She never saw it coming, although on some level she must have sensed it since she had turned slightly to glance in the direction of the sound of shattering glass as the intruders feet hit the hard wood floor of her living room. And even though she had seen the vaigue shape of a dark shadow lurking just beyond her preiferal vision, she had still never seen the killing blow coming, at east not until she felt something tear through the soft tissures of her back, pushing through her heart and out of the front of her chest as a crimson stain bloomed on the fabric of her shirt, directly between her breasts.

Her violet eyes flickered down as blood ran up from her heart and into her mouth, dripping down her chin as she stared in horror at the red stained katana blade as she heard the sound of his voice, the intruder, her killer, Sasuke Uchiha; had finally done what he had said he would do for so long.

"Bye bye little demon bitch." He said in a sing song tone of voice as he savagely twisted the blade, severing veins, and damaging her lungs. She made a gurgling sound as he yanked the blade out of her chest and laughed as he vanished, back out of the broken window leaving her to lay twitching on the floor in a growing pool of her own blood as tears slipped down her face.

Why? Why did this have to happen now? She and her husband had been so close to finally having a child. And now it was ruined. Everything was ruined. And all because of the mad man that she had once called her brother.

She struggled to breath, but it was becoming more and more difficult. Her lungs were filling with blood much too fast. Kakashi.... Where was her Kakashi? She had to hold on for him. She had to live for him. She tried to take a breath but only ended up turning on her side just in time to vomit up some of the blood that had leaked into her stomach.

She opened her mouth to scream for help, but no words came out. Just a soft choking sound as the pool under her grew more and more. Two minutes. She had two minutes left before her body would finally give out. And then she would cese to live.

Kakashi, hurry. Please....

Kakashi walked out of the flower shop right down the road from where he and his wife, Naru had lived since they had gotten married seven years ago during the fourth great shinobi war. He had stopped ot get her some flowers to cheer her up since she had been depressed of late because they had failed yet again to have a baby of their own. It was'nt Naru's fault. And it was'nt his.

The fact that Naru was unable to have children was because of the village councel. They had had a group of men to attack Naru as a little girl and damage her oragans so that she would'nt be able to bear children. But thanks to the tireless efforts of Sakura, Ino, Shizune, and Tsunade, they had found a way to fix the damage from that attack so that he and Naru could have the children that they craved so much.

He had just walked up to the short walk way leading up to his old childhood home, where they had been living since the wedding and frowned when he noticed that one of the windows to the living room was broken. She must have had an accident while training again. He mused as he startd to walk up to the house and felt a sudden sharp pain in his chest that nearly brought him to his knees. He doubled over and tried to breathe through it, thinking; Oh god no, not now. I don't want to have a heart attack now.

After a second or so the pain faded a bit and he was finally able to breathe again and walked on up to the house before he caught the scent of something familiar, the faintly sickly sweet scent of fresh blood and realised that it was Naru's blood.

Naru... He didn't bother unlocking the door, he kicked it down and ran into the living room and froze as an anguished cry escaped his throat. "Naru!" He dropped down beside her on the blood stained floor and watched the slight flicker of happiness that entered her eyes as she reached out a bloody hand to tried to touch his face, but her eyes were unfocused.

She was dying. His beloved one was dying, and there was nothing he could do to stop it. He grasped her small hand in his and pressed it against his cheek as tears slipped down his face.

"I-I waited f-f-for you." She said softly as he slipped an arm under her shoulders and lifted her up so that he could hold her against his heart. He didn't miss the grimance of pain that crossed her pretty face as he did.

"I can see that." he said gently as he tried to keep from breaking down right there. His baby had something to say to him before she died and he wanted to hear every precious word.

She sobbed, the action causing a ripple of searing pain to spread through her body. She gritted her teeth until one of them broke apart in her mouth. "I w-w-want-t-ted m-more time.....wi-with yo-u....."

Kakashi sobbed and bowed his head so that he could kiss the top of her head. "I know. I wanted that too."

"D-Dont wa-nt to lea-ve, y-ou....alone." She gasped, her eyes going wide in horror as her heart studdered in her chest. Oh god this was it. This was the end. She knew it just as much as he did, the look of terror on his face as everything faded to black, that look would haunt her forever in the next life.....because he would be joining her soon.

Kakashi held perfectly still holding his breath, she had stopped moving. He leaned his head down and pressed his ear against her chest and roared his rage so loud that several shinobi down the road heard his scream and started running towards the Hatake house to check on their comrads.

But they got there too late. Hatake Kakashi's body lay drapped over the still figure of his young wife, a large gaping hole in his chest from where he had used his famous jutsu chidori on himself. Choosing to stay with his beloved one's side even in death.

Kyuubi stirred in its cage of flesh. It's kit was dead. Not for long...

Naru had asked for more time with her wolf, and more time is what she would get.