Title: Davis Going Solo
Category: Anime/Manga » Digimon
Author: Scorchio Icefyre
Language: English, Rating: Rated: T
Genre: Angst/Adventure
Published: ?
Chapters: 1, Words: 3,640
Summery: When Davis overhears the others badmouthing him, he leaves the Digidestined. Now an old enemy has returned and the Digidestined will need to work together to defeat it. Will the Digidestined reform? Or will Davis perform another Miracle?
Parings: Dakari, Kenyako, Taiora, one-sided Takari

Disclaimer: I do not own digimon or any of the characters inside this story. Also, the plot is loosely based on the story 'The Digisenshi' by ssjgokillo which is why the first chapter may be similar to the first chapter of that story.

Chapter 1: Betrayal

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"He's late again! This is sixth time this week!" Yolie's pacing around the computer room looking like she's about to explode. Kari, Yolie, T.K. and Cody have been waiting for over half an hour for Davis to arrive so they could go to the Digiworld, and still he hasn't shown up. Patamon, Gatomon, Poromon and Upamon sat around drinking juice. Upamon dropped his juice carton knowing that this conversation wasn't going to end well. Demi-Veemon was with Davis.

"Sometimes I really wonder how he became a Digidestined." T.K. said as he leaned against the wall near the door. "Better yet, why did Tai let him become our 'leader'?"

"It's not polite to talk about people behind their backs." Cody stated matter-of-factly. The other digimon now stopped to watch while Upamon bounced over to Cody.

"It's also not polite to be late to important meetings!" Kari replied, more than a little annoyed and Davis' absence.

"He probably got caught up in soccer practice, I'm sure he'll be here soon. Besides it's only the third time he has been late this week! It was T.K. the other three times."

"Cody, that's not the point. Ken's probably already in the Digiworld waiting for us, and we're here waiting for that slacker! T.K.'s right, I think someone made a huge mistake when they let Davis become a Digidestined. All he does is gloat when he happens to do something right, and normally he's messing everything up!" T.K. and Yolie are nodding their heads in agreement with Kari, but Cody just looks questioningly, like he can't believe she said that.

"What about all the times he's helped us? Like when he saved you from the Monochromon? Sure, he's messed up a couple of times, but we all have."

"Oh come on Cody! T.K. and Tai were both there! If Davis wasn't there they would've handled it!" Yolie said as she glanced at the clock again. T.K. followed her line of vision. It was now 45 minutes since Davis should've been here.

"Agumon and Patamon couldn't digivolve then. There was a control spire in the area and besides, we would have lost against Kimeramon if Veemon didn't golden armor digivolve to Magnamon!"

"We would have found a way right Patamon?" T.K. asked as Patamon flew over to rest on his head.

"Right T.K.!" Patamon replied.

"That does it! I'm going to go down to that soccer field and drag his late ass up here!" Kari said angrily as she went to the door. She yanked it open and gasped.

Standing outside the door was Davis. His eyes were watering, tears threatening to fall and his hand looked like it was just about to grab the door handle. He suddenly spun around, and ran down the hallway as fast as he could, before any of them could even call out to him.

"Well! I hope you're happy now guys!" Cody snapped angrily as He picked up Upamon and put him in his rucksack.

"What do you mean?" Yolie asked, still shocked by what just happened. Cody placed his rucksack on his back as he answered.

"You sat here all comfortable insulting your 'friend', thinking he'd never hear it. Well, now he has! Did you see the look on his face? He was crying you idiots! How often do you see Davis cry?!" Cody's voice rose to the point where it was almost a scream. "I don't know about you guys but I'm going to go apologize to him!" And with that, Cody ran out of the room after Davis. Kari sat there, dumbfounded by what just took place, then suddenly T.K. held his Digivice towards the computer screen.

"What are you doing?" Kari asked clearly still in shock at what just happened.

"Going to the Digiworld. We can handle things without Davis. Like you said, he's really not that much help at all. DIGIPORT OPEN!" And with that, T.K. disappeared into the computer, followed by Yolie. Kari took another glance at the open door, hoping for Davis and Cody to come back before she left, and then sighed. She pointed her Digivice to the computer, and was enveloped in light as she followed Yolie and T.K. to the Digiworld.


Davis stopped running when he reached the bench outside of the school building. (The same one Kari sat on in the dark ocean episode) He threw his rucksack down on the bench and sat down next to it. He ripped the goggles off his head and threw them on the floor. Davis was now letting the tears run down his face. Demi-Veemon's head popped out of the bag.

"Davish? Are you ok?" The little dragon asked in concern for his partner. Davis pulled his legs up and wrapped his arms around them hugging them close to his chest. His head was resting on his knees.

"Th-they hate me!" Davis sobbed. The pain he was feeling would force even Apocalymon to hand over his title of universes saddest being to Davis. "A-all I e-ever d-do is try. I-its never g-good enough th-though." Davis was too full of self-pity to notice footsteps coming from around the corner.

"Davis?" Cody asked as he sat down next to Davis. Demi-Veemon immediately returned to the rucksack. Davis turns away so that Cody doesn't see him crying. "I'm sorry about what the other's said Davis. It was rude." Cody let a little bit of concern come through that normally emotionless tone he always uses.

"I-it's not your fault. Hey Cody?"

"Yeah Davis?"

"Tell me… am I really that bad? Do I mess everything up like they said? Do you think I deserve to be a Digidestined?" He tried to make it sound like he didn't care, but his voice came out strained.

"Davis, of course you should be a Digidestined. It was you who got Ken to join us. You've done so many wonderful things. Granted, you have messed up, but we all have. The others were probably just mad because you were late."

"But that's not it. They don't respect me. Hell, most of the time they barley even treat me like I'm human! It's as if they hate me! Maybe… maybe I should just quit being a Digidestined, go back to living a normal life…"

"Davis? What's gotten into you? You've never quit before, why start now? And besides, you can't just give up being a Digidestined. You have an obligation." Cody's voice was stern, and Davis immediately realized he was right.

"You're right Cody… but I can't face them right now. Especially now, knowing how they really feel. Go ahead and go on without me. I think I'll skip going to the Digiworld today."

"Alright Davis, I'll see you tomorrow?" He said, concern still showing in his voice. Davis just shrugged, stood up, grabbed his rucksack and continued walking, never noticing Cody picking up the abandoned goggles.


Once he got home he immediately begin to think about what he should do.

'I can't just quit on the Digiworld, there's still all those control spires, not to mention Arukenimon. But, how can I go there day after day now? Now that I know they think I'm a screw up?' His thinking was taken off track as he heard struggling coming from his rucksack. He unzipped it and Demi-Veemon quickly jumps out.

"Geez Davish, do you always have to pack all your books in there, I felt like I was being squashed by a Mammothmon!"

"Sorry pal. I just had a lot on my mind I guess…"

"Hey, how come we're not in the Digiworld?"

"We're not going…" Davis replied while thinking about the computer lab incident. He looks shocked, and his small face contorts in confusion.

"But… they probably didn't mean it Davish! I mean, they're your friends…"

"Thanks Demi-Veemon, but I'm pretty sure they meant every word. But Cody brought up a good point; I can't just abandon the Digiworld. What do I do?"

"Well… you could always do what Ken did." Demi-Veemon was snuggling up on Davis' pillow.


"Remember, when Ken quit being the Digimon Emperor, he struck out on his own before you got him to join the team. I guess you could do something like that right?"

"I could…" For the first time since school ended he could feel his spirits lifting, but that was quickly crushed when he realize yet another problem, "But how will I get to the Digiworld? Ken had a Digiport on his computer, that's why he was able to do it. The only one I know of is the one in the school computer lab. I can't go in there every day; it would be just as bad as if I was still going to the Digiworld with them!"

"Well, I'm sure Ken or Izzy could tell you how to make one on your computer…" Demi-Veemon stifles a yawn, but soon closes his eyes.

"You're right pal." Davis said quietly, not wanting to wake him. He slowly crept out of his room and grabbed the wireless phone, and the phone book. After a few minutes of searching, he found Izzy's phone number, and dialled it. The phone rings twice, before he heard a click on the other end.

"Hello. Izumi residence."


"Yes, who is this?"

"It's me, Davis."

"Oh, Davis. What can I do for you?" He says questioningly. Davis doesn't call Izzy often.

"Not much, could you just tell me how to set up a Digiport on my computer?"

"Sure Davis, but why?" His confusion hasn't gone away yet.

"So… so I can access the Digiworld from home in emergencies. If I can't get to school for whatever reason." Davis hates having to lie, but he doesn't want the older kids to know, and Izzy would have to tell them.

"Oh, okay. It's really easy, are you at your computer?"

"Yeah, just a second." Davis said as he made his way to the computer. It boots up, and Izzy quietly leads him through the process, and soon he's got the Digiport all set up on his computer. He thanked Izzy, and wished him a good night. He then sat back and thought of tomorrow.

'It will be the first test of my Digiport. And my new life… alone…'


'Here we go, lets see what the others have to say to me today! Actually, I don't really think I'm in a listening mood.' Davis thought as he walked to school the next day. He took extra care to get up earlier and to get ready earlier so that he didn't need to talk to them on the way to school. He left Demi-Veemon at home with a mini fridge that had just been stocked up so that he didn't starve and needn't leave the safety of Davis' bedroom. As Davis went to enter, he stopped and decided to use the back entrance. The reason, Kari, Yolie and T.K. were standing at the front gate. They would never expect him to use the back entrance because he always played soccer out front. Davis' plan was simple, avoid them all day. This would turn out to be harder then Davis first thought. Davis would head to his locker, and then decide to go to the toilet because Kari was there. It went like that. At lunch Davis sat with his soccer team rather then with the Digidestined. The last lesson was the hardest though. Davis arrived late on purpose because he had it with both Kari and T.K. Both tried desperately to get Davis' attention, even passing him notes which Davis told the teacher about. Davis just sat watching the clock knowing he would have to leave as soon as the bell rings in order to completely avoid T.K. and Kari. However, if Davis had read Kari's note he would have known that she had other ideas.

"Now I will assign you partners to work with." The teacher said snapping Davis out of his trance.

'Perfect, he always partners T.K. and Kari together. Meaning I won't need to sit next to them anymore.' Davis thought. Not today though. Kari had asked the teacher to partner her and Davis together during lunch. 'Just call my name already so I can get away from the Digi-dumb-asses!'

"Kamiya, Hikari, you will partner with Motomiya Daisuke." Davis' jaw dropped, as did most of the class. Davis never got Kari as a partner. Davis immediately turned away from her. She turned to him smiling

'Oh yeah, I bet you're really happy huh? Another chance to watch me screw everything up right? This is another reason to fucking hate the teacher!' Kari moved her desk so she wasright next to him.

"Now we can talk." Kari said happily. Davis' eyes darkened knowing she asked to partner with him.

"Piss off." Davis muttered. Kari didn't think she heard that right.

"What was that?" She asked. Davis laughed on the inside.

"Nothing." He said as he turned back to the assignment.

"Listen, Davis..." Kari began before Davis interrupted her.

"That's Daisuke to you! Only my friends can call me Davis." He answered harshly. Kari winched at the tone. She had never heard it before, even against Arukenimon.

"But I am you friend." She said. Davis held in a laugh as well as the urge to shout that friends don't say nasty things about them behind their backs. Instead he replied with a simple "Whatever."

"Please Davis just listen..." But Kari never finished that sentence because Davis grabbed his stomach and started moaning.

"Are you alright Davis? Do you want to go to the nurse's office?" The teacher asked in concern. Davis nodded and picked up his stuff. Just as he was walking away Kari grabbed his hand.

"We'll talk in the computer room." She said. Davis' eyes darkened again.

"Like hell we will!" He said so only she could hear before ripping his hand away and walking out of the door. He didn't even go to the nurse's office. He just went straight towards the door. The final bell rang when he was near Cody's class. Cody came out first and saw Davis by his door.

"Davis! You dropped these!" Cody said pulling out the goggles.

"Keep them Cody. They belong to the leader of the Digidestined. I want you to give them to the new leader. Whomever you think is best for the job." Davis said. He went to walk but stopped. "Don't worry, I have a Digiport on my computer, so if you need help e-mail me ok?" He finished before running out of the school and all the way home. 'Strange, no one even noticed I wasn't wearing my goggles today. Just shows how much they really care!'


T.K., Yolie and Kari were yet again waiting for Davis. Yolie was visibly pissed off.

"He's late again!" She said angrily. That was when Cody walked through the door.

"Well you guys got your wish!" He said pulling Davis' goggles out of his pocket. "Davis quit!" Cody let Upamon out of his bag so that he could be with the rest of the digimon.

"You can't just quit being a Digidestined! It's destiny!" T.K. said in shock. This set Cody off.

"Weren't you the ones who said that Davis didn't deserve to be a Digidestined? But now, when he quits you all act like it's the end of the world! Bloody hypocrites!" Cody said angrily heading towards the Digiport. "Oh yeah and Davis wanted me to give the goggles to the most deserving of you guys to be the next leader, so I give them to you T.K. because even when Davis has a good plan the rest of you guys follow T.K.'s plan instead, which leads me to the mistakes part of what you guys said before. YOU NEVER GAVE HIM A CHANCE TO PROVE HIMSELF SO HOW COULD HE HELP BUT MAKE MISTAKES WHEN YOU NEVER LISTENED TO HIM?" And with that Cody threw the goggles at T.K. who removed his hat and replaced them with the goggles.

'They don't look half as good as the did on Davis... err... they look even better?' Kari asked herself when looking at T.K. "T-they look r-really c-cu-cute." Kari said hesitantly. T.K. smiled.

"I can't believe he really quit. I don't want any of you telling Ken." T.K. said

"I told him I wanted to speak to him. I thought he would come running if I wanted to talk to him." Kari said sadly. T.K. gave her a sympathetic look and went to the Digiworld followed by Yolie. Kari looks towards the door half-hoping Davis would walk through and tell her he was only joking and Cody was in on it. But when he didn't, Kari followed T.K. to the Digiworld. Cody shook his head when they were all gone.

"They've just made the same mistake haven't they?" Upamon asked from his position next to Cody.

"I don't know Upamon, I really don't know."


Davis threw his rucksack onto the bed waking Demi-Veemon up.

"Is it time Davish?" He asked hopefully. Davis nodded and pulled out his Digivice. Demi-Veemon jumped on his head. Soon the two were in the Digiworld. They arrived in a forested area. They were in a circle space that didn't have any trees. Only rocks. A perfect place for training.

"Alright Veemon, we are going to train you up until you can reach the Ultimate level on your own." Davis said. Veemon nodded and digivolved into ExVeemon. "Alright ExVeemon! Blast that boulder back!" ExVeemon nodded and got into position.

"VEE LASER!" A laser in the shape of an X went from ExVeemon's chest to the boulder, but it did nothing.

"Keep going until you can move it!" Davis commanded. ExVeemon nodded. If someone was to stand outside of the forest they were in and watch they would see a golden light emerge from the forest every ten seconds for approximately six hours. That was when Davis decided to go home. They kept up at this routine for five days before Davis was happy. Then they moved onto control spires. And from that point on it was training for three hours, control spires for three hours, and then they went home. After another week, ExVeemon could take on any average ultimate level digimon and hold his own. A week ultimate like Piximon would be as easy as another champion. During this time, ExVeemon was also growing in size too. He was now twice the average height of an ExVeemon.

Will Veemon's training pay off? Will Ken find out what went on between Davis and the rest of the group? Find out next time on Davis Going Solo!

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