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Reagan walked quickly through the woods, ducking under trees to avoid the direct sunlight even though she already had a few burns on her hands. She had stayed out to long, she shouldn't have stayed to watch Sam sleep, but she couldn't bear to pull herself away. Sebastian would kill her if he knew she had been with him.

Reaching the Victorian house she went around the back looking up at the second story master bedroom window, bending at her knees she pushed herself up. She went soaring a few feet into the air to grab the ledge of the roof. Being a vampire did have its perks. Walking across the thin ledge she slid the window open, pushed away the blanket that hung over it as a makeshift curtain and slid into the house quietly. She shut the window and fixed the curtain before turning, her new eyes easily adjusting to the darkness of the room. She jumped when felt strong arms wrap around her and a rough unshaven cheek press against hers. She gave a low sigh realizing who it was.

"Sebastian," she said putting on a forced smile. "I didn't think you would be back till tonight."

"Changed plans," he mumbled spinning her around to face him quickly. "I missed you."

She nodded. "I...missed you...too," she lied.

He leaned close, brushing his lips against hers. She forced herself not to recoil as he deepened the kiss and his tongue snaked into her mouth. He tasted like blood and she felt like she was going to gag. He pulled away after a long moment and he looked into her eyes letting out a low sigh. "You're so beautiful," he whispered running his hand through her hair. "And your hair is so soft." His hands were rubbing her back; she remained still as he pressed his face into her neck. "And you smell so..."

Reagan shrieked as he shoved her away, making her fall onto the mattress on the floor and stare up at him with wide eyes. He looked down at her with an angry scowl on his face, his blue eyes on fire. "You smell like a Winchester," he finished.

Uh oh.

Reagan tensed in fear as he grabbed her arm in a firm grip that would have broken the bone beneath if she had been human still. "Wait please," she pleaded.

"It was Sam wasn't it?" he asked.

"What do you mean?" she asked frightened.

"He is back in town, isn't he?" he questioned. "You reek of his scent!"

He brought his arm back smacking her across the face so hard, she could have sworn her jaw bone cracked. He tossed her back to the floor in disgust as stars erupted before her eyes and she gripped her cheek, forcing back sobs. "Those god damn Winchesters should have finished me when they had the chance," he growled looking down at her. She didn't answer him as she held her face and continued to sob. She looked back up at him as his face softened and he reached for her. She flinched away from his grasp, but he grabbed her and yanked her to her feet. "I am sorry, Love. I truly am…you know my temper get's the better of me."

"I was just warning him to get out of town," Reagan insisted hesitantly. "Don't hurt him."

"You broke the deal. He was supposed to stay out of my town. You were supposed to tell him that," Sebastian said as a mask of anger came over his face and he spoke through clenched teeth.

"I'll get him to leave," she swore. "Just don't hurt him. You promised."

"You're not holding up your end of the bargain, Reagan," Sebastian said, irritation heavy in his voice.

"I'm here. You wanted me I gave myself to you. I'm yours," she said rising back to her feet. "That was the deal."

"Prove it," he said crossing his arms.

She hesitated looking at him as he waited expectantly, his eyebrows raised and his blue eyes piercing hers. He was right. They did have a deal. She had sacrificed herself and was now fighting the full change as much as she could even though she felt starved. Human food only satisfied the thirst for a brief period of time and five long months had left her on the brink of killing any human she saw. It took all the strength she had not to feed on Sam when she was with him.

She took a deep breath and jumped into Sebastian's arms, pressing her lips against his to try and give him the most mind-blowing kiss that he ever had in his long life and prove her loyalty to him. His arms went strong around her and she wrapped hers around his neck, continuing to kiss him for what seemed like eternity until she pulled away leaving him panting as he stared at her with hungry eyes. She felt his hand slide down her thighs, cupping her ass and bringing her body tightly against his.

"You can resist me all you want, Reagan," he whispered. "But tonight I intend to take your body."

She whimpered as his teeth scraped her neck. She hadn't allowed him to do anymore than touch and kiss her, refusing to have sex with him. She knew that if it truly came down to it, she could not fight him, but she had dignity. She would at least try.

"But for now, it's time you fulfill the rest of the bargain," Sebastian said finally licking his lips before grabbing her arm and practically dragging her from the room.

"What do you want me to do?" she asked as they headed downstairs and into the living room where the other vampires slept, scattered around the room on pallets and blankets.

"Get up all of you!" Sebastian ordered in a booming voice kicking his younger brother Xavier, who lay sprawled near the fireplace. "Now."

"What the hell do you want Sly?!" Xavier shouted angrily looking up at his older brother as the others awoke and rose to their feet with angry mumbles.

"Downstairs now," Sebastian ordered bending down and yanking his brother to his feet and giving him a shove towards the foyer.

Xavier only glared. He was a big guy himself and talked a lot of smack when it came to Sebastian but he never challenged him, that would be a big mistake. Brother or not it wouldn't stop Sebastian from kicking his ass. Sebastian pointed to the door to the basement and Xavier headed for it with the others following.

"Sebastian what are you doing?" Reagan asked as he pulled her into the basement, dragging her down the stairs.

He didn't answer her as they reached the basement with the others. Reagan gasped as she saw the young man and woman bound and gagged, sitting in the empty basement. Both staring at them all with wide eyes full of fear. She tried to back away but Sebastian had her still in his firm grip and he pushed her toward them.

"It's finally going to happen, gang," Sebastian said, a malicious smile spreading over his face as he looked around at the others who had formed a circle around Reagan and the couple. "Reagan is going to truly become one of us."

Reagan looked down at the whimpering couple at her feet. "Sebastian...."

"Do it," he insisted taking a step closer and putting his head over her shoulder. "I know you want to. You're hungry...you've put it off for too long. Listen to their heart beats...all that blood in those bodies just waiting for you to take it."

She shut her eyes looking away. "No I can't."

He grabbed her hand and tugged her forward towards the male, putting her hand over his neck. She could feel his pulse beating fast beneath, making her breathing increase. She refused to open her eyes and tried to pull away but he held her firmly.

"You feel that?" Sebastian taunted. "Fresh blood...a steady flow....just for you."

"Stop it," she pleaded.

"You're going to die if you don't," Sebastian assured. "You'll wither...now why do that to yourself when it's so easy to take the blood?"

Reagan slowly opened her eyes, looking at the young man staring up at her pleading with her for his life against his gag. She could hear his heart beat loudly in her eyes, could smell the fear wafting off of him. Her mouth watered at the thought of the taste. She felt Sebastian force her to her knees in front of the man and then kneel behind her.

"Do it," he insisted.

"No," she said shaking her head. "I can't."

"You'll die."

"I don't care," she mumbled.

Sebastian grabbed her face and pushed her closer to the young man's neck. The smell of fear and blood wafted thickly to her nose and she whimpered.

"Do it," Sebastian ordered again.

She couldn't respond as she stared at the beating pulse in front of her eyes. No matter how much her heart said no her body was reacting, the thirst suddenly intensified. She clenched her fist, struggling to keep her body from reacting even though her breaths were coming out so fast she was panting. She tried to rip her eyes away, force the sound out of her ears, ignore the smell, but she felt her canines elongate. She tried to jerk backwards, to get away from the temptation, but Sebastian was holding her firmly.

"Just do it," he whispered, the patience draining from his tone. "Stop fighting it. It won't go away. It will always be there. And eventually it will either drive you mad or kill you. You have been strong this long, it's time to stop torturing yourself."

Reagan turned her head away; it wasn't doing much good now. Sebastian sighed and leaned closer. "If you don't...you wouldn't be keeping up your end of the bargain. This means I don't have to keep up my end. I'll drain Sam dry."

That made her open her eyes. "You can't."

"Then keep up your end of the deal. End the hunger. Become what you already are," Sebastian said pushing her even closer. "Do it...or I'll kill Dean....then Sam...And then...Patrick."

Reagan whimpered looking back at the young man who was now sobbing in front of her, the young girl had begun crying freely and was shaking her head at Reagan. Reagan couldn't let Sebastian kill Dean or Sam and especially not Patrick. She had to. Even though her heart screamed otherwise, she felt herself leaning forward, Sebastian giving her a gentle push making her move faster. The young man tensed as she grabbed his shoulders leaning into his neck, her nose touching his skin.

"Do it," Sebastian insisted.

"She's going to do it," Xavier piped up in surprise making Sebastian shoot him an angry glare.

Reagan hesitated, her mouth hanging open. Sebastian leaned in closer. "Just..Do..It. Sam's life hangs in the balance...Patrick's life....you don't want your brother to die do you?"

Reagan shook her head.

"Then do it."

Reagan opened her mouth wider, whimpering as her teeth grazed the man's skin, and she saw the evil grin that spread over Sebastian's face as she sunk her teeth into the young mans flesh.