A/N: Yes, this fiction has no pairings. Sorry to disappoint you. I just have a hangup on yaoi, and pretty much every pairing on this show is yaoi. .

Mexico makes an appearance, but she is an OC since I have no idea if there is a Mexico or not.

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The lights in the room hummed, illuminating three figures around an old table.

"Do you know what day it is tomorrow?" Germany started.

"Um… Friday?" Japan responded quizzically.

"Well, yes, but… What day is it tomorrow?"

"Pasta Day?" Italy suggested hopefully.

"No!" Germany shouted. Upon seeing Italy flinch, he cleared his throat and grinned. "It's April Fool's Day!"

Italy suddenly looked terrified, while Japan only seemed confused.

"What does that mean?" Japan finally asked.

"It means," Germany replied, "we get to play a practical joke on someone. And I've got the perfect idea!"

Italy flinched again.

"I'm not pranking you, Italy!" Germany sighed.

Italy relaxed a little.

"So… What exactly are you… 'pranking', then?" Japan asked.

Germany walked over to something about his height covered with a beige sheet. He yanked the cover off with a grin.

"A… scale?" Japan observed.

"Yes!" Germany replied. "It's America's scale!"

"How did you get it…?"

"That's not important," Germany said quickly, dismissing Italy's question.

"What are you going to do with it?" Japan prompted.

"I'm going to rig it!" Germany announced, wielding a wrench and opening a latch on the scale. "It'll make America think he's gained 20 pounds! And…" He paused to fiddle with something inside the scale. "…Once I'm finished with this, we'll get him a new wardrobe, the same as his, but one size smaller." Germany finished with what could only be described as an evil laugh.

"What exactly is the point of this?" Japan ventured.

"I told you, April Fool's," Germany replied, turning on a flashlight. "It's just a joke for us."

"Then, if I may add something…" Japan requested.

"Go ahead," Germany replied, sticking his hand into the scale.

"America and I wear similar sizes of clothing, and the increments between sizes are quite small… We should probably use clothing two sizes smaller."

"Oh! All right," Germany replied, pulling his hand back out of the inside of the scale. "Good thinking." He put the panel back on and stepped onto the scale.

"Wow, Germany, you weigh a lot," Italy commented once the scale had settled.

"I just rigged it, you idiot!"

"But even without the 20 pounds—"

"It's muscle! Muscle!"

"Yes, sir!" Italy squeaked, stepping back.

Germany sighed and stepped off the scale. "Now that that's done," he announced, "let's go shopping."

"Do you think one set will be enough?" Japan pondered, looking at the stack of clothes the Axis had gathered.

"It should. If you want to get two, go ahead; you're paying for it," Germany replied.

"Eh?! Why am I paying for it?"

"Well, I don't have any money!" Germany scoffed.

"I don't have much, either!" Japan responded.

"Well, you have more than I do!"

Italy took a few tentative steps back, afraid he might get caught in the crossfire.

"All right," Germany started, flopping the clothes onto the private meeting room's old table, "that's everything. Now we just need to get them into America's house…"

"Germany, Germany! I'll do it!" Italy offered enthusiastically, thrusting his hand into the air.

"No! You're horrible at this kind of thing!"

Italy's hand slowly slid back down to his side.

"No, we need furtiveness, someone sneaky…" Germany muttered.

"Sneaky?" Japan echoed.

"Yes, someone America wouldn't… notice…" Germany trailed off, immediately jumping over to the room's telephone.

"Oh! You have someone in mind, Germany?" Italy asked.

"Yep," Germany replied with a grin, dialing a number.

"Hello?" Canada said quietly, holding his phone to his ear.

"Morning, Canada!" Germany greeted.

"Um, good mor—?"

"So," Germany interrupted, "we have an idea for April Fool's Day—we're playing a practical joke on America—and we were wondering if you'd like to help!"

"Um… I don't really have anything against—"

"Oh, it's just a prank!" Germany reassured. "Besides, I'm sure there's some sort of grudge you have against America…"

"Well…" Canada paused. "I… guess I have wanted to—"

"Good!" Germany interrupted again. "We just need you to sneak some things into his house and take his spare clothes."


"Just come over to my house, and we'll give you what you need."

"Um… Okay?"

"See you!" The dial tone hummed on Canada's phone for a moment before he hung up.

"Well, Kumajiro," Canada mumbled, turning toward his pet, "I guess I'm going to Germany's house…" Canada grabbed his jacket.

"…Who are you?" Kumajiro asked.

"I'm Canada…"

"Yes, he should be here soon," Germany replied, checking the door again.

"Are you sure?" Japan started. "Canada's house is somewhat far from your own. How are you so sure he will arrive this quickly?"

"Oh, he will," Germany replied.

Italy raised his hand. "While we're waiting, can I have some pa—"


"Here're the clothes," Germany started, pushing the neatly-folded stack of undersize clothing toward a nervous-looking Canada, "and the scale's right over there." Germany pointed to America's rigged scale.

"Is it heavy?" Canada muttered, looking over the scale.

"No, not at all," Germany reassured. "So, do you think you could handle this?"

"Um… I guess… But won't America notice half his clothes are missing?"

"Well, he's always in such a rush," Japan answered. "I doubt he'd be looking in his closet long enough to realize it."

"That's true," Canada replied softly. "Okay. I'll do it."