Summary: A drabble for a friend, whom I will call MrsCastielFTW, who needs a pick me up. The real ending to Episode 14 'My Bloody Valentine'.

Dean stood in the parking lot, feeling like he was at the end of his rope. What could he do? He had salted, burned, staked, and spoke more Latin than that one time with Angie Dickerson. Yet, there was no solution in site. Sammy was being chased by Lucifer, whom basically wanted to wear his kid brother to the prom. Cas was going on crazy on trying to find his Dad and, well, Bobby has no answers. For once.

As he stood in that cold parking lot, looking up at the heavens. He began to pray. And not the little "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" hoo-ha, but an honest one. Castiel would be proud, he was sure.

"Are you there, God? It's me, Dean Winchester...." he began, feeling slightly ridiculous, but still trudging on. He cleared his throat.

"So, um, if you really are there, could you send some help? You see, my brother Sammy is, well, almost batting for the other team and..." he began to sniffle. Manly sorts of tears trickling from his eyes. "I just need some help, you know? Some real help. And Cas says you can do it. Will you help me?"

Five minutes passed and Dean felt nothing but the cold air from the parking lot. Suddenly, a giggle come out of nowhere behind him.

"Hi, Dean!!" said a rather disturbing voice. Dean turned around to find Cupid.

Seriously? This is the freak I get when I ask for help?

Cupid ran over to Dean, grabbed in a not-so-manly hug, shaking him like a salt shaker. He then put him down and promptly disappeared.

"That's it. I'm never praying again."