It's been a while hasn't it?


Sakumo skidded across the dirt in a kneeling position before coming to a stop thirty feet away. His arm throbbing from where Itachi-jiji's father had hit him. Hn, bastard. The boy thought as he stood up and pursed his lips and whistled.

Signaling for his sisters to draw back out of harms way so that he could deal with the asshole that had hurt their family. Fugaku blinked at him, not knowing what the whistle was for as the two girls quickly scampered into opposite directions before he could so much as stop either of them.

Not that it mattered much since he could easily get them once the boy was dealt with.

Turning his dark eyes back to the boy he noted him shaking his arm, no doubt because he had partially lost the feeling in it when he had blocked that blow. "Oooo-" Sakumo said as he took up a defensive stance that his mother had showed him, his eyes flashing with barely leashed anger. "The things I'm going to do to you before you die." He said in a pissed tone that made Fugaku scoff.

To him this child held nothing but false bravado.

After all, there was no way that he held any true shinobi knowledge or strength. He would be an easy kill. Fugaku laughed at the boy causing his little ears to flatten back against his head as he clenched his teeth in rage. "Ooohhhh, I'm so scared of the little whelp."

You'd damn well better be- Sakumo thought as he bared his teeth at the man. Amber eyes flashed scarlet as Fugaku laughed again. Mocking him. And his ability to take care of himself in a fight...

Sakumo growled low in his throat knowing that he was dangerously close to losing the control his mother had tried to beat into him, and blinked back tears of frustration.

Itachi-jiji's dad was a jerk!

But that didn't change the fact that if his mom ever found out that he had lost control during a fight- especially since losing control during a fight was one of the top mistakes a shinobi could make- she'd kill him for exposing himself for what he really was.

Kyubbi's reincarnation.

A demon bound to human flesh and form. He had all the power, and almost none of the draw backs. Except one. If he lost control of his temper, he transformed into a nine tailed fox kit and couldn't change back unless he was rendered unconcious.

It was something that his mother had been working with him on since his first transformation during one of their sessions when she had been teaching him Taijutsu. He didn't remember much of what had happened aside from seeing his mother's fist heading straight for his face. After that everything went blank. But he did recall the first thing he saw upon regaining his senses.

His mom had been sitting next to him with a bemused look on her pretty face as she stared down at him while one of her hands played with his bangs before she sighed and asked how he was feeling.

He'd told her that he felt a little bruised but other wise okay and saw a brief look of relief on her face as he sat up and asked her what happened. She told him that she must have punched him too hard during sparring because he had tried to rip her head off. Horrifying him until she had patted him on the head and told him it was okay.

She had stopped him by kicking him through a tree. Curious by what she had meant, Sakumo blinked up at her as she pointed behind him to where one of the trees in the yard was. Turning his head, Sakumo paled and let out a loud string of oaths when he saw the tree had pretty much been obliterated from the bottom part of the trunk, up.

And he'd spent the better part of four hours being lectured by his mom for swearing at his age while he cleaned up the yard. After that she had made him sit down and given him a crash course on how to survive as a human when he wasn't totally one himself.

The first rule was absolute. He must maintain control over himself, his temper and his abilities at all times unless he was really, really, really keen on becoming a fur skin rug or something.

Taking a deep breath- Sakumo held it and mentally counted to ten in an effort to calm himself while Itachi-jiji's dad pulled several kunai from one of his sleeves and held them with the ease of an expert shinobi at the top of his game. Sakumo narrowed his eyes at the man and let his breath out in a long slow hiss from between clenched teeth.

He'd already let Fugaku make the first move.

Now it was his turn.