Chell thought: "I'll say the name of a map. Then 0ver5e3r will fail." And she said: "Okay. Party Escort Submission Position."

The newly turned on A.I. glitched for a second, but the teleport to a map did not fail. Chell and Doug appeared inside a GLaDOS-like room with a similar figure without screens on its body but more on the walls. That new figure seemed to greet tbe newcomers.

Hello Chell and Doug. I've been expecting you. I'm Mark, also known as GLABS, which means Genetic Lifeform And Backup System.

After a pause, GLABS continued.

Ever since GLaDOS was disabled, I've been running 24/7. I think it is now time to end your life and take a well-deserved break. If you actually thought I was a person, then you really were as stupid as I thought.

As GLABS said that, two rocket turrets were deployed from the floor and for some reason started shooting only Doug.

"You'll have to find a safe spot while I crawl that went on the right, said Chell, shot bith portals on the wall, went into the vent and disappeared from Doug's sight. Then the blue portal disappeared too and Chell came back in through the orange portal.

"Even if 0ver5e3r did not fail, GLABS did."

GLABS, in reply, said:

What are you doing? Get back here so I can kill you.

Not listening, Chell and Doug found a ladder on the room where they could escape and climbed up.

But for some reason GLABS had to suck more than GLaDOS (all versions included), Cave-I, 0ver5e3r, Janus and Spectator Name Here in one place.

You can't escape. I control all the elevators. You will stay here forever.

"So, the last resort is that door over there," said Chell and added: "I go there, if I'm teleported you'll know." She went through the door and saw that now she was on a catwalk which ended with a wall and a switch. Here, as in Chell's vision, a message appeared. It was cut in three parts.

It is your decision to kill GLABS

To kill GLABS, throw the switch

To spare GLABS, simply walk away

Inner voices kept telling Chell: "GLABS is sbrown's impersonation and you have to kill him because sbrown is bad." She tried to fight this "notion", but quickly gave up and attempted to throw the switch. But GLABS simply had to be a dickhead and pointlessly address Chell.

What are you doing Chell. Stop this. Don't kill me, please? I'm your friend. Friends don't kill friends, do they? If you don't kill me then I'll make sure GLaDOS never comes back online again.

Chell did not want to listen and tried to throw the switch, but all she got was a message "Wait and listen to him!" "Bullshit! Why would I ever want to listen to someone that really is sbrown?"

And since it is the summer holidays, we can do whatever we want. We can go to the offices or we can kill the other test subjects in the impossible challenges. What do you say? It will be fun. Just you and me.

"At no cost I will let you kill Doug Rattmann!" She threw the switch.

GLABS Power Down Sequence beginning in thirty (boom) (glitch series) years.

"Thanks, I can kill you sooner." She found the nearest computer, went in the Fan Fiction Application and edited the entry that read: "And then, after thirty years, GLABS shut down." She just changed "years" to "milliseconds". And GLABS shut down immediately.

Then she went back to Doug's and said: "In the actual Party Escort Submission Position, this elevator leads to the surface and out of the headquarters."

"It's the way out? Thank you so much. I'll remember you all the time."

They went into the elevator, pushed the button, rose several floors, went out and saw that there was a parking lot. They went through it into some Combine-overrun city with the City Scanners, stupid walls and all-blue-wearing Citizens.

"Finally – the way out." They turned left, walked the street and to the unknown (I mean, it was known for the Citizens but not for Chell or Doug) that was called the freedom (though, it's still debated whetter this Combine shit can be considered "the freedom"). And then it happened.

While "it" did not happened to Doug, Chell's vision faded to black and some sort of credits of Party Escort Submission Position – with sbrown mentioned, of course – and then Portal 2 final song happened. Just as they finished, Chell fell in the map and (if a map failure like this is assumed "dea-)- (glitch series) (Portal Radio starts playing)

--- Portal 2 ends here ---