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It's almost as if everything that happened in my life was to bring me back to the point and people that first introduced me to the mythical world that I now live in.

After the Cullen's made their exit out of my life, I lived in my depression. It consumed me and I'm embarrassed to say that I lost my will to live. Who in their right mind throws their life away because their boyfriend brakes up with them? Jacob once said that it happened that way because I love from my soul which is deeper than loving someone from your heart and so when they left it broke my heart, damaged my soul and took away my trust.

Jacob and I were best friends for years and still are. We dated, broke up twice, fought like cats and dogs .Well technically human and were-wolf and our relationship even survived an imprint. And still we were there for each other. He told me he would never leave me and he would always be in my life and he kept that promise.

Jake and I started dating and year after I graduated high school. I didn't want to go to college. I wanted to hang out in La Push and wait for Jake to finish school so we can start our lives together. But Charlie wanted me to go out and see the world and travel and have college life experiences as he liked to call it. He thought that Jake and I were spending too much time together and didn't want me to get too depended on him. Jake was and will always be my sun. He pulled me out the darkness and taught me how to love and trust again .The wolfs are my family for eternity. When Jake and I broke up the first time. He cried…..like a lot. It broke my heart to cause him pain, but I was going to leave to get those college experiences Cha-Dad was talking about and I thought that Jake was too young to settle for someone like me .I believed he deserved better and I was trying to be that for him and myself. After saying goodbye and kissing Jake and telling him ill see him soon, I got in my car (a ford f150 that dad and my mom got for me as a graduation present) and took off towards Seattle. I didn't even make to the sign that says "You are now leaving Forks, come back soon" before I did a u-turn and drove straight to Jake's house. He was outside pulling me out the car before I even put the damn thing in park.

We spent that year laughing, talking and making love to each other. Charlie and Jake's dad Billy just figured we would get married and start a family as soon as we were able. But all good things must come to and end, well at least for me. Because not one week after Jake's graduation, he imprinted.

Leah was the first one to come to my house to console me and stated that she too is a member of The I Hate Imprinting Club". We spend night after night berating men and binge eating all kinds of junk food until we.... no, I got sick. Leah had a whole program for getting over imprinting. I guess she developed it after what happened with her and Sam. Step one was already complete. Step two was harder, since it was avoidance. Which was not happening because Jake was stalking me and howling and crying in the woods near my house every night. I finally had to call one of the guys to take him away after he broke into my room to confess his undying love and vow to never give in to his imprint. I was sitting up in my bed frightened that he would phase and wake up Charlie.

"Jake you need to leave; I told you that I don't want to see you." I hissed at him .He looked so hurt and broken, but I needed time to get over him and this whole situation. And he was not respecting my space.

"Bella I love you and I don't care what you say I am never giving you up. I love you more than my own life, I promise you Bells .I will never give in to the imprint. Never."

After taking a deep breath I looked at him and I knew that he met every word. But I also knew that fighting the pull of his imprint was killing him. He was miserable and it was mostly my fault. He's my best friend , my sun and being away from me was hurting him just like it was hurting me .I never wanted to give him up ,but I felt that I had no choice. After that imprint happened he said that he would never see her again.

I mean there we were in the emergency room again after one of my many slip and fall episodes and here comes this random candy striper bitch and BOOM ,he imprints .Of course I blamed myself for days before me and Leah started plotting that candy striper bitch's murder. Sam saw it all in Leah's head and called a pack meeting. I told him that I was not going to go and he can take his Alpha voice and shove it. I was not a wolf. So, he kidnapped me and made me attend. Now we were not really going to kill her, though I was interested to know if the imprint would matter if the bitch was in fact dead. But while bring lectured by Sam and Emily with Leah at my side snarling and growing every time Emily walked into the room I noticed that Jake looked torn and utterly defeated ,like maybe he wanted to protect her but kept changing his mind and wanted to maybe kill her too. This is why I decide to break up with him, so he could have the bitch. I hated seeing him like that and if one of us deserves to be happy it's him.

"Jake, please just go. I need time to get over you okay. I need some fucking space. How am I suppose to move forward from this if you won't let me" by this time the tears were already rolling down my cheeks. Because I knew it was only a matter of time before he did give in to her and no matter how many promises he made they were about to be broken. Leah, who has become my informant, told me that he went back to the hospital to learn the bitchs name and was following her home at night to make sure she got there safe. How convenient for him since he was doing the same with me. I wonder how he would go about if we did work the same shift. He was lucky, because the receptionist down at the station where Charlie worked as the chief of police quit and I wanted to leave Newton Outfitters, so Charlie gave me the job.

"Bells you don't need to move forward. I'm right here and am not going anywhere. I love you, no matter what and I......." Embry had his hand over Jake mouth as Jake was about to start his speech. Part of me was interested in what he was going to say, but the other part was happy that Embry pulled him out the window. Jake phased before he hit the ground and attacked Embry. They were fighting and Jake was sloppy and off his game. Embry pushed him deeper into the woods and they where gone.

I didn't sleep that night; I really wasn't sleeping any night. I realized that the "I hate imprinting" Leah plan sucked and was ruining my life. So I hopped in my truck

and drove straight to Jakes. He was not there, but Billy was and he was very happy to see me. He also decided that this was the time to give me advice. Which was?

'You kids need to get your shit together' and then he left to go fishing with my dad. Jake came home soon after Billy left. When he saw me, he fell to his knees with his arms around my waist and refused to let go. We cried together for hours. I told him that I loved him and that I wanted to be his best friend again and that I knew that the imprint could happen at any moment but I wanted to take a chance on him and I did. And would do it again in a heart beat. I told him to give in to the imprint because I wanted him to have his happily ever after, even if all I got to do was watch. He finally let go of the breath he seemed to be holding. He told me that he loves me and will in anyway he could.

Three months later and Alexis Toscano was integrated into the pack as Jakes imprint. Jake said that he was taking it slow and that they were only friends. She was

......nice. I mean what do say about a chick that stole your man with just one look. Leah hated her immediately, at first I thought it was because we were best friends

soon to be sisters, because my dad was dating her mom, but I soon realized it was because she reminded her of Emily. Yes, the bitch candy striper named Alexis

was...nice and always smiling and bring cookies for the guys and helping Emily cook when they came in from patrol. It was disgusting, but I was trying to be supportive.

for Jake. Leah told me I was being a pussy and decided she would be a bitch for me. I explained to her that the only woman I wanted to be a bitch to was Victoria

considering she was trying to end me. Permenantly! Leah laughed and said that the leech would not get anywhere near me.

Yeah right!