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A calming sense of accomplishment had taken over the FBI New York White Collar division, particularly wherever Neal Caffrey chose to lounge around with that big grin on his face, making people want to hit him for being so cocky but also shake his hand for being so damn innovative. Some of the agents conveyed an annoyance at having been outdone by a criminal but it didn't last long - it was hard to be mad at Neal.

This disposition flowed over onto June's house that weekend as Peter drove over to break the good - and surprising, if having been told to the two men before Neal's sentencing - news to the ex-con. After conversing with the sweet old lady about the goings-on of New York and about Neal Peter started to make his descent up the staircase to the ceiling. Part of him (or more specifically, the federal agent part of him) dreaded reaching the next landing. The little surprise meant that Neal would be working for the FBI for awhile, namely Peter. Working with him for four years could create the chance for greater risks, and more opportunities for Neal to run. The nagging in the back of the ex-con's mind hadn't shown itself for the past couple days but it would undoubtedly make another appearance.

Upon opening the door to the ceiling by warm wind, the smell of coffee attacked the federal agent's nostrils (not that he really minded all that much).

"Peter!" a voice called from farther along the ceiling. It failed at feigning surprise and instead settled on distinct confusion as to why said person was there.

"Hey, Caffrey," Peter said back. He sat in a chair opposite the man and looked across the table to his newly appointed CI. Not that Caffrey knew it yet but, of course, his being there had, on a weekend the con was sure he'd rather be spending with his wife instead of him, meant something important was about to happen.

"What's up?" The ex-con held his confident grin in place, making sure to display his perfectly white teeth, but Peter knew him enough to see his mind racing for some answer. Perhaps he thought the FBI decided to send him back to prison despite having helped them solve the case and sent Peter over to break it to him; being the one who knows the ex-con the most, he'd know how to handle a distressed Caffrey.

"I had to give you something before Monday morning," Peter answered, leaning back in his chair.

"What did you have to give me?"

Peter took out what looked like a black wallet and tossed it over to Caffrey, who then opened it. Looking down at it his facial expressions ranged from confusion, surprise and then on to happiness as he realized he wasn't being sent back to prison. He started laughing at himself while Peter started talking to him.

"Just say you won't try to make the next four years a living hell with all of your cons and everything."

Caffrey stopped laughing long enough to ask: "Oh, Peter, would I ever do that to you?"

[Insert stern, raised eyebrow action here]

"OK, I promise."

"No, no promises."

"Why not? I can keep promises."

"I seriously doubt that."

"Really, Peter, it's a wonder you have any friends at all… or don't you?"

"Caffrey – "

"Alright already! I'll try to not make the next four years a living hell. Happy now?"


"Are you going to go and spend your weekend with your wife now or hang around here waiting for me to rob someone?"

"Should I have thought of staying longer?"

"No, no, just wondering out loud is all."

"Uh huh." Peter got up from his chair and looked at Caffrey one last time before heading for the door.

"See you at the office Monday morning, Caffrey."

"See you then," Caffrey grinned, waving his new badge.


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