To all my wonderful Readers,


After giving a possible Epilogue some thought and deciding not to worry about it separately (will start with the infiltration of Nexus in one of the two Collabs I have coming), I want to send out a big THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me throughout this entire endeavour. It has been over two years and 38 chapters, plus one Intel file, later I finally find myself here at the end.

I couldn't have done it without help from my fellow Gears fic writers, LoboDiabloLoneWolf and as she is known on here, Black-Fl0wer in particular. To all those wonderful people who not only read the story, but commented on the chapters they liked the most ongoing from a certain point, you have no idea how grateful I am ^_^. For the ones I've lost contact with, such as Jonesy, I really do hope to hear from you again one day.

I am hoping those readers who have never reviewed may consider doing so now that there are no more chapters to come. I understand if you don't want to. No worries. Just the fact I know there are people giving this a look is enough for me ^_^. In addition to that leaving a review until a story is over makes sense, at least then you know it was worth your time in the first place.

Anyways, what an adventure this has been, hugs to you all and I look forward to possibly getting some more reviews... please? Lol.



P.S. It's finished, Steffy! Whoa hoo! LOL.