Here is chapter 16 of Why Me Part 2. But sadly, its the last chapter. I really hope you like it.

Chapter 16

Alvin and Theodore stood in silence. They weren't sure how to respond. They had an aunt! Dave never spoke of her... ever. Not a word.

''Your who?'' Alvin asked. Amelia stared down at him.

''Im your aunt Amelia.'' She responded quietly then looked confused. ''Hasn't he told you about me?''

''Well, no.'' Theodore spoke this time. So many thoughts crossed their minds.

''I guess he still hasn't gotten over that fight.'' She wispered to herself.

''What happened?'' Alvin asked.

''How about you two take a shower first? You guys look like you need it.'' Amelia showed them to the bathroom and got them some spare clothes she had.

''Why do you have these?'' Alvin asked looking from the clothes she handed him and his brother then up to her.

''Just take a shower.'' She tried to be polite but had a hint of annoyment in her voice. Alvin walked in the bathroom while she led Theodore to another bathroom.

When the boys came out from their shower, Alvin wore a dull grey hoodie and jeans. Theodore wore a white hoodie and jeans.

''I'll tell you the story while I bandage you up, alright?'' Amelia said motioning to Alvin's head.

Both boys nodded and followed her to her kitchen. The room had a green theme. Light green cabinets, white and light green floor tiles, etc.

Alvin sat in one of the chairs she pulled away from the table. Theodore pulled up a chair next to Alvin and sat in it. ''I'll be right back.'' Amelia said and left the room. She then came back with what looked like a medicine kit.

Amelia stood behind Alvin's chair and began working on his head.

''Well, you see, it all started after your mom divorced your father.'' She began and Theodore nodded for her to go on.

''Well, Im sure you know why they divorced.'' Alvin flinched when she pulled out a needle and thread and put it close to his head. ''Relax.'' she soothed. ''Im not going to hurt you.''

She started sowing up Alvin's head and continued with her story.

''Vinny left you boys with Dave because she thought that you would be safer there. She didnt know that Jerry and Phil would find you because they never visited Dave. You mom got a lawsuit against them and they had to be one hundred feet away at all times but they broke that about a year ago. Your mom called the police and they both put up a fight toward them. Your dad and uncle went to jail... but, as you've noticed, he broke out... again. '' she sighed on the last word ans finished sewing Alvin's head.

''What about the fight you mentioned earlier?'' Theodore asked.

''We.. just... argued about something stupid.'' she respoded. ''What..'' Theodore began.

''I'll call Dave and let him know where you are.'' Amelia started to leave the kitchen but Alvin stopped her.

''What about these clothes?'' he asked. She looked down sadly. Alvin could have sworn he saw a tear form in the corner of her eye.

''Those were my son's clothes.'' she walked swiftly away and to the phone in the living room.

''What do you think happened to her sons, Alvin?'' Theodore, as innocently as he could, asked.

''Maybe they just grew up and moved away.'' Alvin shrugged. He put his hand on the back of his head but jerked away when he felt the stitches that had just been put in.

''The police and Dave are on their way.'' Amelia said as she re-entered the kitchen. ''And keep your hand away from the stitches.''

''What about your kids?'' Theodore looked up at Amelia slightly confused.

''They... your...'' she couldn't find the right words to say. ''Jerry shot them when they were you age.''

With Simon

''Let me go!'' he shreaked. Jerry and Phil pulled him inside the building and pushed him in a room.

Jerry looked around for a moment. His face went from confused to outraged.

''Where are they?'' he yelled at no one in particular. Phil looked around seeing nothing but an empty room with one boy in it and... wood laying in the floor and the window was opened.

'What's going on?' Simon asked himself.

Phil and Jerry looked at each other like they were ready to kill.

Back With Alvin, Theodore, and Amelia

There was a hard knock on the door followed my a male scream that sounded like Dave's. It was Dave's.

Amelia rushed to the door and opened it. Dave rushed in followed by a crowd of policemen and two paramedics.

''Boys!'' Dave yelled. Alvin and Theodore ran into Dave's arms. Right then, time seemed to stand still.

Dave looked up to see his sidter looking back.

''Amelia, I...'' Dave began. ''It's nothing.'' Amelia began to walk away.

''Wait!'' Dave called. Amelia turned around. Dave rushed over to her.

They both paused. Dave put his arms around his sister. Amelia froze not expecting Dave to do such a thing.

''Im sorry about the fight. You were just trying to help. I should have believed you when you told me our brothers were treating Alvin like that. I...'' Dave babbled on. Amelia pulled away and put her finger to his lips. She giggled slightly at his reaction.

''You talk way too much.'' Amelia laughed and pushed Dave away in a friendly way.

Alvin and Theodore were being checked by the paramedics and asked all kinds of questions by some policemen while others were searching the house.

''Do you know where you brother might be?'' one asked. This one was female. She had short, blong hair and was skinny. Her red lipstick stood out from her blue outfit.

''Simon? What happened to him?'' Alvin asked urgently.

''He was kidnapped not long ago from the hospital. Do you know where he might be?'' the other policeman asked. This one was male. He had even shorter black hair and was somewhat chubby.

Alvin told the police where he and his brother were kept at. A few policemen ran out the door and got in their police car then drove off. The paramedics decided that the boys needed to go to the hospital for their cuts, bruses, and to check Alvin's head.

The police found the destination of the building Alvin described and get Simon out safely. Jerry and Phil put up a fight but the police managed to get them both in seperate police cars and take them to prison.

It is now a year later and everything has been going smoothly. Dave and Amelia were getting along great. Alvin was dating Brittany. Simon was dating Jeanette. Theodore was dating Eleanore. And, last but not least, Dave finally began dating Clare.

Everything was better now. Jerry and Phil have been given twent-five years in prison and Vinny was able to see her boys more often.

Could it get any better?

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