Note: Liera is a fan created character of mine, another servant to the Horned King who used to be a princess of anyother land. Based in the Disney versions universe. I dunno why I wrote it like a chatroom and in rp form but I did. I wrote this at 4 in the morning while drawing wondering what the Horned King's feet looked like while currently watching Devils Rejects so weird things were sure to happen...

Liera: *walks in all timid into The Horned King's thrown room*

Horned King: Liera...

Liera: *gulp* Y-yes, your majesty?

Horned King: Come closer...

Liera: *walks up slowly to the Horned King*

SideshowBobsGal: *bursts into the room* WAIT A SECOND!!!

Liera: *gasp!* o.o

Horned King: huh?

SideshowBobsGal: *jumps down before the horned king*

Creeper: Your majesty she's bowing before you.

SideshowBobsGal: *looks up at Creeper* Ha! I hardly think so! *goes back down and begins pulling up the Horned King's cloak*

Horned King: 0.0

Creeper: What are you doing?!

Liera: o.0

SideshowBobsGal: Oh relax ya pervs! I gotta see your feet Horned King!

Horned King: o.0 (thinking: wtf???)

Creeper: Ooh I wanna take a peek! *leeps to the horned king's feet*

Horned King: *grabs creeper by the throat and pulls him up face to face* growl

Creeper: Sorry your grace! =(

Horned King: *flings Creeper off someplace*

SideshowBobsGal: *gets up after examining Horned King's shoes* Okie dokie! Now um go on with your little scene hee hee hee *begins backing up* ^-^

Liera: Wait, why did you want to see his feet?

SideshowBobsGal: Cuz I'm gonna draw this scene out later! DUH!!

Scotish Guy Pops Out: Ah Liera, come on. Your not using your brain!

SideshowBobsGal: He's right ya know!

Horned King: *giggles under breathe*

Liera: =( *turns to the horned king* ugh! Thats it I'm going to my trailer!

SideshowBobsGal: Aw come on Liera it was a joke

Liera: It wasn't funny

SideshowBobsGal: *sigh* I can't believe your gonna make me do this... *whips out laptop and begins typing*


Liera: ^-^ *leaps up and begins dancing to Tiny Tim's living in the sunlight song as the room changes different colors* ^-^

Horned King: *slaps hand to mouth trying not to show amusment*

SideshowBobsGal: Hee hee hee!

Creeper: *walks back over* OH BOY THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG!!! *begins dancing too*

SideshowBobsGal & Horned King: ROFL

Lidia-Dynamite: *begins typing on laptop*


SideshowBobsGal: 0.0

Horned King: 0.0

Liera: 0.0

Creeper: 0.0

Horned King: I know what you are...

SideshowBobsGal: Say it!

Horned King: A vampire!!

Liera: You brought a snack! =)

Creeper: I be a werewolf grawr!!!

Lidia-Dynamite: XP