Second Teaser

"Long ago, the original digidestined made a prophecy… a prophecy which foretold the destruction of the digiworld." Gennai said. The digidestined all looked at each other and gasped.

WarGreymon stood exhausted. He was alone facing Beelzemon.

"You can't defeat me WarGreymon!" Beelzemon shouted. WarGreymon smiled.

"Then I'll die trying!" WarGreymon countered before charging at Beelzemon.







"GIGA CANNON!" A voice bellowed.

Five figures stood in the distance. Five small digimon stood next to them.

"KARI!" Davis shouted at a retreating figure.

"DAVIS!" Kari shouted back from the figures arms.

Davis and T.K. start to fight. Davis ducks T.K.'s punch, but meats his knee. Davis' fist connects with T.K.'s face. Magnamon and MagnaAngemon were fighting over their partners.


Three winged dinosaurs floated high in the sky. One had an angelic look; one looked like a powered up Magnamon. The final one was UlforceExVeemon. The three nodded and burst into data.

"Where's Davis?" Kari asked. T.K. looked away. "No… he… he didn't..."

"Hey handsome! It looks like your little magic trick didn't work. We're back!" Davis shouted.

Davis Goes Home…

"Where there's a Miracle, there's a way!" Davis joked.

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