Night. When everyone was asleep and had dropped their guard. Not Corinth herself, of course—automatic defenses and the night shift at the Control Tower ensured she would never sleep while Venjix was still a threat. But her heroes, yes. Even Rangers—even the Hybrid among them—were human and needed to sleep.

And it was at night when that invincible shield around Dillon dropped, bringing on the nightmares. They happened every night—the fears he couldn't remember, haunting the edge of his mind. Usually, he could sleep through them, but tonight he couldn't make himself close his eyes again.

He stood out in the kitchen, silently raging against his nightmares and memories. Finally, he looked up toward Summer's room. She always had a standing offer to help, and maybe this time, he would take her up on it.

Summer lay asleep when she suddenly heard the sound of laser fire, a shout, and a thud. Immediately, she bolted out of bed and raced outside, joined quickly by the others. Six of the Rangers stared in shock while Dillon lay on the floor below them, with Doctor K standing over him.

Pulling out a remote, K set the laser cannon near Summer's room back into hiding.

"And that, Dillon, is why you should remain in your room after nightfall," she lectured.

Doctor K called it a secondary security system, in case of late night intruders in the Garage. Statistically, an intruder would be more likely to make a first attack on one of the girls, and this would wake them in time for everyone to band together. Dillon, however, didn't see it that way, and angrily told her just where she could put her "virgin alarm."

Power Rangers: RPM is the property of Disney. The original "virgin alarm" is from Mel Brooks' Spaceballs, and is here solely for my own amusement.