hands desperate for more friction

"I'm back to touching you, Major." Her black lashes framed her darkened eyes and I wanted nothing more than to lose myself in their obsidian depths. She was still very much on edge from our dancing. "I wanted to enjoy the dessert you promised me while hunting" with that, she pulled me closer to the edge of the seat; my lower body was now well hidden from view, in addition to the darkness. "and I'm very much feeling like a Jasper-flavored popsicle at the moment" no sooner had her whispered words drifted up to me that I felt cold air around my cock, right before it was engulfed in her hot, wet mouth. My hands grabbed the bench I was sitting on and I am sure I heard the wood splinter as I arched my head and back, desperate for more. Her mouth was back to teasing me, her tongue barely brushing my needy length; none of the friction was enough to sate my appetite.

"Isabella, take me all the way down your throat…. I can't…. wait... wanna... *groan* fuck your….. mouth sugar". The teasing was over as I felt my entire length slide smoothly in her mouth, but, dear ord, I thought I was going to die when she started humming around me. I bucked up into her mouth a few more times and completely lost it as she purposefully swallowed, constricting her already tight mouth even more around my cock. I came hard, and nearly arched off the bench when I felt lithe hands press me firmly back down. My lovely girl licked me clean, but instead of getting back up she stayed at my feet, kneeling underneath the table, wrapping herself around my leg and looking down demurely. The only thing betraying her was the slight smile on her face and smug feelings she was radiating. It was time for payback.

Looking at her from my higher position gave me a delicious peak down her ample cleavage that was enhanced by the white corset she had donned tonight. Her demure attitude gave me just the idea: "Isabella" I called her attention to me and was rewarded with her beautiful golden eyes looking up at me. "I want you to go to that barstool over there, sit down and pretend to be interested in the menu. Do not speak to anyone or make any noise otherwise. AmIi making myself clear ?" she nodded and rose gracefully from the floor, sashaying over to the bar sensuously, giving me quite the show. We were seated quite far from the bar, but my vampire sight could esily keep track of her, and while the bartender of the other customers couldnt see me, I knew that Bella saw me crystal clear in the dark dephts of the club I was planning on taking full advantage of that fact as I turned towards her. She had found the stool and was perched atop it now, crossing her shapely legs delicately. She held up the menu pretending to be interested when, suddenly, she was jolted nearly off the chair. I smirked. She had teased me a great many times about the "supposedly" power of mine and whether it would work to bring her to orgasm alone. Well, today I planned on proving her just *how* good I was.

Her glare was almost funny as she tried to look upset at me while pleasure was coursing through her body. She tried her hardest to stifle the sounds coming out of her mouth and barely managed. I noticed some of the peole were starting to look funnily at her, and that just wouldn't do. I gave her a moment of reprieve as I looked at her and shook my head minutely. Under my breath for only her to hear I reprimanded her. As her head flicked up to me, I started running my hands through my hair, it ws hot in that club after all. Slumping down a little more, I let my legs fall a little more open and watched as her tongue darted out to moisten her lower lip. her lust that was already swirling thick around me and had me hard, increased even more at the sight of me, and doubled with my power, I sent her another surge strong enough to bring her damn near to her knees. She growled low in her throat, that little growl that she knew always gets to me . But I wasn't caring. She had brought this upon herself by doubting my power, she'd have to feel the consequences. "Don't you dare coming" she bit down on the inside of her cheek and I could see she a truly on the vege of coming. Withdrawing the sensation, I sent her a wave of lethargy, strong enough to take her mind off coming for an instant, enough to have her focus on me once more. On me and my hand, which was currently under my shirt, hovering arond my nipple. I slightly raked my nails over my torso and growled low in my throat. I was driving her crazy. She was rocking on her chair now, desperate for anything, for more. Frustrated that she couldn't have it. My other hand trailed down to my jeans as I dragged it slowly over my crotch, giving her as much of a show as I reasonably could here. It was wearing on me too. Smiling to myself, I stopped a second to collect myself and went to stand up, striding out of the place purposefully. "Follow me in 2 minutes baby. We'll ride in the back now" I left without looknig back. Bella joined me outside a few minutes later and we jumped into the car, where Rose and Emmett were already waiting. They knew what was going on, no doubt, but wisely decided to keep their thoughts and comments to themselves. I wasnt finished testing my lovely angel, and this car ride would be the perfect place to find out just how quiet she could be.

"Are you ok sweetheart, you look a little flushed " I grinned at the face she made at me. She was scowling like a petulant child. "Now now, what is that Isabella". her eyes widened a fraction and her eyes lowered replaced the cocky attitude she had seconds earlier. "That's my girl" I patted her on the head, letting my hand train lower, over her neck, over the mark I had left on her, lower still over the side of her breaksts a lightly scratching her nipple on the way, lower still to the tattoo that was now encased by her pants. I lifted her on my lap and took advantage of her movement to slide my hand into her pants and push my fingers into her soaking wet lips bfore she sat down. She moaned before rememering where she was and stifling her noises. That's it babygirl I cooed. Don't make any noises. You wouldn't want Emmett in on our game now, would you?" Of course, I knew both of them could smell what was happening in the back of the car anyways, but decided to go along with it for just the fun. I moved two of my fingers inside her, not too deep just far enough to tease her and keep her wanting more, always on the edge. She tried to buck against me , to increase the friction, but I shushed her, and she wasn't going to win in when it came down to brute strenght anyways. I was still the male, stronger than her. The ride was quite quick and before we knew it we were back home. Rose and Emmett took out of the car like bats out of hell, probably wanting to give us our privacy as much as needing privacy themselves. I just might have slipped a little on my control there.

Bella POV

I thought i was going to die, I was positive. there couldnt be anything worse, and at the same time as good, as this. He was holding out on me, keeping me on the edge the whole evening. I definitely started to regret my teasing on the dancefloor. If I hadnt done that, maybe.. but then again, no. He probably would have enjoyed tormenting me anywways. As I heard the doors of the car slam in front I knew we were finally alone. Thank god for small favours. the ride seemed soo long.

Jasper removed his finges from inside me and ripped my pants off me in one smooth motion "Hey, those were my.." I was about to protest as I was cut off by his mouth on mine, every bit as urgent as I was feeling. He must have lived my state by proxy... I smirked. empathy can be a bitch sometimes ... He wasted no time pulling me up on my hands and knees, as best as he could, manoevering in the restricted space of the car. He didnt even remove his pants in his hurry to take me. I moaned in delight as I was finally impaled on his lenght, the evening's discomfort bordering on pain finally forgotten. He was rough, his hands digging in to my hips, setting a punishing pace. I meant to keep quiet, but as he jerked my head back, getting close I screamed. "That's it Isabella, scream. Scream for me. I want everyone to hear who's giving you pleasure, who is fucking you right now. Who's driven you crazy the whole evening, who's responsible for the needy bitch you are right now". I mewled, I had never been so turned on in my life. It's true what they say about patience. "Who's fucking you right now, Isabella" it took me afew seconds before I registered I was required to answer. "You.. Major... the Major is fucking me" "Damn right I am. You're so tight my lovely one, I'm very happy with you. Tell me, are you enjoying being fucked like a bitch?" I mewled, being unable to make any coherent sound. But that didnt satisfy the Major. A sharp pain in my neck reminded me I still owed him an answer. "Ye... yeah Major", and as the pain of the bite registered, I couldn't help but tumble over the edge, keening with the tremors that were rocking my body. I felt him release into me just before I collapsed onto the seats of the car, unable to hold myself up anymore.

It took me a few minutes to get my breath back, and considering i didnt need to breather, that definitely meant something..Encased in my majors arms, I sighed contentedly. I'll never doubt him or his abilities again.