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Chapter 5


His lips were soft and oh so smooth .His tongue swept out his mouth and licked my bottom lip. I parted them, to give him entrance. His taste was a delicacy I wanted to devour.

His hands moved to my hips bringing me closer to him. My hands rapped around his neck. Somewhere in the background I could still her Leah stomping her feet in dislike and frowning upon me.

I didn't care; I didn't care about any of it.

Because I had Jasper.

Jasper is mine.

When a loud groan except his lips, I dislocated myself from our entanglement. Jasper's hands still stayed on my hips.

"Why don't you come and stay with me" I suggested, hoping that he wouldn't say no.

He smirked down at me. "Whatever you want darling" He drawled seductively. With the sexiest southern accent, I've ever heard.

"You want him to stay with us. Are you kidding me" Leah uttered with disgust. Seth and Embry, waved their good bye and slowly backed away to continue with their patrol.

"Isn't he the one that messes with emotions? He could be fucking with you" she yelled. Jasper stiffened next to me.

"I can't touch her emotions, I'm being blocked and I would never do that to Bella" He declared.

"You can't "I asked, the only person I ever used my shield against was Victoria and I really wasn't sure about the mechanics of it.

"No, there some kind of force field around you, but when you let me in before….." I nodded my head waiting for him to continue" It surrounded me as well, I felt like we were in a bubble of some sort".

"Huh, that makes sense" I said, looking into his eyes. Leah snorted.

"Le-Le, please don't be like this, why don't you take Jasper bag back to the house and we'll talk about this later."

"Do I look like the fucking bell boy…I'm not taking his shit any where…urgh."She grunted and took off. I turned to Jasper." Don't worry about her, she'll get over it".

"She hate's me" he stated simply.

"She hates everyone….." I breathe out. I noticed that we were finally alone. I had so many questions. "How about we go take your bag back to the cabin and go out for a hunt…so we can talk?'' His scent was drawing me in and I need to try and distract myself from not ripping his clothes off. By the look on his face I'm sure he felt the same.

After dropping off his bag, we headed out. Holding hands and running further north when we picked up the scent of a herd of moose. I took down two quickly and perched by a tree as I waited for Jasper. He snapped the neck of the moose and drank deeply .When he was done; he disposed of the carcass and came to sit next to me. Watching him hunt has just become my favorite thing. I was so turned on and was sure he could smell the aroma of my arousal. His eyes were dark and his look was full of lust.

His hands started to move up my thighs, that I was trying to squeeze together. I quickly grabbed his hand and interlaced them with mine, to stop him form any further exploration of my body.

"Jasper as much as I want to continue with that, we really need to talk" I said in a heavy breath. His essence was making me flustered and I honestly wanted to rip his clothes off and save the conversation later.

"Of course, Bella, I didn't mean to be so forward with you" he said regretfully.

"No it's not that, I like that, I just….." was wondering about your wife. Is he still married, where was Alice." Wanted to know ….about ….Alice" his face fell.

"Oh right….Alice; you don't need to worry about her. That's over; it's been over for a long time. Even before we met you" he stated frankly.

"I don't understand. You were married to her" I was confused. Should I be worried that she going to come take him from me.

"Not really….I mean Carlisle, officiated a commitment ceremony for us…decades ago. But that was it." I shook my head." Bella do you know how we met? Alice and I" I nodded.

"She told me, you met in a diner. That she had seen you in a vision and was looking for you" he slumped down; bring his hand around my shoulders, pulling me against his chest.

"Alice has no memory of her human life. When she woke up a vampire, that is when her life began. Her first vision was of me and she set out to find me. I …was not in the best place in my life I was depressed and…. lonely. I needed something different from what I came from." He took a deep breath and I held his hand urging him to continue.

He told me about his maker and his human years that he remembered. That he was the youngest Major in his army unit .That his sire Maria was always recruiting newborns to fight for areas of land and feeding property in the south. He grew close to man that he had sired, his name is Peter, he fell in love with a newborn and he helped them escape. A few years down the road Peter and his mate Charlotte came back for him. To show him that their was a better way to live that doesn't include war.

"So I left with them, we stayed together for a few years…but there was still something missing and I didn't know what it was …but I knew I wouldn't find it with I took of on my own and that's when I met Alice…she had already started feeding on animals and taught me how and she explained to me that we were going to be part of a family…during our journey to find them …she had a vision of us…falling in love and living happily together…..I never questioned it. I believed her at the time."

"What do you mean….you believed her at time? What made you change your mind" I asked.

"The Cullen's" he stated. "Rose and Emmett especially, they are a mated couple. Their love is unconditional…it can't be moved. With my ability I could feel that what Alice and I felt for each other….wasn't even a tenth of what they had......"

"But you stayed with her "

"Yes, it was comfortable….she was my best friend. At the time, we were both adjusting to our new life. We leaned on each other. I did love her, dearly…." He strolled off at the end.

"But" I chimed in.

"But I wasn't in love with her. She was a good companion, we cared for each other. I thought we would grow to ….be in love. But we didn't, because she was not my true mate. I tried so many times…to explain it to her, but she was stubborn, she didn't care. She still wanted us to be together….even though it was not fulfilling" he said sadly.

"You wanted to make her happy…didn't you? " I questioned.

"More than anything" he sighed. "I wanted to give her what ever she wanted, because of what she did for me…I felt like I owed it to her, But then we moved here. And you and Edward fell in love" my body stilled at the mention of his name. Jasper tightened his hold on me for so I could relax. "You two were just another couple to show me that what I had with Alice …was…was…nothing besides friendship and I didn't want to live like that anymore." I rubbed his arms to soothe him. Obviously talking about this was bothering him.

"So what happened next" I asked quietly.

"I almost ate you" he laughed." And Edward forced us to leave and never see you again. After we moved. I went to talk to her, but of course, she had a vision and refused to see me. After she calmed down, she tried to tell me I was wrong and that I wasn't patient enough. She said she loved me more than anything…..but she didn't. I could feel it, so I moved out of our room and into the guest room. She wouldn't talk to me, but when she did. It was a ploy to get me back." He was agitated and tense, while speaking of this.

"Alice didn't want to understand. Her denial was crippling me. It pushed me….so far that I wanted to leave them and when I decided that I would….she was always there to stop me…excuse, after excuse and after they stop working on me. She told me I needed to be there for Edward." He said solemnly.

"Why would you need to be there for Edward" I cringed at the name, it still didn't sit well with me.

"He was not doing well after we left you. He fell into a deep depression, his misery and sorrow would drive me out of the house for days at a time" I was shocked to her this." One day while trying to escape his sadness. I just kept running and didn't go back"

"Edward told me, he didn't love me, that he no longer wanted me. That I was a distraction, he said he didn't want to pretend to be human anymore and that I was nothing, that the family was leaving and I was not welcome. So to hear that he was depressed about leaving….is." I couldn't even finish.

"He lied; he loved you, he still does. If he were here, he would tell you that and beg for you to take him back". Ewwww, that's not gonna happen . last thing I want is Edward (pussy) Cullen back. "He believed that we were a danger to you. Everyone loved and cared for you very much. When we left Alice was devastated, we tried to reason with him, but he wouldn't listen…..but I guess it wasn't for the best" he gave me a somber look. I received that look… a lot, when Victoria changed me. Jacob gave me that look….I hated that fucking look.

I rolled my eyes and cast a sharp glance in his direction.

"No it wasn't and stop… looking at me like that. I was heart broken when you all left me. But I moved forward with my life. My relationship with Edward was…..a power struggle. He treated me like a child and wanted to make all my decisions for me …instead of with me. We were not equal and he would have never changed me….I now that know, because Edward hated himself and what he was ….more than he loved me, but I'm fine and happy, just as I am." I said confidently.

"I know, I can feel that…..and you're different" I turned to look at him with an additude."Stop, I didn't mean it in a bad way…it's good. Your stronger, emotionally, more sure of yourself. Less like the little girl Edward brought home. You're not that girl anymore. You're more…and your mine "he laughed."If Edward ever heard that filthy little mouth of ours, he would be so disappointed" he finished with a chuckle.

"Fuck Edward, who gives a shit what he thinks. My filthy mouth is not his concern" I felt a wave of lust hit me and Jasper pushed my hair to the side and licked my neck. I shuddered and leaned into his chest. His lips grazed my neck, my cheek and as I craned to the side, his lips latched on to mine. I turned my body and straddled his waist.

"Mmmm" he moaned. "Ah ...shit darlin' …..We need to stop" he gasped.

"I don't want to stop" I said grinding into him and kissing his neck.

"You still haven't told me, who changed you" he said in a breathy whisper.

"Victoria" I whispered back. His body stilled and he gave me a pained expression. I continued. "At first, she wanted to kill me…for revenge, for James. Then she saw me. I was a mess; she felt that it was what I deserved. She wanted me miserable, like she was, but then I got happy again….I fell in love again……with Jacob" Jasper growled, I put my hand on his chest to stop him. "I had a new family and was cared for, by the pack. She hated that I was able to move on….so she came back to torment me. This went on for months. She wanted me to suffer…but it wasn't enough, so she turned me in hopes that the pack would eradicate me…..and" Jasper cut me off.

"I'll kill her" he yelled and nudged me off his lap. He began pacing, taking angry strides, fucking projecting his anger that I didn't want to feel.

"Jasper stop…" I said pulling him to sit down with me.

"Don't worry Bella, I'm going to find and kill. You'll never have to worry about her again" he stated with his chest heaving in and out.

"I went after her, a little while after my change she came here, stalking me. We fought and tried to kill each other. It wasn't productive; we came to an agreement to leave each other alone. I'm not worried about her, Jasper. She was grieving, still is. I've never meant anyone as sad as Victoria….she…well fuck, she's bat shit crazy. But I can't help but feel for the girl" I said feeling a little off, thinking about Victoria's turmoil at the loss of her mate. Would I end up like her if I lost Jasper? The thought alone, sent my emotions into a distress.

Jasper pulled me into a tight embrace, sending me calm affection, happiness and love.

"You'll never have to feel that kind of pain with me Bella. I'm yours for eternity, if you'll have me"

"Of course I want you, I'll never let you go Jasper" I said sincerely and I will dismember any bitch that tries to come between us.

We left the woods and headed back to the cabin hand in hand to start our new life together.

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