Harry Potter and the One Ring

One Ring to rule them all, One ring to find them,

One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

Harry stood near Dobby's grave. He stil couldn't believe Dobby was dead. There was something always about Dobby that Harry liked. Harry was sure Dobby deserved more. He was lost inthought until a voice interupted him. "Harry Potter sir. Harry jumped up into the air pulling his wand out of his jeans. He looked around and what he saw made him promptly drop his wand.

There at the base of his own grave stood a silver misty Dobby. "Dobby, you're a ghost." Harry said.

"I is, Harry Potter sir, I most certainly is, and Dobby will continnue to be a ghost until Harry Potter helps him." Dobby said.

"What do you need help with Dobby." Harry said.

"Ah sir, Dobby had never exactly been a good elf. I is being cobndememed to this body for my crimes Harry Potter sir."

"What crimes" Harry said.

"Crimes that Dobby can't talk about Harry Potter sir." Dobby said. "But there is a way that Harry Potter can help Dobby, Harry Potter sir."

"Anything Dobby." Harry said.

"Years ago Harry Potter sir Dobby made lots of rings and put them on human, elf, and Drawf, Harry Potter sir. Dobby made an all powerful one for himself, Harry Potter sir. This ring is mybirthrighrt Harry Potter sir, I needs it so I may grow powerful again and also tolive again Harry Potter sir." Dobby said timidly.

"Sure anything for you Dobby. Where can I find this ring." Harry said desperate to bring back Dobby.

"Years ago, Harry Potter sir, there was a mountain that spit fire and hot liquid, Harry Potter sir, Unforutnatly my ring was barried in in its ash, Harry Potter sir, The mountain has grown cold now, Harry Potter sir. They calls it by a new name sir, it is called Mt. Evlyn. It is in Chena Harry Potter sir. If you can get it back for me Harry Potter sir, Dobby will forever be greatful and will reward you Harry Potter sir."

Harry looked at Dobby. He had a very good idea about the mountain and country Dobby was talking about. The only problew was the desacription of the ring. "Dobby, what does this ring look like."

"Tis a golden ring Harry Potter sir, It has elfen inscription on the side of it, although I won't be telling you what it says Harry Potter sir." Dobby said.

Harry got up and looked at the ghost of Dobby. "I'll go get it and bring it back to you." Harry said.

"Do it alone Harry Potter sir and tell no one, you must do it alone Harry Potter sir for you are the heir of the One ring." Dobby said smiling.

Harry smiled also. For once he wouldn't have Hermione and Ron following him. For once he would do something alone and without them. Harry smiled. He would get Dobby his ring or die trying.

As Harry was walking away. Dobby smiled. "You were a fool Gandalf sir and with Harry Potter returning my ring, I, Saulron shall rise again.