Yo, it's been a while.

It's been a crazy few years since I updated this.

My health has gone to hell. I've been depressed. I've had to start going to therapy...

Good times.

But luckily all that hasn't killed my drive to continue writing and posting on something. So here I go again with one of my coolest stories Second Chances.

I suck at writing fight scenes so I'm going to try and focus on Minato and Itachi in this chap before switching back to Sakumo or something.

Just don't expect too much from the kid.


Minato and Itachi moved as one.

Both of their minds completely focused on their three missing grandchildren and the trouble they would probably get into before they found them. Both men knew that Naru and Kakashi both held within them some sort of unknown power that allowed them to change physically and take on animal characteristics.

This was why when Naru had given birth to her children, the kids had all been born with certain physical and mental animalistic characteristics. Which had somehow managed to give the children higher reasoning abilities for ones so young.

It was also why they were growing and learning at an abnormal rate and why their three grandkids were currently missing.

The attack on their daughter must have triggered the children's instinct to hunt and destroy the one/one's responsible for the pain and suffering that their mother had been put through. Which was in a way somewhat understandable. And yet at the same time...

They were infants.


And as such were no physical match for whomever had attacked their mother.

"Where do you think they went?" Minato asked as they ran.

"They're around here..." Itachi said with a distinct bite to his tone. His dark eyes glittering with malice as they turned the corner and paused for a second when they saw a dust cloud and heard a loud crashing sound from up ahead towards Itachi's family's home. "What the-" He began when Minato reached out and put his hand on his shoulder. His fingers curving to grip him tightly as he saw faint signs of two people moving around in the dust cloud.

One an adult.

And the other a small child with silver...hair? The blond took a moment to beat back his rising panic as he realized that they had just found one of the kids.

"Sakumo!" Minato practically shrieked like a little girl, startling his friend.

"Huh?" Itachi turned his head to look at the alarmed looking blond for a second before turning his head back around to see what Minato was seeing.

There just up ahead almost half a mile away...was their young grandson Sakumo. With kunai in hand, trading blows with Itachi's father.

Itachi let out a low feral growling sound as he took off as fast as he could towards where Sakumo and his father were fighting while Minato took a moment to prep his teleportation jutsu so that he could get to his grandson quickly enough to prevent disaster.

All while mentally thanking god for having the foresight to place his special kunai all over the Uchiha's district just in case something should ever happen as he said in an angry growling tone, "I'll get the boy, you dead with dear ol daddy."

Itachi didn't need to be told twice. Instead he waited on Minato to finalize his teleportation jutsu and then just before he could vanish, grabbed the blond's shoulder.

If they were going to get their grandson and dear with his father, then they were going to damned well do it right.