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"Reagan, pick up the pace people are waiting for their orders!"

I rolled my eyes looking at the three customers sitting at different booths, muttering to each other and in no particular hurry to eat, before turning to face my fat, balding, middle-aged boss. I was supposed to be off in three minutes and there were two other waitresses sitting around on their butts doing nothing.

"I'm off in three minutes, Lou. Get someone else to do it."

Lou set the empty plates he was holding aside and walked across the barely populated diner, an angry scowl on his face as he approached me. "That means your still under my control for the next three minutes so get the damn orders out."

I sighed and walked to the window grabbing one table's orders, and trudging to their table before setting them down politely for the elderly couple waiting; Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. The only regulars for the small diner practically in the middle of nowhere. There was only a stretch of woods around the diner that you had to drive or walk through to get to any type of civilization or shopping mall.

"Here you go," I said with a smile. "Enjoy."

"Thanks Reagan," Mrs. Johnson said.

"Your welcome. I'm off now. See you two tomorrow," I said.

I gave the nice couple a wave before stalking pass Lou, silently cursing his name before heading into the back and opening my locker. I sighed and pulled on my jacket over my old fashioned waitress uniform. Ugly pink and white stripped dress, white waist apron and sneakers. There really was no need for the uniform, there was no professionalism or theme to 'Lou's Diner' but I had a sneaky suspicion that Lou liked seeing me in the stupid outfit. I pulled my dark hair out of the bun I had put it in before work, letting it cascade down my shoulders before slamming my rusty locker shut and leaving the locker room.

"I want you here bright and early tomorrow. And with a better attitude!" Lou called as I headed for the exit.

"Bite me," I muttered as I pushed my way out of the exit and headed for the same trail through the woods that I always took to get to my apartment on the other side.

I walked slowly, sighing as I tried to shrug off the long days work for a sucky pay and soaked in the sweet smell of nature around me. The woods were dense and it was rare to see anyone else walking through. The few who did happen to know about Lou's Diner and had a desire to go, drove. I crossed my arms hugging myself as a cold wind blew and thunder rumbled above my head. I sighed again. Just my luck, I thought as I felt a drop of water hit my cheek. I hated the rain. I began walking faster although I was still a good fifteen minutes away from my apartment. As the rain began to flow steadily I shut my eyes putting my arms over my head and walked even faster, closer to a run.

I was cursing Lou and his stupid diner when something ran smack dab into me and I fell to the ground with a painful thud, a large heavy weight falling on top of my body, nearly crushing me. I groaned at the pain, my head spinning from the shock before I opened my eyes to see it was a person-a guy for that matter-who had hit me and was still lying on top of me. I pushed against him, making him push himself up on his hands. I opened my mouth to cuss him out for being so stupid and wreck less when I saw the handsome devil laying on me. I suddenly couldn't breathe as his brown eyes hit mine and I was lost in the deepness.

"I'm sorry," he said sitting up before rising to his feet and pulling me up with him. "Are you alright? I wasn't looking where I was running. It was my fault."

God he was tall. I looked up at him, my eyes taking in his 6'4 height, shaggy brown hair that was plastered to his head from the now pouring rain and the broad shoulders hiding beneath a brown zip up hoodie and gray t-shirt. Even though the rain was starting to pour even heavier on our heads, fire raced through my skin and body as his eyes washed over me. I suddenly wasn't cold anymore and I didn't care about the rain, even though I was on the brink of being soaked and so was he.

"Miss? You alright?" he asked leaning down to my level a little, putting a large hand on my shoulder.

I realized this beautiful man was speaking and snapped my head up raising a hand above my eyes to shield them from the rain. "Uh...yeah…I'm fine...I'm-...Fine," I stammered looking up at him. I tried to smile. I prayed it came out.

He raised an eyebrow as if he didn't believe me for a moment before nodding. "Okay...Can I walk you to your car or something?" he asked looking around, his face scrunching up as the rain began to pour even harder, both of us now officially soaked.

"I don't have one and it's a long walk to my apartment but thank you," I said quickly blushing at his offer.

"Look lets get out of this rain huh?" he said taking my hand and pulling me towards a large tree offering some cover. Little rain was making it through the thick branches and leaves, leaving the area under the tree as the only shielded area.

"Thank you," I said, once we both were shielded from the down pour, I ran my fingers through my soaked hair and squeezed it releasing some held water. God why didn't I leave it in the bun? "I didn't know it was going to be raining today."

The hot stranger looked up at the sky and frowned. "Yeah neither did I. But then again I'm new here. I'm Sam by the way."

I took the large hand he extended and shook it briefly. Wow big hands...you know what they say about big hands.....I thought trying to keep from giggling to myself.

"I'm Reagan."

He blinked, taken aback by my name like everyone else always was. It was a boys name after all and I wasn't a boy, but I blamed my parents. They didn't believe in stereotypes. They liked the name Reagan and didn't care that it may have been "intended for a boy". I grew into it after a while.

"I know," I said raising my hands. "It's a boy's name and I'm a girl, but don't blame me. Blame my parents."

He chuckled and looked up at the rain again. "Guess we both are unlucky huh?"

"I guess so," I muttered.

"I'm really sorry about bumping into you," Sam insisted looking at me with concern. "My brother and I are staying at this motel and he was nagging about coffee and food. And I would have taken his car but he's really anal about it and the manager told me about this diner nearby-."


"Yeah. You've heard of it?"

I opened my jacket a little to show off my name tag. "I work there."

He smiled. I practically melted. "Oh. Is it far then?"

"No about ten minutes back that way," I said pointing in the direction.

He fell silent looking in the direction I had pointed, and then back up at the heavy pouring rain as if weighing his options. I watched him, my hands shaking as I ached to reach out and touch him. My mind swam with thoughts of all the things I could do to that wet body. When he looked into my eyes again, I blushed and looked away.

"Let me call my brother and we can give you a ride home. Its pouring and you shouldn't be out in the rain," he said reaching into his pocket for his cell.

"No really it's okay," I said shaking my head and holding up my hands. "I can just wait till the down pour lets up a little. This isn't the first time this has happened."

"Look at you your shivering!" Sam said pointing to me.

I looked down at my body as if it wasn't my own. He was right, I was shivering, but I couldn't feel a thing. I looked back up at him. "No. Its okay."

"Ok fine but I'm waiting with you, no reason you should wait out here alone. And I'm not really in a rush to get any wetter," he said stubbornly, although a smile was on his face as he shoved his cell phone back into his pocket.

I smiled, more than willing to share his company, but he didn't need to know that just yet. "It may take awhile."

"I have all day," he said his smile widening.

I only nodded and looked away before I jumped on this gorgeous man who had bumped into my life. Once the silence had fallen and I had torn my eyes away from his body I began to feel the shivers and hugged myself, cursing my boss yet again for making me where an ugly dress as a uniform. My teeth began to chatter and I put my legs close together to try and keep the bareness of them warm.

"Come here," he mumbled grabbing my arm and pulling me close. I let out a low sigh as both of his strong arms went around me and his hands began rubbing my back to try and warm me up. I thought I would melt into a puddle of goo. "We gotta keep you warm. I don't mind sharing my body heat."

"Thanks," I said, my teeth still chattering.

"What are you doing walking alone through the woods anyway?" he asked looking down at me.

"I just got off of work," I answered looking away trying to ignore how good his body felt hugged up to mine.

Oh god this isn't happening. I'm not being held close by a hot guy in the woods. I'm dreaming. I'm going to wake up in my bed any minute now, I thought even as I made a bold move and put both my hands on his chest, feeling the hard flesh beneath the thin soaked shirt. I felt him tense slightly and looked up at him; although he was looking at the sky he was biting his bottom lip as if desperately trying to keep himself from doing something. I tested my boundaries sliding my hands down a little lower, resting them over his belly button, smirking at the way he shifted stance and cleared his throat.

"Ticklish?" I said teasingly looking up at him.

"Huh? Oh-no. No, not at all," he said shaking his head and looking away quickly.

"Something wrong then?" I questioned further, moving my hands down to just above his pant line.

He finally looked back down at me, still biting his lip as I boldly held his gaze as if inviting him to do whatever he wanted. He moved one hand up caressing my cheek before running it through my soaked hair and cupping my neck, I was on the brink of combusting. He leaned down towards me, his lips meeting mine in a tantalizing kiss. I tensed, surprised but soon my body melted into him even though my brain was screaming from the shock. This couldn't be happening. I moaned into his mouth, moving my hands up to wrap my arms around his neck and rise on tiptoe to meet him fully. His hands smoothed down to my waist and squeezed my hips, pulling me even closer, crushing me against his hard frame.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that," he said huskily, panting as he pulled his mouth away. He was shaking but I doubted it was from his cold wet clothes. He didn't release me even as he continued to apologize, turning to put my back against the tree we were huddling under. "Your just...I didn't...I'm sorry."

His mouth was back on mine as his hands tugged at the zipper to my jacket, pulling it open. He was biting the sensitive skin of my neck as he fumbled with the buttons of my uniform, growing frustrated as they resisted him. With a muttered curse he tugged at the sides popping off a few buttons as it ripped open revealing my good black bra underneath. I thanked god it wasn't laundry day.

"Sorry," he said again hesitating, as if he hadn't realized his own strength.

"Don't worry about it. Hated it anyway," I assured pulling his mouth back to mine when he didn't move.

He kissed me heavily making my knees buckle, his hands slipping inside the uniform to rub them across my warm flesh. I could feel his slight hesitation, and I could bet my life on the guess that he had never really committed any spontaneous acts such as the one we were about to begin- or I hoped we were about to begin. His body was tensing reluctantly as my hands slipped underneath his shirt and smoothed over his hard chest. My brained screamed 'pull back, apologize for letting this happen and assure him that I wasn't that kind of woman', but instead my hands opened his pants and slipped inside, caressing him through the thin cotton of his boxers. I was ready to make him more spontaneous. He groaned in my ear pressing his face into my shoulder as his fingers dug into the flesh of my hips, and his hips moved forward pressing his member against my hand.

"That feels...so good," he muttered huskily biting my neck.

"I can do something even better," I replied mischievously.

Quickly, I turned him pushing him hard against the tree, making him look at me with wide eyes. I dropped down to my knees, not caring about the cold grass and twigs below me. Keeping my eyes locked with his, I lifted his shirt revealing the six pack I knew was hiding beneath. I licked down his stomach making him let out a low moan. I unbuttoned his jeans with my teeth, a hint of a smile on his face as he watched me. I wrestled him from his jeans. The myth about the large hands had been right, but I was more than ready to handle it. He sucked in a deep breath at the cold air and my wet hands that were holding him; he hesitated looking down at me.

"Wait you don't have to-," he started quickly as he realized what I was about to do, but I closed my mouth over most of his manhood and his sentence was cut off by a low groan that escaped his mouth.

Everything else was suddenly forgotten, the cold rain pouring down around us, the uncomfortable brush beneath my knees, none of it mattered as I swirled my tongue around him, making him moan my name and tangle one hand in my wet hair. When he was barely breathing and his body had tensed entirely, I slid my tongue over him one last time before rising back to my feet.

He was on me in a split second, pushing me back against the tree. All hesitation lost as he kissed, bit, and licked every area of my neck, down to my breasts, making me moan loudly. One hand opened the front clasp of my bra and moved the openings aside, his mouth closing over one of my nipples as I tried to process everything that had suddenly turned into a mad rush. I tangled my hands in his silky wet hair as he sucked at me eagerly, making me thank all the gods for walking the trail home. I was gasping for air by the time his hands found their way up my skirt and his fingers slid into me. His mouth came back to mine and sucked at my tongue.

"Hold on to the tree," he whispered before dropping down to one knee and cupping my butt with both hands to push me up.

I looked down at him surprise as I was lifted into the air by his strong arms. He placed my legs over his head, my thighs resting on his shoulders, making me hold on to the tree like he had commanded. I held my breath waiting for what I knew was coming. I felt his hands sliding underneath to move my underwear aside and rub at my opening gently. I gasped when I felt his hot tongue on me, licking away at my clit as one hand slipped two fingers inside of me. I cried out, making two birds fly from a nearby tree in fear. My hand reached up to grip a low branch hanging just above my head, helping me maintain my balance, but dropping a few leaves and droplets of water over our heads. His name rolled off my lips as I used my free hand to reach down, trying to push his head away and stop the onslaught of pleasure before I exploded, but one of his hands reached up and grabbed my wrist holding it firmly and away from his head, as he continued his task.

When my body was shivering and I was on the brink of losing all control he finally pulled his head away, lowering me safely back to the ground as he rose to his feet and pushed his body against mine. I was panting, wanting to kiss him, feel his skin, and feel him inside me. I thought I would faint from all the urges welling up inside me. His mouth came back to mine, sharing my own taste with me as I pushed his jacket to the ground and lifted his t-shirt off. He sighed, shivering momentarily at the cold air but his skin was on fire and I wanted to feel it against my hands. His body was smooth from the wet clothes and my hands slid over his chest easily, up into his hair where they got lost. His hands slid down my hips, up under my skirt to pull my underwear down to my ankles. I stepped out of them and one strong arm cupped my butt lifting me up into the air again. I wrapped my legs around his waist, my hands holding onto his shoulders as his other arm braced us against the tree.

"I need you," I moaned into his ear as his tongue slid in circles around my neck.

"You won't have to wait long," he muttered breathlessly.

He shifted stance pushing me into the tree so hard that my back ached. The pain was gone in an instant as he entered me with one quick thrust, making me gasp his name. My fingers dug into his flesh as he began moving slowly, driving me to the edge so quickly then stopping when he felt me tense. I thought I would die from his teasing until he picked up the pace a little, as if his own game was driving him insane as well. I was gasping against him, crying out, my mind swimming, making my vision blur and the woods turn into nothing but a mirage of colors before my eyes. My heart beat thudded loudly in my ears, mixing with the sound of the pouring rain and his heavy breathing, sounding like the perfect melody for the occasion. I could feel the rush of the orgasm coming and I braced myself for impact feeling him start to shiver as he tried to hold his back. But it was no use, mine exploded through me making me cry out and my body shiver and tremble. His came seconds later, making another rush through me, we cried out in sync and his fingers dug into my flesh as I gripped him tighter.

We stayed in the same position for a long time, letting the shockwaves and trembles die down before he finally let out a low sigh.

"That was...," he mumbled shaking his head as his sentence trailed off as if he couldn't find a word to describe our interaction.

I could only smile.

He eased out of me, lowering me back to the ground gently as he tucked himself back into his jeans and closed them. He grabbed my underwear and handed them to me with a faint smile before picking up his shirt and jacket, pulling them back on. I fixed myself, pulling my underwear back on and buttoning up what remaining buttons were left on my uniform. The need for a new uniform would be tough to explain to Lou. He moved back towards me, caressing my cheek again and smiling at me as he leaned down and gave me another kiss. His tongue slipped in my mouth and I had to pull away after a moment before things repeated and I lost anymore buttons.

"The rain still hasn't let up," he whispered pressing his forehead against mine.

"I know," I replied smiling.

"What should we do?" he asked a hint of mischief in his voice.

I shrugged nonchalantly. "I have a heater and a dryer at my apartment."

"Which way?"

I pointed in the direction behind him.

"Let's go then," he said grabbing my hands and pulling me from underneath the tree and into the downpour of the rain. I followed him, suddenly not hating rainy days that much.