Why Me? Part Two

Chapter One

"What's wrong?!" Brittany shouted through her tears. "Jeannie...I'm pregnant!"

"You're p-pregnant?" she asked in shock.

Brittany's only response was to weep. Jeanette walked over to her sister and hugged her tightly.

"Don't worry, Britt. I'll help you through this." Jeanette pulled away and walked over to her bed. She looked under it and pulled out a cardboard box.

"J-Jeanette.. what's that?" Brittany was still crying but not as much.

Jeanette pulled a book out of the box… She walked back over to Brittany and handed it to her.

"What's this?" She looked at the title. It read: Teen Pregnancy.

"It's a pregnancy book. Look through it, okay?" Brittany nodded her head. "And, Brittany... you don't have to go through this alone," Jeanette said. She then left, thinking Brittany would want some time alone.

Brittany walked to her bed and laid down. She looked through the book making sure she didn't miss anything. She soon fell asleep.

*With the Boys*

"Alvin, give it back!" Theodore yelled as he chased his brother around room. He had taken Theodore's brownie.

"Reach for it," Alvin held the brownie above his head, watching his younger brother struggle to get the brownie with no luck.

Simon, after seeing all the commotion, walked behind Alvin and snatched away the brownie.

"Hey!" Alvin turned to look at his brother.

"Be nice to Theodore, Alvin." He walked around him and handed Theodore the brownie. He shoved it in his mouth and walked off.

*With Dave and Vinny*

They sat next to each other at a table down in the kitchen. They were talking about the kids.

"Dave, what about Alvin?" Vinny said as she sat her coffee mug on the table.

"What about him?" he replied.

"I know he seems fine on the outside, Dave, but what about on the inside?" Vinny was worried about her son more than anyone could imagine.

"What do you mean, Vinny?" He took another drink of his coffee.

"Dave, Alvin acts fine when he is around us. I know he isn't over what happened, and I don't think Brittany is either." Vinny stood up and walked upstairs leaving Dave to think.

*At the Miller's House*

"Jeanette, what's wrong with Brittany?" Eleanor asked.

Brittany was in the bathroom throwing up.

How am I supposed to tell her that Brittany's pregnant? Jeanette panicked.

"She's just sick is all." Jeanette hated lying to her sister. It won't hurt to let Eleanor know?

"Come with me." Eleanor followed Jeanette into their room to checked to see if anyone followed and shut the door.

"Eleanor, if I tell you this, promise you won't tell." Jeanette looked at her sister.

"I won't," Eleanor replied.

"Ellie, Brittany's pregnant."

*With the Boys*

Alvin, Simon and Theodore were all sitting on the couch watching TV when Vinny walked in.

"Boys, come give your momma a hug. I have to go now." Her three boys ran to her and hugged her. No one noticed Dave standing in the doorway.

"Hope to see you soon, Vinny," Dave said as he opened the door for her.

"You will, Dave. I'll be back on Friday."

"Bye, Mom!" the boys said in unison. "We love you!"

"Bye, boys! I love you, too!" she called as she got in her car and drove off.

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