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Naruto Namikaze: Part I

Chpt. 5 Questions

After a long explanation/sob-story, the twelve shinobi agreed (in various ways) to help Tazuna and Nami no Kuni.

Upon arriving, Naruto decided to go train off by himself for a while. He left without anyone noticing, or so he thought. His two teammates watched him leave with suspicious eyes.

As soon as Naruto re-entered the clients' house after his long and tiring training with Kyuubi, he found himself with a hand placed over his mouth and someone carrying him back outside. When he was finally put down, he glared at the black-haired and silver-haired offenders. "Oi! What was that for?" he growled.

Sai dropped his fake smile and motioned for Kabuto (who had lost his kind look) to speak. "Who have you been training with, Naruto-kun?" he interrogated.

Naruto's shoulders drooped slightly. Why do I have nosy teammates? he queried mentally.

Kyuubi shrugged, deciding to answer the blond's question. Because they are like you, I guess. He shrugged once more before he walked somewhere else, out of the blond's conscious.

Gee, thanks. Leave me alone with Nosy #1 and Nosy #2, the blond snarked. "Confidential," he replied aloud to his teammates.

Sai took over the interrogating now, stepping up to the spot Kabuto stepped back from. "Oh?" he questioned in his monotone voice. "And why is it confidential?" His black eyes stared straight into Naruto's cerulean eyes. "Didn't we tell you we already know about Kyuubi-san?"

Naruto flinched involuntarily, a slight movement that both Genin caught. Oh yeah... I forgot. "Fine. I was training with Kyuubi," Naruto admitted. "I need extra training for certain events that I am certain will happen in the future."

"Ah," Sai said thoughtfully.

Kabuto tilted his head to the side. "What 'certain events'?"

Naruto sighed in irritation. "Ones that you two shouldn't be involved in!"

"Like what, exactly?" Nosy #2, aka Kabuto, interrogated further.

Naruto's eye twitched as he stood up and clapped his hands together. "You asked for it," he muttered as a room of metal rose around the three. Sai and Kabuto, also known as Nosy #1 & Nosy #2, glanced around in slight alarm. "Chillax," Naruto drawled lazily. He touched a part of the wall and it lit up with color. "Watch and learn, my nosy teammates."

After watching the past between the Homunculi and Alchemists, Sai and Kabuto were silent. "You understand now, correct, why I didn't want to involve you in this?" Naruto asked quietly. He sighed and leaned against the wall. "Well, I guess this only means one thing..."

Sai and Kabuto looked at him with curious yet wary questioning faces.

Naruto grinned a merciless and bloodthirsty grin. "I'll have to turn you into Alchemists!" He cackled at their paled faces.

Kyuubi sweat-dropped. I think I've influenced him too much...

Ya think? Chibi!Naruto griped, his ears drooped and his tails shielding him from his outer self's new-found craziness.

Sai and Kabuto were lying face first on the ground, sweat rolling down their faces as Naruto stood in front of them with his 'Kyuubi-Scary-Sensei-Face'. "Get up, weaklings!" he barked in a sadistic, Anko-like tone. "You're not done with your training yet!"

Sai actually glared a death glare at Naruto. Kabuto was too busy healing their wounds to notice Naruto and Sai's glare-down. "You sadist!" he yelled. "You put us through tree-walking, water-walking, kunai-balancing, and genjutsu practice at the same time whilst throwing metal weapons at us! WHY ARE YOU SO CRAZY ALL OF A SUDDEN?" He panted slightly after his rant was finished.

Naruto's face turned serious. "Because you have to be ready for what's out there right now," he said in a quiet, serious tone as his cerulean eyes glared into the darkness. "The Homunculi were supposed to have died out a long time ago... but somehow they're still alive." He scowled. "How troublesome," he mumbled, quoting Shikamaru.

"Couldn't they have just stayed dead?" Kabuto mumbled, chibi tears rolling down his face.

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