By: Olivia

"It's not the oath that makes us believe the man, but the man that makes us believe the oath."-Aeschylus

"His words are bonds."-William Shakespeare-"The Two Gentlemen of Verona"

"Hello, McGregor."

Debrino looked down at the gravestone where "Daniel McGregor" was carved. Debrino loosened his tie and undid the buttons of his suit jacket.

"I'm not really sure why I came here today. You probably know that we're all trying to get the man who killed you even if he wasn't the one that put that bomb in the Chief's car."

Debrino took a deep breath. He glanced around at all the gravestones jutting out from the green grass before focusing back on McGregor.

"I'm actually really annoyed at you. You see this suit."

Debrino stretched out his arms and looked at his suit. He let his hands drop. He still looked scruffy despite being dressed up. Debrino shook his head in dismay.

"It's hard enough being the new guy, but you've left some pretty big shoes to fill. This case has sorta brought it all back for me. Everyone looked at me as if I was the enemy. I was the invader. I could never be you. At least that's what I thought at first."

Debrino paused to collect his thoughts.

"But it wasn't that. We'll it probably was."

Debrino laughed.

"I'm not the easiest guy to get to know or love for that matter. It's hard for me to let people in. But I finally am, you know. I'm think I'm finally starting to let them in. I'm finally started to fit in. They miss you terribly-the Chief, Nolan, Ella, and especially Temple and Nancy. They thought the world of you. And quite frankly, that's a tough act to follow. As sorry as I am that this happened to you, it's a sad twist of fate, but I'm glad I'm here working with them."

Debrino reached out with his hand and felt the cool stone against his palm.

"We'll find the person that did this to you, McGregor. We'll make him pay. And you don't have to worry about the rest of them. I've got their backs. You've got my word on that."

Debrino stood up, took one last look at the grave, and headed off to help Nancy search the storage place for clues.